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Friday, October 11, 2013

Mango Cheese Charlotte -No Bake Cheesecake #3

MIL suddenly asked us out for dinner with a newly wed couple who are relatives. And asked me whether I can make a cake for them. 22 hours notice!

To make a cake for the newly wed couple as a simple dinner celebration, is not like a birthday cake or a regular cake, I have to incorporate romantic elements into it. I can only make do with whatever I have in hand. I have mangoes, limes, chocolate, coffee and no berries at all in the fridge. So, it's either I make a mango cake or a mocha flavoured cake.

1st cake, pale bland mangoes..... yucks

Scratch my head, my brains and scoured the internet for cake with romantic elements that I can make with a short period of time and the limited choice of ingredients. Lastly... I went with a mango charlotte, and decided to pipe chocolate hearts as deco. A Charlotte always looks elegant, I won't  need to think too much about last minute touch ups and the cake is already ready and chilling a few hours ahead.

My mangoes weren't sweet and fragrant, and so I marinated them with sugar, lots of sugar. Still they weren't  very sweet and the flavour was missing. But the looks of the charlotte is considered ok.
Feeling very dissatisfied, I hunted for better mangoes and then made it a second time few days later. This time I added lime to the mango to give the fragrance a lift. Feedback.... much better than the first cake.

2nd cake gone in one sitting when I brought it to Mike's office.
2nd cake :)
Feeling better about it

Mango Cheese Charlotte
Recipe by  WendyinKK 

Sponge Fingers (refer here) or you can use store bought ones
Bake as per the recipe.
Line sides and base of an 8inch spring form pan with sponge fingers.

250gm cream cheese (1 block), room temperature
100gm sugar (depends on how sweet the mango is)
200gm whipping cream (1 small pack), cold
150gm plain yogurt (1 small tub)
150gm mango puree (fresh)
½ cup mango mini cubes (5mm)
2 Tbsp lime juice
Zest from 2 limes
2 Tbsp gelatin
50ml water

1. Place water into a heatproof bowl. Sprinkle gelatin in and let it bloom for 2 minutes. Melt it, method refer here. Let it cool down while you do the following steps.
2. Mix mango puree, mango cubes, lime juice and zest together.
3. Whip whipping cream until stiff and place in fridge. No need to wash beaters.
4. In another bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth (no lumps) and put in sugar and beat for a while. Put in yogurt and beat on low speed until well incorporated. Remove cream from fridge and beat in on low speed. Then the gelatin, beat in on low speed too. Finally, the mango mixture, beat in too.
5. Pour the cream cheese filling into the prepared sponge in pan. Chill for 3 hours and then do the next step.

1/2 Tbsp gelatin
2 Tbsp water
1 tsp sugar (add more if mango is not sweet at all)
2 cups diced mango, cold

1. Place water into a heatproof bowl. Sprinkle gelatin in and let it bloom for 2 minutes. Melt it, method refer here. Let it cool down while you do the following steps.
2. Remove mango fruit from fridge, peel and cut into cubes. Marinate with sugar if it’s not sweet enough, skip the sugar if it’s sweet. (if it’s more than 18 hours before serving time, it’s best to add in some lime juice to prevent discolouration)
3. Mix the cold mango cubes with melted gelatin and toss to get them evenly coated with the gelatin. Let it sit for a while (1-2 minutes) so the gelatin will thicken a bit.
4. Spoon the mango cubes over the half set cake (top has set) and chill for another 2 hours minimum before serving.

I didn't like the ribbon bow, and so I removed it, but that was the only ribbon at home :p

how it looked like inside


  1. 22 hours notice? i'm sure will panic !!! hahahaha...but not u la..always the best frm chef wendy!

  2. Love this mangoes cheesecake. Pack with mangoes flavourful! Very well decorated!

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Can you share how you pump the choc heart?

  4. You are really a genius Wendy. Scratched your head a bit and viola, such an elegant presentation! Bet your MIL must be mighty proud of you.

  5. This is gorgeous! I love mangoes, and I love cheesecake. This looks like my ideal dessert ;)

  6. Dear Wendy,

    I love your blogs. I tried several of your recipes here and all are yums! Thank you for taking your precious time and effort to share your recipes here.

    I've made this Mango Cheese Charlotte Cake last weekend. Majority love it but I received some reviews saying the sponge fingers are a bit dry. I followed your recipe closely. I am just wondering if you have any tips to make the sponge fingers more 'moist'? I tried googling for 'moist' sponge fingers but no avail. To me, the sponge fingers I made tasted like those store bought but softer.

    Hope you have some advice for me. Thanking you in advance. :)

  7. rooeee,
    Most probably your fingers were overbaked.
    there can't be moist sponge fingers, because no oil or liquid can be added. To reduce the dryness, try not to overbake it and let it stay exposed to a fan for long. The base of my fingers weren't brown, but just lightly golden

    1. Hi, Wendy
      Thank you for your prompt reply and tips. Will try baking a new badge of sponge fingers this weekend, following your tips.

      I read that your 'cuti anak' finishes in 2014. I hope that you'll continue to blog even when you join back teaching.
      Happy blogging! Cheers.

  8. Hi wendy, im so going to try this recipe. Look just tantalizing! Can i know how many inches is your pan? Is it best to use springform?

  9. Nura,
    8 inch as stated in the instructions underneath sponge cake

  10. Hi Wendy, after adding the gelatin, beat in low speed, follow by mango mixture & the whole mixture curdle. Can't bear to throw it away & setting in the fridge. Pls advise. Thanks,
    From: Cecilia

  11. Cecilia,
    Beat the gelatin for a few seconds as long as it's incorporated, then it's enough. I think what happened to your cream is that, either the gelatin has set, you left it around, or the mango was sourish that it curdled the cream.
    You can beat the mango first, then gelatin, if you are afraid you can't work fast enough.
    But adding the gelatin first could prevent sourish mango puree from curdling the cream.
    Contact me on Table for 2's FB, and send me a picture so that I can advise you further.

  12. The cake looks fabulous. I want to make also!

  13. Wendy,
    Can I chilled the cake overnight THEN only I make the topping on the next day afternoon?
    My family needed the cake on next day evening...

    Please advice.


  14. Grace,
    surely, you can make the base up to 2 days ahead

  15. Hi, I made this cake today and it turn out really well. I sandwiched with mango filling. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Hi Rachel,
    Glad that it turned out well, having lots of mango in between some cheesecake sound fabulous!


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