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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lime and Longan Slush with Pomegranate - Fruit Week #6

It's crazily hot these few days right?
Last year December it was pretty chilly.. well, for Malaysia a night temperature of 22C is considered chilly. And after Chinese New Year, it turned so so so so hot. The sun stings the skin and it's a pain to go out, even in the shade.

Even Lyanne reduced her diaper use, it seems much much dryer now : ( All that she ever drank seem to have evaporated rather than passed out.

This is perfect for this stupid weather. After I downed one shot of this, I felt so much better. My MIL said it was good too.

Lime and Longan Slush with Pomegranate
Recipe source: Wendyywy

200gm ice (lightly crushed before use)
1 Tbsp lime juice
80ml longan syrup (from the can)
1 Tbsp sugar or more (I used 2 Tbsp of homemade sugar syrup cooked using 1:1 volume ratio)

Blitz everything in the blender until fine. Pour into serving glass, top with canned longan flesh and pomegranate

Seafood Week

I'll be cutting my posting days from Monday to Friday.
Let's make it a 5 day work week now, :p
See you on Monday


  1. 5 day work week sounds good (: the dessert look so refreshing and thirst quenching for such hot weather! (:

  2. Perfect dessert for our hot weather! ;)

  3. Oh yes, it's extremely hot right now. It's the summer, hehe...
    And, this is cool!

  4. Sweetylicious,
    It's so hot now, I'm thirsting for another cup of this :)

    Yeah, espceially today!! super hot

    Little Inbox,
    I hope this won't last forever, if not, I'll die lor!

  5. I don't mind having one too, right now! Ya, it's hot although there was a storm last night!

  6. ooh man this looks absolutely divine. refreshing and thirst quenching it looks!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. LOL! LOL! All that Lyanne ever drank all went evaporated!!?? LOL! Haha! You just had me cracked up!

    I wouldn't mind taking a refreshing drink like this to rejuvenate myself in this heat wave(?).

  9. i'm even afraid to go out in the sun..i think i'm getting tanner these few days..really! and i'm so thirsty now probbaly due to some food that i had at a rest a while ago..wish i cld have some of these now!

  10. It's very cold here but I still want a glass!

  11. Edith,

    No rain could chill the weather. It's worse after every shower, like sauna.

    Oh yes very :)

    Don't u even feel ur wee wee getting lesser these days?

    it's horrible to go out even in the shade

    Drink some by the fireplace :) Hot and cold :)

  12. Good idea to cool down. Really hot lah, these few day!

  13. No wor, because I do drink plenty of water and other liquids. So, I do visit the tandas a lot. Like today, I drank two huge bowls of leftover soup; the night before, about half a watermelon.

  14. Pei-Lin,
    You didn't go out much gua, hahaha.

  15. Jenn@ChasingFoodDreamsFebruary 28, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    how lovely.. can feel actually feel "cool" by looking at your great pics.

    Definately have to try this lovely and icy cool treat. I also agree weather is crappy lately.


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