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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Finale and..... I won it?

I won it??? Seriously, I'm still trying to suck it in.

Swee San and I forcasted so many things.... and when I arrived early at site, I saw, so many dessert prone ingredients. It wasn't a pressure test, it's an invention test again, but with limited ingredients to choose from.
The "black box" was small, as small like a sliced cake box. I quickly called Swee San, "Eh, looks like fritatta ingredients la, with mushrooms, eggs, cilantro, tomato and maybe another soup, cos got bauguette and canapes. could be pancakes too, as there are honey, chocolate chips and flour. Cupcake liners are provided too! Swee San quickly guessed, in the box could be a fruit, since it's so small, and there are dessert ingredients provided!

I quickly thought hmm... do a pancake, then maybe make a compote, stack it high, that sort of stuff. Or if make appetizer, bruschetta or soup, I'll be fine with it.

Then, came the time to open up the box.


Swee San was so right. It was a fruit in the box indeed. But we never could've guessed it's not a sweet fruit like AVOCADO.

Gosh! What can I do with it? It's the core ingredient and it must be prominent. I've only made salads with sliced ones, drinks with blended ones and the weirdest was as a pasta sauce. But, there's no pasta today!!!!

Immediately I thought of a salad I once did (not posted yet), with pancakes made noodle like and there's mushrooms and vege in it, exactly everything was provided today, except I won't be dressing it with walnut oil, but avocado cream. Ok, I'll make that. We were then told to pick up only 10 ingredients from the provided stuff.. I took flour, eggs, cilantro, mushrooms, onion, tomato, lime, packaged salad mix, butter and milk.Exactly the 10 that I'll need.

Fried the pancake, sauteed the mushrooms, sliced the pancakes and made the cream. Started plating and I laid the avocado cream on it. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  A bad feeling suddenly surged and it seemed so familiar. Dejavu.......Oops, I've did it again. Just like how I felt when I did my Malay language paper back when I was 17 for a national level examination. Exactly the same feeling. I asked myself, "What am I doing now?". This feeling of uncertainty just came... and it got all over me. I just finished up the dish and gave a big sigh. Just die, and die with dignity, at least I completed it. (Chinese likes to use the word "die" as a figure of speech for something bad that has happened or will happen, not literally meaning death)

If I were to tell you how come I'd feel this way. I don't know, I wasn't sure of the combination of flavours that I did. They were great as individual items, flavours well balanced, netiher too salty or too much of anything, just very well balanced and pretty tasty on its own. But when they are combined.. I'm not too sure. Not sure at all. Some things are pretty much better on its own than to be wrongly paired, then that could spell disaster.

Worse, when I completed it.. I recieved comments saying that they actually thought I'd stack up all the crepes I made, and fill them with layers like a mille crepe. Ya hoh, why didn't I think of that. Why? Why didn't I make it look more presentable, instead now it looked like a pile of mess. Why?

I looked around......... everybody's creation looked so presentable, and mine was a pile of duunowot. My friend said, mine is fine, and she asked me, can win or not, I told her, nope. I've flunked big time this time. I told her, I will only win, if everybody else has oversalted or has wrongly seasoned their stuff, simply because I'm sure my seasonings were well balanced. Presentation and flavour combination..... I'm very negative about it.

When the time came, I went to present my dish, Chef Kerlley was the first to say, "Very colourful". Then I thought, eh, isn't it a pile of mess?
Then one by one, the judges took a bit of the pancake ribbons and dipped it in the avocado cream, and they took seconds and thirds. I was like, "Uh, that nice meh?".
Finally the comments came. (watch it in the video below)

My eyes went bigger and bigger with each comment. Almost wanted to burst with tears as I never, never expected such good response from them. I thought I flopped big time. The biggest pat on the back was when Chef Kerlley told me to leave the plate on their table so that they can continue to eat it. Did my plate stay on the judges table? LOL, the emcee said it'll be better to let everybody taste how good it is. And then so many came asking me whether they can try my dish. In a matter of minutes, my dish was sweeped clean, everybody told me it's delicious. My buddy told me, the best was indeed the avocado cream, if only I piled on more of that. She told me usually it doesn't taste that good as avocadoes can be bland, but my avocado cream has a burst of flavour and she told me, it felt so refreshing, as if she's walking in a garden. Swee San also said the lime added a refreshing taste to the cream.

Well, at least now I can take a breather... phew! Not that bad, still can straighten my neck a bit, don't need to hang that low. But will that be good enough to make me win it, I doubt it, truly doubt it. I still don't think it's that good.

The skills test was chopping onions and.. hahaha.. 6 out of 10 contestants cut their thumbs with the docile looking ceramic knife. Cutting vertically wasn't the problem, but we were requested to chop the onions exactly the same way it was demonstrated. And when we made horizontal incisions, that's when the 6 of us got a bandage on out thumbs. I did quite well, but got some skin in it, LOL. When I was peeling the last onion, I was literally scratching it off because it was so hard to get off, so bits of the skin flew into my chopped pile. Judges commented, texture was fine and good, but got skin, LOL. Ok ok... still not bad.

