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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dried And Fresh Bok Choy Soup - Soup Week #3

I’ve seen a TVB documentary on food, and the host was treated to a dried and fresh bokchoy soup. But her soup looked milky and white instead of mine looking so clear, hahahaha.

Actually I didn’t know what was in the soup so I just threw in whatever I think might make the soup nice. But it doesn’t look like what I saw on TV. Was it that the soup was boiled with pork lungs? I forgot, but here’s soup for you to try if you like “choy gon tong”

Dried and Fresh Bok Choy Soup
Recipe Source: Wendyywy

50gm dried Bok Choy
400gm fresh Bok Choy
1 large carrot
¼ of a foot long dried octopus
250gm pork loin or 300gm pork ribs
2.5L water
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Soak dried bok choy until it softens and cut into 2 inch lengths.
2. Peel and cut carrot into slanting chunks, rinse and snip octopus into 1 inch slices
3. Boil water and put in carrots, octopus, dried bok choy and pork.
4. Boil for 2 hours.
5. Wash and cut fresh bok choy into 2 inch lengths.
6. Put fresh bok choy into the soup and boil for 30 minutes
7. Season with salt and pepper.


  1. hmmm...long time didnt have this soup already.

  2. mm... yummy! Love this soup as my mother in law makes it quite often.

    Never tried but yours looks really lovely with the added fresh bok choy. Great addition!

  3. Hi there,
    If you like tofu, you may add some tofu in the soup & get it cook together with the other ingredient. My grandma used to cook like that. :)

  4. I love dried bok choy soup, I am surprised that this soup has the fresh and dried bok choy together.

  5. I love choy gon tong! I miss this soup very much, used to drink quite often when I was young.

  6. never tried b4...mind to give me some for free? wakakaaka

  7. ah, this one i know cos we drink this once in a while. Good for heaty body.

  8. Thanks Wendy for sharing this dried & fresh Bok Choy soup! We all love it very much! I had leart from you to use pork loin/lean to boil soup nowday. Is much much less of oily stuff around the soup compare to pork ribs!

    From JasMine

  9. JasMine,
    thanks for the feedback.
    Yeah, less oily. But a bit wasted as the loin gets hard to ingest, but ribs are soft to eat.


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