Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pineapple Lattice Tart - Pineapple #2

There are times  when I am totally craving for pineapple tarts and it's not Chinese New Year.
And those times, I am not that diligent to form bite sized ones.

With this big big tart (If I made a tighter lattice, I'll call it pie), I can eat a lot of pineapple filling and pastry with a lot less work. That's total satisfaction!

I used Sarawak Pineapple for this pie, and I love the fragrance. I also changed the method to cook the filling, because I wanted more texture but loathe grating the fruit. Cooking it with sugar before crushing gives it a mouthfeel that I like, like there is more to chew. I used a sweeter pineapple with less sugar for this tart, unlike my enclosed pineapple tarts that used a tart pineapple with more sugar. The reasoning is, I do not intend to keep this pie for long. It will be gone soon.

I also chose to bind the dough with cream because I don't like to eat pie crusts that are bound with water. I liked the working texture. It had some pliability. . My hubby told me, the crust is very nice. The texture is not dense, and not crumbly,with a nice crisp. Normally he doesn't like tarts and pies... but he asked for seconds with this. And had another slice few hours later. This pie was gone in a day. Quite scary with all those butter, hahaha.

Pineapple Lattice Tart
Recipe by WendyinKK 

300gm all purpose flour (9% protein)
175gm cold salted butter
1 Tbsp sugar
50gm whipping cream
Pineapple filling (see below)
1 egg yolks for eggwash

1. Process flour with sugar and butter until it resembles fine crumbs. (Manual: Rub butter with flour, use fingers and use icing sugar instead of castor sugar).
2. Pour in cream and gently press to form a lump of dough. Press into a lump, cover and chill for about an hour.
3. Remove dough from fridge. Use 2 pieces of plastic, roll ¾ of the dough into a 12 inch circle.
4. Peel one piece of plastic and flip the dough onto a 9 inch tart pan. Gently press the sides down with the dough slightly higher than the pan.
5. With the same plastic sheets, roll out the remaining dough into a rectangle 9X5. Put the whole rectangle into the freezer for 10 minutes. Chill the pie base too.
6. Preheat oven to 200C (fan off).
7. Remove the rectangle from freezer and cut into 9X0.5inch strips. Break apart while still cold and solid.
8. Place filling into pie base and level it.
9. Form lattice top with the dough strips. Fold down the sides and press it neatly.
10. Brush egg yolk over the crust.
11. Bake at the lowest rack of the oven for 40-45 minutes, it should smell really good by now.

Pineapple filling (Prepare it ahead of time)

600gm pineapple (use a sweet eating variety, flesh only)
120gm sugar
2inch cinnamon
3 cloves
1 Tbsp cornstarch

1. Cut pineapple into smallish pieces (like how you get them on pizza).
2. Put them into a pan together with sugar, cinnamon stick and whole cloves. Leave the pan around for 10 minutes or until the pineapple starts to release juices.
3. On medium heat,cook it until the pineapple turns translucent and feels soft, but not mushy. Remove the cinnamon stick and cloves.
4. Crush the pineapples (either with a hand held blender or a potato masher. Remember to transfer to a suitable container according to your utensil).
5. Return it to the pan and put in corn starch. Cook it on medium heat until it looks slightly thickened.
6. Let the filling cool down (it will thicken further) before use.

*If you want to do this on the same day, prepare this filling just before you prepare the dough. Let it cool down as you prepare the dough


  1. hi Wendy, how do I form the lattice top pattern with dough strips? Could you refer me to a video or photo where there is visual guidance? thank you very much for your help :)

  2. Ruth,
    It's just like weaving. If you don't want to make it that complicated, just put them all horizontally, then the next layer vertically. It's not a must that they must be woven.You can try to find a video on Youtube, I'm sure there are lots of them.

  3. Wendy, I love your pineapple tart! I am just too lazy to bake one myself :)

  4. Your tart looks so delicious. Baking is at 180 degrees? Irene

  5. An enormous pineapple tart, I know I would love this! Yum!

  6. Amigosh.......a look at it I already knew this is so so so goooood. Yum. Ok, ok, Im going to make this soon too.

  7. this looks so good and its indeed a perfect idea whenever craving for pineapple tart
    and it's easier too. I hate shaping pineapple tart in balls :)

  8. wow, another incredible dessert! I wish I have your energy in the kitchen to churn out all this delicious looking food!

  9. What a brilliant idea to make this into a pie! Looks superb and beautiful colors too. Best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the warm pie (that is if you are not watching your waistline, ;-)

  10. Pineapple is my favorite! I should save some of them for making this pie instead of finish them one shot. Haha. This looks so good!! I'm going to try baking one after my exams.

  11. Hi Wendy

    Tried this and is sooo yummy, just like the pie crust but not easy to do the top as it breaks easily.. Thank you for sharing a good recipe. Blessed New Year!


  12. Hi Wendy, I'm a really big fan of your blog! I tried this tart and turn out so good! All of my family and friends love the look so much, thank you so much for the inspiration!
    I post the tart that I made using your recipe, I'd be glad if you can drop by :D


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