When they announced the winner, I was like "Huh, really me?" Okay...

There wasn't any camera man that day.. so, it won't be broadcasted anywhere..but...... I had a camera woman! And she's Swee San. See the video below. All credits to Swee San for taking the pics and preparing the video. Thanks girl!!! She recorded the judges comments. Hear it for yourself.

Video prepared by Swee San the Great

It's sweet to have my good buddies around, Wai Wai and Swee San

I was smiling..but after all the hoohah.. I was still asking myself, is it that good?
And up til today, I'm still thinking of ways I should've done instead.... Avocado Stuffed French Toast, Avocado buttercream cake (yes, with my sponge pancake method right on the pan) or maybe do mini cakes with it.

I'm not jumping with joy unlike how it felt during the semi finals, because I just don't feel like a winner inside as the dish itself didn't win my heart the cook herself. Sad, but true.


  1. Wendy, congratulation to you. Feel so happy for you. Thumbs up!

  2. Wah!!!!!! so happy for you! Congrats! You do us proud babe!

  3. Congratulations! The main thing is you have done well. You should be proud of yourself.. :)

  4. Blessing in disguise?

    and the final saying could be ..... it all comes down to taste (and the use of the main ingredient)

    Competition stress always messes with the mind, we thought of so so so many things but once you're in it, u'd be blank and 'die die die'.. Anyway, so what u gonna do with the induction.. hahahah

  5. A Big CONGRATULATION ! I knew you could do it and I was right! :)

  6. wendy, congrats!!! you deserve it~ yes, it is true...happy for you!!

  7. Wendy congrat.I have a feeling from the beginning that you will win this..

  8. Congratulations~~
    u really "geng" ^^

  9. Congratulation Masterchef! You are so creative and you definitely deserve to win!

  10. Wendy, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!! The stress is over and the winner is you.

  11. Congratulations to you.. Masterchef Wendy!!

    Well deserve for all the effort and thoughts you put into it. Even if you dont think your dish is the one but others did!! XD

  12. Congratulations, Wendy!! I wanna try your dish too!!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU !!!SO Happy for you :)

  14. WOW CONGRATS Wendy! i knew you you'd win it! :)

  15. Congratulation. I know you can make it..(:

  16. Congratulations, feel proud with you!

  17. Congratulations Wendy!! so proud of you, at very beginning i already know you will made it!

  18. All this while I secretly read your blogs. But this time I can't hold it anymore.

    Congratulations Wendy!!! You deserved to win...don't second doubt yourself k? Never been happier for you...Congrats again!

  19. congrats Wendy..u did superb! thanks to your friend, swee san for taking the video too. at least people like me in KK (Kota Kinabalu) gets a glimpse of your winning!!!!!

  20. Ahhhhhh Congratulations!!!! I have been following the right blog!!!

    WELL DONE WELL DONE!!!! So happy for you!!!

    Sorry for being silent for so long but i'm still here following this blog faithfully! :D

    CONGRATS!!!! :)

    Heee.. I know a Masterchef! :)

  21. Congratulations ! At last you did it ! I am proud of you !

  22. Congratulation Wendyy..
    btw..I am really sure that u'll win it..Cayalah..!!!

  23. Congratss Wendy!! Share the avocado cream recipe will you? he he feel like to try it myself..Im drooling over it..

  24. congratulations!

    This is the first time i leave a comment here. But it's not the first time i read your blog. I have been following you for quite some time. I wish to tell you that, Table for 2... or more is always my favourite blog, it's true!

    Ivy from Qatar

  25. Yay!Yay! dancing on trotters....CONGRATS !!! you made it ! Went come to Ipoh must give me and Lena a treat ! simply becoz we were your pom pom gals :p Well must share the recipe with your reader !!!

  26. Wendy,

    My most heartfelt congrates to you on your success to rise to the ocassion. :-)

    So... after each judge pinching 3 pieces of the avocado cream dipped pancake ribbons (still longing for more, more, more ;-) )... what were the fellow judges' comments jek? ;-) Care to share with your fans?

    Would wait patiently for the post on your magical, refreshing avocado cream dip's recipe.

    Once again a BIG congrates Masterchef Wendy. :-)

    Warm regards,

  27. Yeahhh!!!! actually i asked my my friend to watch ur live show since she's been there that day. she sms me and said 'yip wan yee'won. haa??? i said, not wendy? u go and ask what is the winner blog address. she go againand ask (i dunno who)..hehehe...wendysomething..something...whoaaa....big smile on my face....congrats!!

  28. awesome awesome AWESOME!
    a pile of mess mean rustic! you're presentation look rustic and eatable to me. i can see the avocados n look so guacamole to me too. this dish is so you coz you always style your dish this way!

    woohooo 3K rich...well done! now you have your very own masterchef hat, so meaningful <3


  29. Congratulations to you Wendy! You really set very high standard for yourself...I would be jumping for joy!

  30. Congrate! been following ur blog & is hooked.U're very creative&deserved d title Masterchef,yah!!!!:)

  31. Congratulations Wendy. Good job and well done.


  32. CONGRATZ!!

    Better file that recipe for copyright quickly! :-D

  33. congratulation again wendy! :)

  34. Congratulation! :) Keep up the great cooking and do continue to share more yummy recipes with us. Hooray....

  35. Wendy,

    Must congratulations to u 1st.Meanwhile waiting for your recipe....hehe...hope u don't mind. How u celebrate with your husband?


