Monday, February 14, 2011

Beetroot and Sweetcorn Soup - Soup Week #1

I was attracted to this by the colour. I’ve never seen a Chinese soup using beetroot. So, this is a must try for me. Few times at Jusco, I can’t get nice beetroots, and then I finally got a nice blemish free, still plump beetroot. But then I forgot the white radish/daikon, but I usually prefer to get the slim and curvy type at a Malay vendor in KK. That variety taste much better than the fat plump straight variety.

But on the day I wanted to boil this, it rained cats and dogs, and I couldn’t go out to get my white radish. So, I just skipped it. It might still taste good, fingers crossed : )

Beetroot and Sweetcorn soup
Recipe adapted from : The Sweet Spot

400gm beetroot
2 ears of corn
200gm waterchestnut (7 large ones)
200gm carrots (2 medium ones)
200gm pork loin or lean pork, or 300gm pork ribs
2.5L water (10 bowls)

1. Bring the water to boil.
2. Peel beetroot, cut into chunks.
3. Peel waterchestnuts, cut into halves.
4. Peel carrots, cut into slanting chunks
5. Shuck the corn and cut into chunks
6. Cut pork into smaller pieces.
7. When water has come to a boil, put in everything and let it simmer for 2 hours.
8. Season with salt.

Yummy. Everybody loved this soup especially my Mother in Law.

Thanks Swee San for this cute soup... Oh yes, I do find this cute.


  1. Wendy, I never have soup with beetroot b4 leh, but I did steam beetroot b4, one of the diet meal but taste wise, hmmmm quite unswallowable for me hahaha....

  2. never had this combination of soup before, must try one day.

  3. I tried make beetroot juice before and it was not well received...I wondered if I should try cooking it in soup? Looks interesting!

  4. cute soup!
    You're most welcome :)

  5. I love beetroot soup. Sweet and delicious :))
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. That's such a beautiful, colourful and healthy soup. I will drink many bowls :)

  7. Not many people like beet but I love it. My mom used to boil soup for us with it. Now I just drink the juice with a lemon and green apple. Happy Valentine's Day Wendy.

  8. if your mil likes it, i'm sure this is good. by the way, does this taste a bit sourish?

  9. Very red, like red wine ... LOL! I, for one, never fancy taking beets. Dunno why ... It's not that I hate it or what, just never crave for it. Just like nasi lemak! I never crave for nasi lemak! Weird Malaysian you've got here. LOL!

  10. Jess,
    I do have to agree that it smells like sawdust.

    Do try, it's very nutritious

    With the other ingredients complementing it, it tasted much better.

    Swee San,
    Thanks again, the reddish soup was perfect for yesterday :) kekeke.

    Yeah, it's very sweet.

    Good for the skin, anti oxidants :)

    Geng!!! I dun think I can do that yet.

    Not a bit sourish. It's very sweet, with corn, water chestnuts and carrots, all very sweet veggies.

    I don't crave for beets too, but I like the colour :p

  11. this is sooo special! chinese soup using beetroot. normally i use it for juices. this is definitely worth trying! the natural sweetness from all the ingredients! yum yum! (:

  12. Since my employer is a vegetarian,i do make soup only bedtroot,carrots and corn,it's a good taste for dinner it!


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