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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orange Cheesecake with Kumquat Compote

When I saw this cheesecake on Zurin's blog long ago, I fell in love with the kumquat crown. It looked so pretty. When I saw kumquats in Ipoh's Jusco, I had to get my hands on some. It's not expensive, at less than RM4 per punnet.

I didn't want to do a rich rich cheesecake that'll take up few blocks of cream cheese. I always prefer light creamy cheesecakes. No, this is not as light as featherlight cheesecake or Japanese Cotton Cheesecake. This is still creamy but not that, that rich. I want to eat cake, not lick on cream cheese. And I also have little bit of cream left from my pineapple tarts and Minnie Cakes (not sure when I'll be posting them, as I'm going themed now), and a opened can of condensed milk. Might as well utilize them.

Well, yeah, this is another dump in cake. Hey, I don't simply dump in things. I do calculations in my brain before I dump them in. How much aeration I want, how sweet and milky I want the cake to be, how firm I want it. I never just throw things in before giving it a second thought. Never. Ingredients are too expensive to be wasted.

Kumquats are a nice fruit to be incorporated into CNY.
So, if you ask me, Is this fruit common?

Well, when I was a kid, my neighbour bought two kumquat trees for CNY, and I asked him , why is the lime so funny, it's oblong rather than round. He said, oh, it's a new variety. Darn, he doesn't know it's a Kumquat 金橘. So, I bet most of you have seen this somewhere in someone's home, or even your own home, but have no idea, this is the kumquat that I'm talking about. It's a longish oblong lime lookalike that has no flesh. The fruit can be eaten whole. Just pop it into your mouth and chew away.

So, who were the eaters of this cake. Don't ask Mike. He didn't even catch a glimpse of this cake. I made this for my friends, that I met up on Day 4 of CNY. They cleaned up the pan very quickly. I never knew kumquat compote tasted so good. I used less sugar than found in online recipes because I found my kumquats to be on the sweet side, rather than being tart. I'm not going to keep the compote at room temperature for ages, so, why use so much sugar? Now with this ratio that I formulated for sweet kumquats, it's just nice for me. Like a light marmalade. The cake may be sweet on first bite due to the compote, but as you go on, it'll be fine. No one complained, but asked for seconds

Orange Cheesecake with Kumquat Compote
Recipe source: Wendyywy

250gm cream cheese, softened
125gm sweetened condensed milk
60gm whipping cream
1 egg
20gm corn starch
40gm cake flour (All purpose should work fine here too)
1 Tbsp (packed) orange zest
60ml fresh orange juice
2 egg yolks
2 egg whites
¼ tsp cream of tartar
30gm sugar

1. Prepare and line a springform pan. Wrap pan with aluminium foil to prevent water from seeping into the baking pan. Refer here if not sure how. Prepare a pot of boiling water. Place pan into a slightly larger pan. Preheat oven to 130C(fan)/150C
2. Sift cornstarch and flour and set aside.
3. Mix orange juice and egg yolks, lightly beat for a while and set aside.
4. With a whisk or large spoon, beat cream cheese until smooth and put in condensed milk and mix until smooth. Put in whipping cream and beat until smooth. Put in egg and beat until smooth. Put in sifted flour and mix until smooth. Put in orange juice mixture and and zest and mix until smooth.
5. Beat egg whites until frothy. Put n cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks. Put in sugar gradually and beat until stiff, and the peaks are softly hooked when whisk is turned upright.
6. Fold half of the beaten egg whites into the cheese mixture. Repeat with balance of whites.
7. Pour batter into prepared pan and put the whole set of prepared pans into the oven. Pour boiling water into the outer pan until it’s at least 1/3 the height of the inner pan.
8. Bake for 1 hour. Cool cake in oven (door ajar) for half an hour. Remove cake from oven and cool down totally. Chill in fridge for 5 hours before serving. With a skewer/toothpick, poke cake to create at least 30 holes absorb the syrup from the compote.

Kumquat Compote
250gm kumquats
125gm sugar (use more if kumquats are tart)
125ml water or more

1. Slice kumquats about 3mm thick. Remove all the seeds
2. Place all the prepared kumquats into a saucepan and put in water and sugar.
3. Cook on medium low heat until all the kumquats turn translucent. If it's too dry, add a bit more water.
4. Arrange warm kumquat slices over cheesecake and brush remaining syrup over kumquat slices.

Pictures of cheesecake taken with my Sony Ericsson TX5, not as good as usual, right?


  1. OMG! i fell in love at first sight! the crown is so beautifully decorated on the cake! is definitely a very unique cheesecake (: i shall go ask my mum about 金吉. i think i have one small tree at home? ;D psst, those photos are very nicely taken (:

  2. hi wendy..
    terpesonaaa i...gorgeous
    can imagine the sweet smell from the orange..

  3. gorgeous! am i able to get this kumquat in singapore?

  4. Look pretty and I bet it taste good too. Ya, these pictures are not that impressed compare to those with DSLR.

  5. Very nice Wendy! If I make this for my in law's birthday.... He'll be delighted!

  6. Wow, this looks even better than your original mango cake. I thought your pictures looked lovely. Honestly, I didn't notice the difference. So many kumquats to slice! If I ever wanted to make this, it would take me forever. My slicing skills are terrible.

