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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prawns on Lemongrass and Caramelized Pineapple with Lime

Ever eaten Prawns on sugarcane? It's a popular Vietnamese snack.
This dish is a twist from the original version changing the sugarcane to lemongrass.
So, if you ever had lots of sugarcane from Chinese New Year, you can try making these with sugarcane instead.

I love lime with pineapple. Normally I don't eat pineapples except in bakes and with it caramelized it's just super. Lime somehow enhances the flavour of pineapple to become something I find hard to describe. It's so tropical that serving these with the lemongrass prawns will be perfect. Initially I wanted to put each prawn stick into each ring, but I could only manage to make 2 rings. So, make do la. The judges almost didn't taste the pineapple but I told them to try it because I spent so much time preparing it. But Chef Ryan ate the pineapple first instead of the prawn. They all said very nice too :)

If you look at the way I fried the prawn sticks, I fried them over a banana leaf. Weird right? I wanted to give it a smokey feel, like how grilled fish will smell like. That was my intention. It did smell so good.

Prawns on Lemongrass Recipe
Recipe source: Wendyywy

250gm prawns
1 tsp finely chopped red chilli
1 tsp fnely chopped shallot
1 clove garlic, finely grated
1 Tbsp finely sliced green onion
1/3 tsp salt
3/4 tsp sugar
1 heaped tsp cornstarch
Dash of fish sauce
Few sticks of lemongrass, I used 4
1 egg
2 Tbsp cornstarch for dusting

1. Peel and devein prawns. Bash up prawns with the side of cleaver until it looks pasty.
2. Mix with everything else except lemongrass, egg and the cornstarch for dusting.
3. Clean lemongrass and lightly bash up the base to release flavour
4. Divide prawn paste according to amount of lemongrass.
5. Wrap the base of each lemongrass with prawn paste, it will look like drumsticks.
6. Heat a pan and put in sufficient amount of all, about 1cm tall for some decent pan frying. Put in a piece of banana leaf.
7. Coat the prawn paste with beaten egg and roll in cornstarch.
8. Fry the prawn sticks on top of the banana leaf until golden.
9. Drizzle with spicy lime dressing and serve hot.

Spicy Lime Dressing
1 lime, zested
1 tsp lime juice
1 tsp fish sauce
1 Tbsp Thai Sweet chilli sauce
2 bird's eye chilli
1 tsp finely chopped shallot
1 clove garlic, finely grated
1 tsp sugar (or more)
Some vinegar or more lime juice to adjust the acidity

Just mix everything together and taste. It should be well balanced, limey, sweet, and spicy. Adjust the taste as needed.

Caramelized Pineapple with Lime.
Recipe source: Wendyywy

Few fresh pineapple rings
Some butter
some lime juice
some sugar

Fry pineaaple rings with butter until both sides look golden. Add in sugar and continue to fry until caramelized. Sprinkle with lime juice and dish up.


  1. You don't need to bother what others criticism ranting about you. I know you are a positive mind person. Thanks for this recipe. Must be real delicious. I've bookmarked this already.

  2. To justify, since I was there at the competition as a guest, it was really shocking to see the little fingers snatching food from the plate even before it hits the table; like beggars. If kids of young age (they look like they're in primary school) don't know simple table manner, I don't know what they will turn out to be when they're 21. One could say that the kids are hungry already since it's past lunch time and just let them eat... It's just not the matter of letting them eat or not, it's a matter of manners.

    Furthermore, they were all over the stove when the chef was showing how to cook Poached eggs.. I'm curious to see how it's made too, but because I'm only a guest, I didn't want to stand in any of the contestants' way..

    Anyway, I hope the finalists are cooking in an area where guests / family / children aren't allowed in so we don't run into them otherwise we'll all be in big trouble!!

  3. Mel,
    Don't skip the dressing, it's the thing that completes it.

    Swee San,

  4. congrats dear... boleh ikut tak?? hehehe

  5. anyways.. why don't u show us how to make dumpling... can tak?

  6. This recipe is nice, would love to try it out. But can I replace the lemongrass with something else? Scare my picky kids don't appreciate lemongrass.

  7. Nur Misnan,
    ikut? ikut gi finals?
    Jom Datang! Information kat fan page FB ku.
    dumpling yang camane?
    Banyak dumpling ler.. tapi I dah ada beberapa dalam draft belum post.

