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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peach Chiffon Slice - Fruit Week #3

I have 2 pieces of canned peach left over from Lydia’s carousel cake (this cake was made in Aug 2010). I don’t feel like eating it just like that.

So, I used it to make this, a sudden idea.
The peach flavor was just so so but texture is very soft, as all chiffons are.
I wonder if fresh peaches will taste the same when used to make this.

Peach Chiffon Slice
Recipe Source: Wendyywy

2 pcs canned peach halves, pureed (about 80gm)
80gm cake flour
20gm sugar
4 egg yolks
50ml corn oil

4 egg whites
50gm sugar
¼ tsp cream of tartar or 1 tsp lemon juice

Buttercream for filling

1. Preheat oven at 160/180C. Fully line a 10 inch shallow square pan or a swiss roll pan
2. Combine egg yolks, 20gm sugar and peach puree. Mix until well combined.
3. Put in flour and combine, then oil and combine.
4. In a clean bowl, beat egg whites until frothy.
5. Put in cream of tartar or lemon juice and continue to beat until soft peak.
6. Gradually add in 50gm sugar and beat until stiff
7. Fold ¼ of egg whites into yolk mixture. Repeat with another 1/4 of egg white.
8. Pour (7) into beaten egg whites and fold.
9. Pour batter into prepared pan. Level surface and bake for 30 minutes or until golden and springs back to touch.
10. Leave cake to cool in pan for 5 mins. Remove cake from pan and place on rack. Pull away baking paper from the sides and let cake cool completely on the rack
11. When cake has totally cooled down, cut into half and spread with butter cream. Top with the other half and slice to serve.

The peaches I used here as props weren't used to make the cake. They tasted YUCKS!!! They were peaches from China and I so so so so so regretted buying them. They totally didn't taste sweet and there is no fragrance at all. Maybe they were very very under ripe when they were picked for export. I don't know and I don't want to know. This is my first and last purchase ever. But somehow, China's nectarines are fine and fragrant. It's just the peaches. Ignore them if you ever see them.


  1. Love chiffon and yours look so soft and cottony! Going to bookmark this! Thanks!

  2. Looks so soft and fluffy ! must be very delicious !

  3. This recipe is ideal as it uses oil instead of butter, something my dad does not eat. This will make a good tea break for him !

  4. everyday i was looking forward to your post about fruits and my to bake list just keep growing ;D BOOKMARKED it! it look sooo soft and fluffy! YUMMY! (: (:

  5. I too had bad experience buying tasteless peaches here. :P I guess the best fresh peaches I've tasted are those fresh plugged from the fruit orchards in California. So sweet and the juices are literally dripping from your hands and mouth! I was gonna make passion fruit chiffon next week... Hopefully as soft as yours. :)

  6. Your peach chiffon slices are so lovely. Got to bookmark this recipe. Sorry about the peaches that you bought is not good...

  7. a good recipe! the chiffon looks so soft and fluffy!

  8. It look so soft and light. Yum...yum. :)

  9. 这个很好吃,害得我口水流满地了。。。。

  10. May i know what is the purpose of the cream of tartar/lemon juice for?

  11. Wow, this looks so good! I love your photos, they are so clear and so enticing:D

  12. Wen,
    The peach flavour is not that pronounced, but it may be due to the peaches I've got.

    My MIL loved the texture too, it's very nice.

    Experimental Cook,
    Chiffon cakes do use oil instead of butter.
    I hope ur dad likes this

    It's not going to be a bake everyday. Haha.
    There are other ways with fruits. You'll see :)

    Oh that's for sure!!! They can't be exporting ripe peaches here. I bet the Driscollis you taste over here are much tarter than over there.
    Passionfruit? Hmm.. I hope I can get my hands on some

    It's ok, I threw away the whole box, 8 pieces!!


    Happy Flour,
    Yes it is :)

    Cherry Potato,
    Want tissue ah? hehehe

    The function of lemon juice or cream of tartar, either one, as long as it's acidic is to stabilize the egg whites during whipping. It prevents the egg whites from watering out and greatly reduces the risk of overwhipping.

    I think it depends on the month of the year. My recent pics all suck big time. The colour's all off. Even editing can't bring out the real hue.

  13. mak aihhhhh gebunyer cipon mu itewwww.. masuk list gak lah!!

  14. Wow, what a soft peach chiffon! Looks so appetizing~ ;)

  15. Merhabalar, damlanın özel öykü sayısında yayınlanan MÜJDE isimli öykümü okudunuzmu?

  16. i like the idea of having a cream layer in between the slices - the entire cake looks so cottony soft :D

  17. Wendy, very nice and soft chiffon. I once bought peaches when I was in China and they tasted bland and like you said, no fragrance at all.

  18. This cake look so light and fluffy! It seems not so hard to make...I'm going to try it out! thanks for the recipe!

  19. simple and delicious! it's brilliant for you to come up with your own recipe..i shall learn from you!

  20. hana,
    Masukler... bagi cut queue skit

    Fuat Gencal,
    Thanks for commenting

    Thanks, all chiffon cakes are supposed to be soft :)

    Oh... thanks for letting me know that. If they are bland in their homeland, what more when exported. I shall forever ignore them if I ever see them again.

    If you can master beating egg whites and the folding part, all chiffons are easy.
    I hope u like this.

    Haha... thanks. It's not that hard actually :)
    I know you can do that too.

  21. I adore airy cakes like this. They taste so heavenly and you can con yourself into thinking you're really not eating anything that heavy and filling. LOL

  22. Wow, love the idea of peach in the cake...I love chiffon cake and will definitely try this one...looks so light, and I can only imagine the taste of it...yummie!

  23. I like soft chiffon cake a lot. I never bake them in normal pan though. Do you leave them cool upside down once you unmold it? Do they shrink? Thanks Wendy.

  24. What a brilliant idea! I always struggle when I have leftover canned peaches, never like them.

  25. Carolyn,
    Haha, that way it's very dangerous.
    Although it may taste light, but the sugar is still there.

    I hope you like it

    In a regular 10 inch square pan that is 3cm tall.
    They will shrink very slightly only, but won't turn dense.

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Haha, you can always turn them into jellies.

  26. This cake is so wonderfully soft and fluffy...Just wish to have a bite of it ;)

  27. Hi, Thanks for sharing this. Looks delicous! Any reason why you did not add baking powder for this chiffon cake?

  28. Anonymous,
    There is no need to add any. The egg whites will create enough aeration.

  29. Hi Wendy, your chiffon cake looks sooooo lovely and light.

  30. Hai Wendy , Today I made this recipe & it was hit at home .......... Thanks a lot for the recipe ........... do look the pictures

  31. Suby,
    I saw your cake and it was lovely!
    Left you a comment on your blog :)


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