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Golden Skin Tri-Colour Egg - CNY week #1

Happy Chinese New Year to all!! Still many days of celebration to go...

It's been 10 days of rest. I was feeling a bit lazy to start posting again. Haha, but can't lose the momentum, once it slows down, then it'll just get slower and slower. Anyway, here I am again.

I made this dish for this year's reunion dinner. This is not my creation. I first tasted tricolour steamed egg in restaurants, and it's usualy silky smooth, like silken tofu, or steamed egg. But this version that I tasted in a Japanese buffet in Sunway Giza is very different. It's sliced and firm. Mike fell in love with it. So, how can I not recreate something that my hubby loves. But I'm sure the restaurant didn't use soy milk for this. I purposely made a small amount of soy milk for this dish so that it'll create a firmer texture.

Golden Skin Tri-Colour Egg
Recipe source: Wendyywy


Base layer
3 salted egg whites
2 egg whites
200ml unsweetened soy milk (check volume of eggs whites before putting in)
3 century eggs

Golden skin layer
3 salted egg yolks (steamed and mashed)
2 egg yolks
1 egg
50ml unsweetened soy milk (check volume of eggs whites before putting in)

1. Prepare base layer. Coarsely chop century eggs.
2. Mix salted egg whites and egg whites. Measure volume. Put in equal amounts of soy milk.
3. Prepare golden skin. Mix egg yolks with egg. Measure volume and put in soy milk. The soy milk should be 50% of the egg volume.
4. Mash steamed salted egg yolks and mix with egg yolk mixture. Pour mixture into a strainer and mash balance of salted egg yolks in strainer. Pour egg mixture over strainer (with the egg yolks that can’t pass by the strainer) and strain again, stirring all the while to facilitate the yolks to pass the strainer.
5. Line a 6X6 steaming dish with cling wrap for microwave cooking(or any heat safe cling wrap). Prepare your steaming vessel (wok or ur steamer)
6. When steaming water has come to a boil, mix prepared egg whites with chopped century eggs and pour into steaming dish.
7. Cover with lid and steam on medium low heat for 5 minutes or until surface sets but still wobbly.
8. Gently pour in egg yolk mixture and cover with lid again.
9. Turn heat to low and steam for another 10-15 minutes until surface sets.

There were leftovers of this dish after the dinner, and Mike's aunts prepared some porridge the next day with leftover roasted chicken and threw in these as well. Yummylicious!


  1. i want to eat this!!! very beautiful!! the taste must be wonderful!

  2. so cute lar this dish!! something new (well to me at least )

  3. This is a very creative idea using century egg in this dish. It looks very pretty in colour too.

  4. I think I am in trouble...lately when I see yummy dishes like these, I also see the calories and cholesterol that come with them. Don't know how can I continue to blog like this... The version I normally get to eat is more tender. When I first saw the photos, I had thought these are agar agar ...hahah ..interesting modification.

  5. Back in business I see, heehee! I have been wanting to try this dish too! Need to get century eggs...thanks for recipe. Btw, have fun this Sat...too bad I'm gonna miss meeting u ladies again * sian*

  6. Hi Wendy,
    新年快乐,身体健康! May I know the taste of this dish?
    thanks, mary

  7. I'm sure you had a long rest. In fact, you should rest more, hehe...Preggy mah.
    This egg dish looks so attractive!

  8. It looks so colorful and beautiful. I must try it.

  9. I love the look of this dish! I must go eat this at Sunway Giza one of these days! Bet there are more delicious looking food coming this way:D

  10. Jess Kitchen,
    Oh yes, this is delicious.

    Swee San,
    U want this for saturday too? kekeke.

    Yeah, the colour's very pretty.

    Haha, it's like that. Good food always comes with a price, not always monetary, but in calories and cholesterol.

    This is unlike the usual tricolour egg. Firmer :)

    Oh no, this was taken before the eggs were served. All pictures were taken before they were eaten.

    Mary Ng,
    Like eggs? Salted eggs and century eggs taste are more prominent.

    Little Inbox,
    Hehehe, Yeah, tired lor after CNY. Too much running around.

    An unreachable dream,
    Hope u like it

  11. It's so nicely done and cut. At first I thought it was some kind of kueh looking at the pics. Unusual presentation of the three types of eggs!

  12. 新年快乐:)

  13. Wow, awesome! I love the pretty & distinctive layers. Another wonderful dish from you Wendy, well done :)

  14. Wendy, so nice, I like the colour combination, really suitable for CNY. I want to taste!

  15. At a glance I thought you made Seri Muka. It look just like it. This is such a great looking dish. I don't mind serving it at all to my guest. Thanks Wendy for sharing the idea.

  16. Hi Wendy. Welcome back & hope you had enjoyable CNY. Wow, looks so beautiful dish.

  17. It looks like pudding, you made the egg dishes become so beautiful and special. Well done!

  18. this looks so attractive..hey, do you think the jap rest in ipoh has this? have fun on sat:)

  19. This is so cool, what a beautiful dish

  20. Jeannie,
    Haha, yeah, going to the restaurant to eat is better than making this yourself, unless you're feeding a party. 9 eggs in total is not easy to ingest for a small family.

    Tri color eggs is actually quite common, it's just the golden skin presentation that is new



    It was the layers that made it felt it different :)


    Yeah, anything golden is suitable for CNY. Haha.

    My hubby's aunt requested for the recipe so that she can bring it to a pot luck. It's perfect party food cos it's made with 9 eggs!!! Haha!

    Thank you

    I do find the added soy milk in it adds some richness, hehe, like a pudding.

    Ipoh ah, So far Kizuna no lor. I'm a frequent there, kekeke. Of all the jap restaurants I've ever went to (Not sushi bars), I've never saw this, except at this restaurant in Sunway Giza.
    You ah, so sayang not coming. I'll eat ur portion, don't worry.


  21. woh, so pretty! The tri colour egg I had was just a mix of 3 different eggs, this looks like kuih!

  22. I would love to try this! Looks interesting, and love century eggs too!

  23. To Food with Love,
    Hope you love this :)

  24. Hi Wendy,

    I have tried this dish and the eggs do not turn out exactly the same as yours. May I ask whether the salted egg white is steamed before mixing or in liquid form?

    Btw where can I get unsweetened soy milk? I can't seem to find in the market hence i bought Mr bean soy milk without sugar :)

    Hope to get your reply soon:)

  25. Hailun,
    Salted egg white is used raw, After steaming it will solidify, no way you can mix it in.
    I don't know how things are in your market, but any unsweetened soy milk will work great, provided it's concentrated and not too diluted.
    What did u mean when the dish didn't look like mine? watery? then it's undercooked.
    Steaming time differs with your wok/pot.

  26. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for your reply. I have used steamed salted egg whites instead of raw one.

    I have also used wok to steam the eggs instead of steamer. so perhaps I should really keep my heat low.

    Another question. I have noticed a layer of yolk juice when the eggs are cooked. Initially I thought that the eggs are uncooked hence I steamed it longer, however the juice remained. I have noticed in your picture too. May I know is it due to the equipments are not fully dry?

  27. Hailun,
    I also use my wok to steam everything here on this blog, whether it's bamboo racks or those steaming pots or wok, it's all bout heat control and 'know your vessel's temperament'
    Eggs are raw when they still feel like raw eggs, the 'wetness' is just collected vapour.
    Nothing to do with dryness of equipment.


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