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Monday, February 21, 2011

Apple Yeasted Sugar Tart -Fruit Week #1

Sick of soup already? I'm going to drown you with fruits this week. *Evil look*

Apples. I bought 2 granny smiths 3 months back (post done in Sept 2010). Yes. And one was still with me after the apple crumble.
Then I saw on technicolour kitchen (again!!!!) , an apple yeasted sugar tart, and it looked so so appealing to me. I knew I will be having some cream after the birthday cakes and oh yes!!! I definitely will make this very soon.

Today I finally used the 3 month old apple, and it still looked fine, just like the way it was when I bought it. Hahah!! The wax really does a good job preserving the apple. Can I use the wax on my face???? Hahaha!!!

My oven is always too hot for breads made with milk. It always browns too fast when baked according to the instructions and I always, always have to do it at 150C, which is far far lower than recommended. And today is no different. How hot you need to bake this with, you really have to gauge it yourself. I gave you the original temperature, so make your own decisions.

Apple Yeasted Sugar Tart
Recipe taken from Technicolor kitchen who sourced from "The Cook's Companion"

245gm all purpose flour
1 Tbsp sugar
Small pinch of salt
1 tsp yeast
120gm warm milk
1 egg, room temperature
28gm softened butter
2-3 eating apples (I used 1 large granny smith, and it was enough)
67gm demerara sugar (I used a mixture of demerara with brown sugar, as I ran out of demerara)
120ml whipping cream (I was left with 100gm of it, just used this)

Method: If you think I'm being too long winded here, please check out Technicolor Kitchen's version. Hers is a lot more "compact"
1. Combine flour, sugar, salt and instant yeast together in a mixing bowl. Make a well in the center.
2. Mix milk and egg together and pour into the well.
3. With a spoon, try to bring the flour in gradually and form a dough.
4. When everything has come together, knead in softened butter. Continue to knead (I did this by hand), it is very soft and sticky at the beginning and knead it (by pulling the dough from the bowl and putting it back, and pull it away and put it back cos the dough is the soft tacky type) until it no longer feels sticky, and a smooth dough is formed. *I used only my right hand to knead and kept my left hand clean. I used my left hand to test the dough’s stickiness as the right hand is always covered with the glob of dough. When the dough is ready, you rub the dough off your working hand, touch the dough with your working hand and it should not stick too, but it will still be very soft.
5. Then cover and let it proof for 30 minutes. Meanwhile prepare a loose bottomed 9 inch tart pan. Generously butter the pan.
6. Punch down the dough and give it a 1-2 minutes knead. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes before flattening it into the pan.
7. Let dough in pan proof for another 30 minutes.
8. Meanwhile, peel and cut apple(s). When 30 minutes if up, the dough looks puffy. Press the apples in and sprinkle the demerara sugar onto the apples.
9. Preheat the oven at 200(fan)/220C, the tart will continue to proof until the oven is ready and bake the tart for 10 minutes. (I found this too high for my oven, I think I’ll do it at 180C next time, cos my tart was nicely browned at 8 minutes)
10. Meanwhile beat the whipping cream to soft peaks.
11. Remove tart from oven and spoon the cream over the apples.
12. Return tart back to oven at 180(fan)/200C (I used 150C only) for 20 minutes or until the base of the tart sounds hollow when tapped.
13. Remove from oven and transfer tart to cooling rack, remove mould and let it cool on rack.
14. Slice only when tart turned warm to touch, if not the cream filling will be runny.

Darn it. This tasted so good. The baked cream topping is super!!! I wanted to make another one the next day to bring to my mom, but I ran out of cream. I don’t want to buy another large carton, cos I won’t be around for days.
This is the perfect "bread" for lazy kneaders. Even with the short kneading time, I assure you that you'll get the soft bread fresh from the oven due to the moisture from the apple being baked in the bread. It's best eaten warm, but then, it's still not hard later. Well, not as soft as fresh and warm, but acceptable even to the next day, but please keep air tight.
But for those who are thinking of trying this out, I suggest you mix the topping sugar with some cinnamon or scraped vanilla. That’s the only miss about this yeasted tart, if not it’ll be perfect!!!


  1. My gosh, this looks so good, I won't forgive myself if I miss it! Interesting part about adding whipped cream partial baked through...must try. Btw, I'm loving this weekly theme of yours! :)

  2. wow this looks super delicious and irresistible!

  3. YEAH! i was so looking forward to fruits post (: and this one look really nicely baked and delicious!! my mum loves apple and this would not fail to impress her again. thank you wendy! (:

  4. Awesome!!! This looks really good! I would like to try this recipe but I don't know what demerara sugar is. Is it possible to substitute with caster sugar?

