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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Steamed Cassava and Sago Kuih - Kuih Week # 2

Recipe prepared in September 2010
It’s weird, I can’t find this version online.

I tried to recreate this from a kuih vendor in Kampar. This version of a lower cassava layer and a upper sago layer is common in Kampar, Ipoh and Taiping.

And instead of grating the cassava this time, I used the blender. Haha. Talk about being lazy. And it works just as well.
The height of this kuih is about 1.5 inches, but when it was fresh out from the steamer, it was about 2 inches. So, please do not use the shallow pans to steam this.

Steamed Cassava and Sago Kuih
Recipe source: Wendyywy

500gm peeled cassava
150ml water
100ml thick coconut milk
2 Tbsp tapioca starch
100gm sugar

150gm sago pearls (tapioca pearls)
100gm sugar
250ml water
375 ml pandan juice (375ml water blended with five 1ft long pandan leaves)
100gm freshly grated coconut

1. Cut peeled cassava into small pieces, and put into the blender, together with sugar, starch, water and coconut milk. Whiz until fine.
2. Cook cassava paste in a pan until slightly thickened, you will no longer see “liquid”. Pour thickened paste into a greased 9 inch square or round pan. Level cassava paste.
3. Prepare steamer and bring water to boil.
4. While waiting for the steamer to be ready, in a saucepan, bring water to a boil. Put in sago pearls and sugar, when the mixture seems to have thickened slightly, put in pandan juice and bring to a boil over medium heat. (during this time,if water in steamer has boiled, put in cassava mixture and steam on high heat for 15 minutes).
5. Continue to cook sago on low heat, stirring all the time until the mixture has no visible “liquid” and the pearls seem half cooked, the whole thing should still look soupy, but thick. Mix in grated coconut.
6. Gently pour sago over steamed cassava layer. (check steamer’s water level!!!! Add water if necessary)
7. Cover with lid and steam on high heat for another 20 minutes.
8. Remove from lid from steamer immediately to prevent water from lid condensing and falling onto the kuih.
9. Cool completely before cutting.

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  1. I love cassava and so does sago. I know I'm gonna loves this kuih lots and lots!

  2. WoW....resepi best dan menarik ni Wendy....lapisan ubi ngan sagu biji...mesti sedap ni kan...kak cek nak try la nanti...tq kongsi2 resepi...:D

  3. Yummmmm, these looked so good! Must make this one weekend. Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

  4. love this kuih very much!!! it's hard to get really delicious ones nowadays due to the replacement of cassava with some flour or starch. gonna make this soon! thanks for the recipe sharing ;)

  5. Indeed not seen this before. But I think the sago and cassava combo is very yummy. Chewy chewy ya...

  6. I love sago very much and would like to try this kuih out.

  7. What a great opportunity to clear off those backlog postings! Shortlist this recipe as my dad loves anything cassava. But it's not easy to get fresh ones in my neighborhood.

  8. Have not try this kuih before, it looks delicious with the sago on top.

  9. MasterChef Wendy....I love this kuih...I want to make this la. Drooling now. Looks better than those sold at the kuih vendor :) Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I shall attempt making it one weekend :)

  10. i was in Fong Kitchen's journal before this and was reading your comment, "talking abt moon and stars"" haha! so where are your moon and stars today? LOL!! anyway no moon and satrs also, enjoyed reading your post and looking at your beautiful pictures!! this is a nice kuih, i like it!

  11. Love the color combo..home-made so much better than those overly colored ones sold outside.

  12. Yummy bakes,

    I know u'll do

    cik cek,
    try, jangan tak try, huhuhuhu

    hope u like it

    still need some starch, ifnot will not be smooth

    so, it's true it's not found elsewhere.. lol, thanks for telling

    hope u like this

  13. BH,
    it's even harder to get yellow ones, i think

    are u from perak too?

    Ah Tze,
    try making this, then you can try eating it

    Aiyor don't call me like that la. LOL.
    one weekend that shall be

    Yawoh, lately I "kim tou kim tou", better don't be too cheong hei. LOL.
    No la, I don't have stories to tell regarding this. LOL.

    yawoh, those sold outside can sometimes be really scary

  14. Love your tapioca kuih, look so delicious!

  15. 鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝,
    Yu guo lei yau farn lai yee pou, gei dak kong ngo dei jee, dai gah chut lai yam bui char, sek gor bao. LOL.

