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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lotus Root Soup

I used to stay in USJ, and there was this stall nearby my house that sells soup with rice. They only sell 2 types of soup, Pepper Pork Stomach Soup and Lotus Root Soup, of which the latter is our favourite. They put in loads of stuff to make this soup and it's ultra yummy.

Whenever I make this soup, Mike will drink a lot!!!! This is the only soup that he will drink and drink, never refuses top ups.

So, here is Mike's favourite soup

Lotus Root Soup
Serves 4-6 persons

300gm lotus roots, peeled and sliced (clean weight, so, please buy more than 300gm, as some may be rotten inside)
25gm red dates (weighed with seeds, and removed later)
80gm dried peanuts (to be soaked for 5 hours or overnight)
1 heaped Tbsp wolfberries/goji
1 heaped Tbsp dried mussels
1/3 of a foot long dried octopus, snipped into small pieces
250gm pork loin or 300gm spareribs (scalded)
3L water

1. Bring water to boil and put in pork loin.
2. Rinse lotus roots, red dates, peanuts, wolfberries, mussels and octopus and put them into the pot.
3. Bring to boil and lower heat to simmer for 2 hours.
4. Season with salt and serve.


  1. Good soup. it's the first time I'm seeing dried octopus in this soup.

  2. Yum Yum, loves soup with dried cuttlefish in it. Try adding into Watercress soup too, so nice and smoky!

  3. So, have to soak the peanuts?!! No wonder my peanuts are not soft enough most of the time! I like this soup too, with all the goodies inside the soup,just have to have another dish of green vege to make one nutritious meal! But last time my in-laws only drink the soup and throw away all the treasures...I feel so sayang..

  4. Hi, it's me again...
    Wah...posting daily ar...? I really take my hat off to you lah...

  5. What a coincidence, we have this soup at home today too. No one will eat all the ingredients inside, so I usually will cut the lotus in big chunks. Once the soup cook, slice it thinly, coat with flour and fry it. It's just like lotus crackers ... very nice :)

  6. Belly Good,
    Yup yup.

    Swee San,
    It makes all the difference. Adds umami to any soup, especially soups with vegetables involved.

    Any vegetable + meat soup will taste superb with dried octopus or cuttlefish or squid. But I prefer octopus, it taste richer. If I need to use cuttlefish, I'll go for "Wong Kai Lon", which is the very short tentacled cuttle fish with a thick fleshed body. Dried squids are somewhat inferior compared to these both and which is why dried squids are much much cheaper than Wong Kai Lon and Octopus.

  7. This is my favorite soup. It is sweet and flavorful. Awesome!

  8. Meldy,
    Soak la, if not very hard leh. Plus soaking the good to remove the peanut's skin toxins.

    The posts are already done, just queuing in drafts only. I just put the date and schedule it.

  9. DG,
    Oh.... we will definately finish up everything!!!
    My husband drink the soup and eat the ingredients as his meal.

    Lotus crackers are nice, I like to do that with fresh lotus roots, the same way I do my Arrowhead chips.

  10. Love the lotus root soup! Looks so yummy.

  11. I can taste the sweetness and the flavour of mussels and cuttlefish in the soup! A tasty and nutritious soup!

  12. A bowl of goodness. With all the great ingredients in there I an sure they taste really sweet. Lazy me never soak my peanuts. I just dump everything in the slow cooker and let it simmer for a few hours :)

  13. Another good wholesome soup! I envy that you have posts queued up in draft. I have to think what to blog about... and I cannot tahan - once I have taken pictures, I must post :)

  14. Angie,
    Wondering if you can get lotus root there

    Yup, it's these 2 that add extra sweetness to the soup

    Some peanuts will soften, some won't even after hours of boiling. I always soak them if I could, at least for a few hours.

  15. Shirley,
    I also cannot tahan, which is why I'm speeding things up now.
    I have been slacking for a long long time, and last minute mending the pot is not doing me any good.

  16. Wendy...thanks for sharing this soup with us. I would like to try your recipes...nutritious and I know for sure it will taste good. I have never use peanuts and dried I guess it will taste yummy wonder Mike takes a second top up :)

  17. This is a soup that we make at home at least once or twice a month at home. ;) But I would usually put only dried oyster or dried squid, both will be too high in cholesterol!

  18. Elin,
    Maybe you should try this one day.
    It's really nice. BTW, I used dried mussels/clams or what they call as "Darm Choy" and not "Hou See". If you want to use dry oysters, just 2 pcs will be enough.

    It's just a bit of both, not the whole piece, I use both sparingly :)


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