  5. Bee,
    The whipped cream makes the topping very very delicious!!



    hope ur mom loves this

    An unreachable dream,
    Demerara sugar is coarser than caster sugar, more like regular granulated sugar size. If you can't get demerara sugar, try using brown sugar for a closer flavour. Demerara sugars can be easily found at organic centers.

  6. My air liur dah meleleh...where to get demerara sugar?

  7. Wow! This is an interesting piece of recipe and look definitely delicious. Must bookmark this, thanks for sharing. :)

  8. I am going to put on weight if I come here often :p this must be wonderfully yeasted sugar tart....yum yum Will try this out one day :) too much sugar already :) after your nian gao taro rolls LOL!

  9. They look perfect. I already bookmarked this to make as I still have some very old apples in my fruit compartment :)

  10. Wendy, this is good instead of the usual apple pie! Perfect for tea!

  11. this bread tart sounds delicious to me, i'm going to bookmark this as well.

  12. wow, this is tart but yet not so conventional a tart. interesting textures it has! I think one generous pinch of cinnamon would bring it a bit further yeah? :)

  13. Oh, sweetie, I am so glad you liked the recipe! Your bread looks amazing - beautiful jog arranging the apple slices!
    Thank you for the link.


  14. WOW! This is so beautiful and I also can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing Wendy:)

  15. Jes,
    Organic shops will tbe best bet, but I can also get it at my nearest Chinese herbal shop.

    Happy Flour,
    Hope you love this

    Haha, don't worry, nian gaos are once a year thingy. And this tart is quite healthy, it's just 1/2 cup of cream shared among the few who eats this. :p

    Oooo.. that means I'll see this sometime soon on your blog

    Yeah, but somehow I treat this more like a bread

    Do let me know once u get it posted, ok :)


    travelling foodies,
    Oh yes, that pinch of cinnamon definately will spice it up.

  16. Patricia,
    Thanks for the recipe :)
    It was a wonderful bread.. err.. tart :)

    Oh.. haha. I hope u like this too.

  17. This is a very beautiful cake. I've book marked this page for my weekend bake!

  18. This is a very interesting "bread". I like the appearence of the apple and cream on top. What an interesting idea!

  19. Agnes,
    If u treat it like a kuchen, yeah, it's a cake :)

    Vivian Pang,
    YOu can change the arrangement of the apples to make it more interesting :)

  20. Wendy, I finally got to see this post after you mentioned this recipe for such long time :P. You are tempting me again, hmmmm wait for my energy level to boost up!

  21. This looks so good! I'm tempted to make it! If I only used 100ml of my packet of cream, usually how long can I store?

  22. Aimei,
    Usually people will tell u 3 days, because that's how long fresh untreated cream will stay.
    But those sold her are all UHT cream, which has been heat treated that they can stay really long. But then another blogger told me, only cream cartons with a closable flap cover like Anchor will last this long. Both of us use the cream as long as it doesn't turn sour.

    Very frankly, I keep my large carton of cream for up to a month, as long as it doesn't turn sour. But anything past 1 week, I make sure I cook the cream before I use it, like use in bread puddings, cook pasta or in other bakes. I try not to use in whipped form to frost after a week, but sometimes I still do if it's still within 2 weeks, but I don't sell the cake, only for personal consumption. I use the cream for cake deco if it's less than a week. You can freeze the cream if you're unsure, but frozen cream cannot be whipped again, but still can be cooked and baked with.

  23. Wendy, I love this tart, it sounds so delicious with apples and cream!

  24. Is the tart best eaten when it's warm / just came out from the oven? If baked at night, will it taste good when eaten in the morning?

  25. Will baking time reduced when baked in a 10 inch tart tin? Thanks!

  26. lyn,
    9 inch and 10 inch is a very slight difference only for this tart. I don't think there is a need to reduce the time, but then again, your eyes are the best judge. Stop the baking when it's golden enough.

    It is best when warm, but few hours later still good, though not at its best, of course. Just zap it for 10 secs if you want it warm.

  27. Hi, Wendy,
    I have tried this tart twice . Both time the whipping cream overflow out the tin. I spread all the 120 gm whipped cream. Is it right? Btw, thank you very much for sharing this nice recipe.

  28. Yoonhee,
    At step 6, I wonder if you pressed the sides more or the middle so that the dough will spread out.
    If you notice my tart, the sides are still higher than the middle.
    If your sides are shorter, for sure the cream will flow out. And you must press the apples deep into the dough, not onto the dough.

  29. Yoonhee,
    120gm of whipping cream is right, if you pressed the apples deep enough, some of the cream will actually seep into the crevices.
    TRy again, one day.

  30. Thank you very much for the prompt reply. Ya, think I didn't press deep enough. Will try again tomorrow!

  31. Hi, just wondering if i can put in all the dough ingredients into my bread machine and select dough you think it would work? thanks :)


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