  36. Wendy,
    Congrats,very happy for you, and thanks for
    sharing the wonderful recipes and useful tips in baking and cooking with us.

  37. CONGRATZ!!! :DD
    your recipes are amazing, you totally deserve it!

  38. Congratulations, Wendy!! Really happy for you. You truly deserve to win, no doubt about that!

  39. Congratulations, Wendy. You should go for the real MasterChef now!

  40. I was just wondering what happened to the finals yesterday and I can't believe you won! Congrats really! You so deserve to win! If only you could spare the time for the real masterchef I know you'll win as well.

    Although in your heart you don't feel good, this might just be an instance of you having too high expectations of yourself? I think you should make your recipe again and try it to convince urself ;p And let us know the winning recipe!

    Congrats once again!

  41. Congrats, Wendy. I knew you could do it.

    Have tried to comment in other post the other day but the comments never came out.

    Once again, congrats. You should be proud of yourself.

  42. Congrats Wendy! Really proud of you!

  43. congratulations!! really well deserved!! we are all so proud of you!! come to ipoh, me and elin will be doing another round of pom pom dance for you!!

  44. wendy yeay! soo sooo soooo happy for you!

  45. congrats, wanyee!! ^__^ you were amazing!

  46. Hi Wendy,
    Congratulations :)


  47. Congratulations! Master Chef Wendy!



  49. Wow thumbs up....Bravo... well done... Congrats


    Well done Wendy! Knew you can do it.


  51. Congratulations! Win or not win, you are the best!! Even I never try your special dish that day, but indeed it looked colourful and tempting! It never appear in a mess to me..:) really looks good!!!

  52. Congrats Wendy!!! You have made it!!! :)

  53. Congratulations Mastchef Wendy!!!! Well done. I totally expected that you will win :)

  54. Congratulations and 2 thumbs up! Feel so happy for you!

  55. Like I said over @ ur fb page, I knew you'd win it. I could feel it, heh! Congrats again

  56. Masterchef Wendy, yay we're proud of you!

  57. Congrats Wendy!!


  58. Congrats, Wendy! I'm proud of you :)

  59. How fantastic! You totally deserved the win! Well done! Congrats all round. And the dish looks delish and not a pile of mess. :)

  60. TAHNIAH WENDY!!!!!



  61. Hey Wendy, first I want to say congrats for be the first master chef blogger! Super happy for you ya! Secondly, I hear what you said about what if or what might about your winning dish. I guess the judges felt your dish is the best among the rest (did u taste the other contesant's dishes?) so just be happy it helped you get the trophy. Don't second guess your own cooking la, it's good enough to be the blogger masterchef! Hats off to you. :)

  62. u make smile, u make me very proud, u deserve it girl, congrats

  63. I've been a silent reader all along and I don't know you personally, but I felt so happy when I found out you won!
    Congratulations and please continue to blog about all your awesome recipes :D

  64. You must be good as if this isnt your best and you won. so dont beat yourself up... Now you will have to defend your title next year.

  65. Congrats! That's great you had a camera woman to capture everything!

  66. Congratulations!! You are the best and will always be. SM

  67. OMG, Congratulation WENDY. Since the beginning i found n read ur blog, i know that u r OUTSTANDING n VERY GOOD. The way u tell all the cooking method. Fryng Chips. Cooking CKT, etc. Love the way u open all the tecnique. Like a pro in Housewife cover ^^. n Indeed ur recipe is always delicious. i already try so many n no one is fail :D.

    Again, Congratulation.

    Chuany - Indonesia.

  68. so happy for you congratation ......

  69. Congratulations to Masterchef Wendy!!
    So happy to hear that you won it....
    You not only a good wife and good mother,you also a good chef.....
    Well done..........

  70. Oh wow!!! Congrats Wendy! Must have been such a great day for you! :D

  71. YEA!!! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you, but I think you totally deserve it!! You're absolutely amazing!! I missed your blog while I was away, so much reading to catch up on! =)

  72. You are one of my favourite blogs and I really enjoy reading it and I am so glad that you won. Well, right from the start, I just had the gut feeling that you will definitely win. And I was right!! Congrats!!!


  73. Congratulation, so happy for you. You are really my idol :)


  74. CONGRATULATION! GREAT NICE JOB! been unable to follow your blog for the pass few week. Open up today and saw this! WOW WOW!

    Alice From Singapore.

  75. Congrats Wendy! You truly deserve to win! You're so spontaneous! All your creations looked so good! Congrats congrats again! :)

  76. Congrats, Wendy! I enjoyed reading your creations on your blog and know instinctively that you have a gift in cooking & baking :)


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