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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thai Mango Rice Sushi - Mango Week # 2

I've eaten this once at a Thai food stall, not in Thailand but in Summit Subang Jaya. Sometimes there are Thai fairs and I love to go there for their food.

I made them in sushi form. Cute? LOL.

Remember few months back I said the weather was weird with durians in April? (not refering to durians from anywhere, but local durians. Our family only consumes durian grown few kilometers from town) I'm glad this year it's better. There was an obvious 3 months of drought, from May right up to August.. It was pretty hot right?
And it was this drought that will give us bumper harvest of Mango soon. And for that I mean local Malaysian Mangoes.

BTW, I'm seeing rambutan fruiting everywhere now in the Malay villages.

Thai Mango Rice Sushi
Recipe source: Wendyywy

Mango, as much or little as you like.
200gm glutinous rice (sweet sticky rice)
Enough water to cover
65ml undiluted coconut milk
1 tsp sugar
¼ tsp salt

1. Soak rice with water for 1 hour, minimum.
2. Put rice in a microwavable vessel with lid or just cover with cling film. Zap on high for 3 mins. Rest for 5 and zap on high for another 3, rest for 5 mins.
3. Meanwhile, mix coconut milk with sugar and salt. Set aside.
4. Zap on high for another 2 minutes and remove from microwave.
5. Pour coconut milk over rice and immediately stir rice so that the milk will cover each grain of rice.
6. Replace lid and let rice sit for 30 minutes.
7. Serve rice with coconut milk sauce and mango.

Coconut Milk Sauce
100ml pandan infusion (boil ½ cup water on low heat with some pandan leaves for 10 minutes, and measure out 100ml)
150ml undiluted coconut milk
2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp cornstarch
Small pinch of salt

1. Combine everything and cook on medium low heat while stirring slowly.
2. When bubbles start to appear on the sides of pot and the mixture seems to start thickening, turn off the heat. If the gravy is overcooked, the coconut milk might split and no longer taste freshly coconutty.
3. Let the gravy cool down. It will thicken further when it cools down. Thickens even more when chilled.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful recipe! May I ask, what alternative method can be used to cook the glutinous rice if one does not have microwave oven?


  2. It does look delicious being as a dessert. Wonder whether my family would loves this combination together. Never know if I don't try it out, right?

  3. Traditional Thai mango stick rice in sushi form? Wow, creative!

    And congrats for making to MasterChef semi-final. Am looking forward to more posting about your experience with MasterChef!

  4. oh, can imaging this sushi going down my throat ...smooth!

    yes, I'm having the same problem as you the comment just disappeared, even on my own blog :<

  5. yeah, this is cute in sushi form...haha
    frankly, i never try this before, should be very interesting combination i think...

  6. this is so clever! it makes eating so much easier, just pop into the mouth!

  7. It a great idea to make this into sushi style. Drooling over this yummy teats already lah! ;p

  8. Yummy Mango Sushi...You are very so creative.

  9. Hi Wendy,

    Looks so yummy.

    Where did you learn to bake, cook and decorate cakes and other wonderful dishes?

    Did you attend courses?


  10. Mel,
    it's a popular Thai dessert, a pretty common combo for the Thais


    Ah Tze,
    Have to bite la, cannot swallow like that, Can cekik mati. LOL

  11. sherleen,
    the combo isn't something new, just the form is :)

    haha, yeah!

    happy flour,
    haha, hope u had a nice time drooling, LOL

    if more creative, can use other fruits too, i think to make it colourful , :)

  12. Jes,
    Thanks, i saw that in FB


    you can read about my background in "ABOUT"

  13. Congrats Wendy, I'm sure you will enter into final and be the 1st Blogger masterchef!

  14. wendy, this is a brilliant idea..ohh how hungry i am every time i open your blog to read every recipe you made...hmmm yum yum~

  15. So creative! And congrats to making into the semis!!!

  16. Congrats and good luck! I was in the semi's last week. Not as easy as I thought - so be brave and good luck once again!

  17. i was thinking making a sushi roll for my kuih too. will go over to fb later tonite!

  18. We just had sushi a few nights ago! Congrats on going on to the semi finals.

  19. Hey, this is special. have not tried this before.

  20. i've made this before in thailand, but love your twist on making it look like sushi! congrats on getting into the semis!

  21. That's great creation! I like to eat Thai food very much but no idea how to cook them. Do you have any PadThai stir fry noodle recipe?

  22. Congrats !!!! sure can :) All the best this coming weekend. I love your 'mango sushi' great idea to serve your thai mango rice this way...refreshing!

  23. Congrats Wendy. Brilliant mango sushi idea. :)

  24. Hi Wendy, delicious mango rice. Lovely presentation too.

    P/S I had edited my post on Baked Binka Ubi and link you to my posting. Sincerely apologize for the mistake. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Very creative 'sushi'. Already support you via f
    FB. Good luck!

  26. Wendy,

    When I saw this post, I knew immediately that I had to try and make it cos I love this dessert! And making it into a sushi is such a creative idea. My friends were very impressed when I posted a pic of what I made on Facebook. Few of my friends wanted to attempt it and I have directed them to yr blog post.

    I tink I've said it numerous times already but still, all the best for the Blogger Masterchef!

  27. soo cute and creative!! I love these! If I didn't read the title, I would've thought, what type of fish is this yellow fish!!


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