  7. The Kumquat compote is very beautiful on this cake. Gorgeous!

  8. I like Kumquat but very rare in here. Curious to see how your dumped cake look inside... sounds good from what you describe.

  9. mak aihhhhhh lawonyerrrrrrrr... terjojol bijik mata aku nengoknyer....

    *tima kasih kpd anda kerna mengangguk lima blas kali..amik nih upah minyak urut. g urut leher takot melingkor urat! wakakakakakakaka

  10. Sweetylicious,
    If you got the plant just recently for CNY, do not use the fruits! Wait for the next fruiting.
    The commercially induced fruits may contain stuff that you do not want to consume.

    keke, tengkiu

    Should be, depends on the season. But I think it's over now. I read it's from late autumn to winter :p

    Yawoh, not as nice hoh, and the texture of the pics very bad. Hahah.


    Yummy Koh,

    Actually can find, from the places that sell CNY plants. It's not the usual round lime, get a tree and plant it at home.
    I took some pics with my camera phone when we sliced it at my friend's, but all look like one piece of mess only. So, didn't post them.

    Jangan, nanti jatuh hilang, amacam? takde mata yang same boleh diganti, kkekeke.


  11. Very creative! Gives a different taste than the usual fruit! My grandmother used to preserve kumquats and they were salivatingly good.

  12. the kumquat slices are soooo neatly arranged! i usually just dump my fruit on top of the cake and eat it hehe. your cake looks really tasty!

  13. I tak boleh tahan but to add my comments here...usually nowadays I'm too lazy to comment liao, just visit and ciao!! The cake is sooooo pretty leh! ...and yeah, you reminded me that I wanted to plant my own kumquat...

  14. I am visiting your blog everyday. So many nice food pics to see. I can see you are a very talented person especially on decoration of food and very nice tempting pics. I love the colors and combination.

    BTW, your kamquat cake looks nice.


  15. Wendy, this cake is so gorgeous, I am defintely going to make this if I can find kumquat :)

  16. busygran,
    Yeah, preserved kumquats are very nice to eat. Heard it's good for sorethroat.

    Hehe, sometimes I get lazy too, but for blog purposes have to be slightly more hardworking :p

    Plant la, then when got fruits boleh ambik and makan.

    Thanks :)

    I think you have to wait for Southern hemisphere's autumn-winter to get ur batch of kumquats. I can't find them here now oredi.

  17. gosh! it's really pretty!!!! good works. bet this one take up a lot of time and efforts

  18. Hmm...I love cheese cake. Any cheese cake will do, hehe...

  19. So pretty!! Like you I tend to stay away from cheesecake that uses over 2 block of cream cheese. I love the smell of kumquats and their sweet taste. For a small fruit they do have a lot of seeds in it. It must took you some time to slice and remove all the seeds :)

  20. wa lau eh! eat this and go prosper!! the kumquat decoration looks stunning, the skin also can be eaten?

  21. aiwei,
    The arrangement of the kumquat took me about 15 minutes, not too long la :)

    Cathy and Edith,
    Thank you

    LOL, that sounds so Nigella like, kekeke.

    Little Inbox,
    I too, love cheesecakes, any cheesecake :)

    They were ok woh, I removed them after slicing. These were from China, maybe different from those you got over there. For me, if 8 inch cake, if use 2 blocks, I oredi shy away, 2 blocks for 9 inch still ok la. Anything more than that is just too much hoh.

    Good things are meant to be shared. Don't eat the whole cake urself, kekeke.
    The only thing to eat on a kumquat is the skin :) No flesh one leh, and these that I bought were rather sweet. Try to see them around in Jusco next CNY :p But I've seen them in Tesco at other times too, so, have to watch out for the season loooo

  22. You are so creative! The kumquat crown was presented so elegant.

  23. Wow...! That's a real beautiful flower topping!! You've done a great job decorating the cake.

  24. I do like kumquats. It's the season now and I am seeing some very nice fruits here in Korea.... I will need to find time to work with them though. There were a couple of times when I bought Kumquats and they were left to dry up in the fridge...

  25. How gorgeous this is! I bet the tangy of the kumquet goes so well with cheesecake!

  26. Jenn@ChasingFoodDreamsFebruary 23, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    This is so beautiful.. like a chrysanthemum flower cheesecake! So much effort and thoughts put in, you really are such a talented chef!

  27. DG,

    Cooking Gallery,
    Thank you

    Awww.... kumquats are no longer available here.
    I searched high and low for another punnet but it's no where to be found!

    after making it into a compote, it's no longer tangy, but very sweet :)

    Thanks. Sometimes inspiration just hits like a torpedo :p

  28. Wendy, this is an outstanding cake. A nice one as a birthday gift instead of buying one from the shop. Stunning presentation.

  29. This is so beautiful! I can't imagine the amount of time spent to slice the fruit and decorate it.

  30. Wendy your cake looks good - u mentioned kamquat is that the type sold in boxes?

  31. Anonymous,
    boxes? I'm not sure what you mean by boxes, but supermarkets will label them properly as Kumquats. Small like longish orange limes

  32. What size springform pan are you using? I used an 8" and I got a 3/4 inch cake. In your picture, it looks much thicker. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. I tried the almond kumquat tea cake as well. Very yummy and perfect...not too sweet.

  33. letie=D,
    I used 8 inch and the cake was around 1.5 inches tall.
    If the egg whites are deflated, the cake will be short.
    Thank you for the feedback


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