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Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Soy and Pork Ribs Soup - Soup Week #5

I still have black soy beans left since Lyanne’s confinement days. Hahaha!!! Super long right?

For my next confinement, I’d make sure my mom won’t be buying me so so much black beans. It’s rather wasteful if I can’t finish it.

My mom’s addicted to buying things, foodstuff and kitchenware mostly, with textiles as a past love now. She’d buy durians, lots of it, just for the sake of buying and opening them to see how good her purchases are. She’d buy pots and pans, anything made of stainless steel that she falls in love with. When we left home no one bought pots and pans but just took them from home. And 3 siblings and one cousin couldn’t finish her stock, and she’s still buying. When she went to Australia for a holiday, she spent almost all her cash on abalones. My brother nagged her about that when she got back. If you ever let her know you love to eat that one thing, she’ll try her best to buy that for you. Not that I’m complaining about her love for buying, but I know, she only does that for people she loves and cares about. If she doesn’t love you, she won’t be buying and buying stuff for you.

When I saw this recipe, my eyes lit up, Good!!! Another way to use up the beans. Hahahaha!!

Black Soy Beans and Pork Ribs Soup
Recipe source: Meishi China

600gm pork ribs
80gm black soy beans, washed and soaked for 4 hours (or overnight)
10 black dates
2.5L water
2 tbsp wolfberries/goji berries
Salt to taste

1. Blanch pork ribs in boiling water for 20 seconds. Drain and discard water.
2. Bring 2.5L to boil.
3. Put soaked beans, black dates and blanched ribs into the boiling water, bring back to a boil. Lower heat and boil for 3 hours.
4. Put in wolfberries, boil for 10 minutes and season with salt.


  1. testing! posted long comment but it gone missing.

  2. it seem ok now. Here is my comment: This is how i usually cook this soup, very nutritious soup. About kek lapis, I was using Teka oven and set to grill function (only brown the top part ).

  3. Lian,

    Did you use the put water beneath it? As large ovens tend to have bottom browning problem even if only the grill is used.

  4. i never had this before. is this for confinement mothers normally? ' hey, when is your baby due?

  5. lena,
    I think this is suitable for confinement too hoh, I'll label that as well, thanks for the idea.
    I'm due early June.


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