    Happy flour.
    try this combo, maybe you'll like it

  16. Wanyee I still remember you use to bring your sago kuih to class in standard six was it? And you were like experimenting a lot on it! This post reminded me of them!

  17. Siew Ping,
    LOL.. that was tooooo far back.
    It was in Form 2, FF 2 years ahead.
    I learnt making "toothless delight" from Aunty Siew Wah, Miss Wong's aunt in IMYF.
    The recipe of Toothless Delight is in my blog.

  18. 哈哈,我年尾有回来呢,我住BERCHAM那里:)

  19. Wendy, this is one of my favorite Thai dessert. Never miss it when I go to Bangkok. Like I said, I have a phobia making kuih...Your photos are very motivating so now, I got to think hard how to lift up that one food again! hehe

  20. quay Po,
    oh I never knew this is Thai, I tot this is a nyonya kuih.

  21. Hai Wendy....
    Kak Cek dah try kuih ni...memang sedap...dan sume org pun sukakan rasanya yg lemak2 manis...cuma so sorry ya...kak cek ada modified sikit resepi ni...dan lagi...dalam resepi wendy tidak dinyatakan bila nak masukkan kelapa parut kak cek campurkan je masa kak cek kacau lapisan sago biji tu...maaf lagi sekali kalau cara kak cek ni silap....keliru jugak pada awalnya....kuih ni mkn ngan kelapa parut tu ke @ kelapa parut dicampur ngan sago biji...akhirnya kak cek decide campur ngan sago biji...maaf lagi sekali ya Wendy...ape2 pun thanks for sharing this nice recipe....

  22. cik cek,
    Tengkiu banyak banyak memberitahu kesilapan saya.
    I dah betulkan resipi tu.
    Adakala banyak sangat nak tulis sampai otak pun jadi bingung.. LOL.
    Glad you liked it :)

  23. Hai Wendy

    Che CT ada ternampak resepi dalam blog cik cek, sangat sedap. Nanti nak try juga resepi you ni. Thanks wendy sharing this recipe :)

  24. Hi Wendy ,
    Hope u don't think I'm spamming u. Dunno whether earlier comments posted or not cos cos after I pressed " publish" - the page just got stucked! I'm just wondering why my cassava layer is white, not the nice yellow like urs and cik cek - did u use the yellow type of cassava? I'm using the frozen type - when I make bingka ubi , the color is yellow - mebbe cos of the eggs n butter? So i was surprised tht its white now! But nevertheless taste awesome! Thks for sharing ur recipe! :)


  25. Susanna,
    There are few types of cassava.
    White ones comes in sweet and bitter variety. The bitter ones are not suitable for direct consumption and are used to derive starch.
    There are yellow ones, looks like pale butter when raw, intensifies when cooked.
    So, it depends on which type you bought, white or yellow.

  26. Hi Wendy ,
    Thks for the helpful info! :)

    Silly old me - I thought after cooking, will turn into nice yellow color! Now, I know better - must buy the frozen YELLOW cassava next time! In Australia - the grated cassava is the White type. The YELLOW cassava is sold in big chunks - so must do more work ie blend but I'm sure taste / appearance will be so much better - will worth the extra effort!


  27. Hi wendy....

    Planning to do this tomorrow evening..n keep it in fridge n consume the next day morning..Is it ok?
    I will be doing this for a function...Thanks..


  28. Anuradha,
    Keeping it at room temperature will be a better choice if you're consuming it in the morning.
    If not the tapioca might turn hard in the fridge.

  29. Hi Wendy, if i don't have grated coconut....can i just omit it from the sago or can i use a dash of coconut milk instead? Thanks!

  30. Tania,
    Sweetened coconut flakes or dessicated coconut will work just as well. Use about a handful, as they are dry and won't weigh the same.
    But if you prefer it with coconut milk, you can use 50 ml coconut milk with 350ml pandan juice.

  31. Hi Wendy, thanks for the recipe. My kueh turn out really 👍


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