  8. yvonne,
    sugarcane? that's the original method.
    the lemongrass not much smell, but nice like a drumstick

  9. Yummmyyyyy....mesti sedap ni kan....tak sabar2 nak tgk Wendy dalam Master Chef....glamour uuuu...:D

  10. love your attitude :D and hopefully the people who should read your blog reads it and makes improvements to the finals :D it's appalling to see the photo of the bare workspace and know that it's part of the master chef publicity :/

  11. I have never had anything like that...those prawns look really delectable.

  12. Hi wendy..

    saya setuju sangat dengan anda tentang akhlak anak-anak..ya, saya ada baca semalam dan sentiasa rasa kesal kerana kebanyakan ibubapa memandang remeh tentang soal peradaban ini.

    Saya cukup tidak setuju dan rasa menyampah bila ada ibubapa yang dengan mudah menyebut "biasalah budak-budak...". apa sebenarnya yang bermain dalm fikiran mereka? saya percaya mereka semuanya tahu bahawa anak2 pada hari ini adalah aset mereka dan juga negara pada masa depan, kalau hari ini mereka tidak dididik dengan baik, dapatkah mereka menjadi lebih baik pada masa depan? dan peranan mereka seterusnya utk generasi mereka sendiri...sungguh memalukan...ada ibubapa yang mudah melenting bila anak2 mereka ditegur walhal mereka tahu anak2 mereka berkelakuan yang tidak sepertinya.

    kes semalam saya percaya ibu kanak2 berkenaan dapat menerima, yang mmburukkan keadaan ialah bila banyak sangat "nasi tambah" dan "nasi campur" dari kawan2 yang lain. Bagi saya, kawan yang baik ialah yang sama2 berani menegur dan membetulkan, bukannya menghentam anda membuta tuli. Kesian mereka.

    apapun saya harap anda usah pedulikan ulat2 tu semua, teruskan usaha hingga berjaya dan saya bangga bila anda bukan saja hebat di dapur bahkan hebat sebagai seorang ibu kepada anak2 yg baik. Tidak ada manusia yg sempurna tapi mencari kesempurnaan itu sangat dituntut oleh semua fahaman agama. Tahniah utk suami anda juga.

    Semoga berjya Wendy. I follow...

  13. cik cek,
    thanks.. datangla kat SACC

    Sigh, yeah do hope for the better

    Thanks, all bashed up

    Anon yang rasanya Semifinalist?
    Terima kasih atas kefahaman anda. Oh, ibunya? Saya memang tak taula siapalah parents bebudaktu semua.
    Anak2 saya bukanlah baik sangat jugak, tapi jadi parents kena peka dengan perangai diaorang masa kecil supaya boleh diperbaiki untuk masa depan. Chinese selalu percaya umur 3 tetap sampai 80. Kalau masa kecik macam tu, dah besar, dah tua pun macam tu.
    Terima kasih ye. Ada datang sabtu nie?

  14. hehehee...saya tak pandai memasak dan taklayak pun nak join you all semua, hanya seorang "pembaca senyap" blog anda...

    dan meminati anda dari jauh jer...sekali lagi semoga anda terus majujaya dan tidak mudah berputus asa ya...all the best to you Wendy...

    btw tetap setuju dgn pendapat dan pandangan anda. Kalau ianya betul, mengapa perlu dinafikan walaupun kita berbeza ugama, bangsa dan budaya...biar anak2 menangis pada hari ini dari kita menangis di hari esok, kan?


  15. Wendy, dont be bothered with those insane people out there. you were only recommending ideas for improvements which is just like constructive critism. those ppl out there need not get worked up.

    those no manners kids and their parents shd be banned from entering the finals.
    sigh, actually the organizer should have a guard checking on people and make sure no kids are allowed inside there.


  16. melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya,

    true true...

  17. You are so correct!! These parents are the cause of social ills.. I am glad you stood up and tell them off.

    And your food looks very yumms! I am very sure it is...

  18. congrats on being a fellow finalist :)

    to comment on those kids, fully agreed that they should not even be there, let alone laying their fingers on our food! this is a kitchen with heat and knives around and whos going to be responsible when these kids get hurt? leave them with a friend, relative or nanny for crying out loud! they do not belong in the kitchen!and these parents should be shot as well! where are their manners and wouldnt they want their kids to turn out at least adequately well in the future? These people are the roots of all evil if you ask me...

    On the kitchen utensils, expect more mayhem during the finals i guess, as there will be no spares or emergency backups i can forsee...well at least there's a Giant in SACC lol...

    See you and best of luck this Saturday! :)

  19. Joanne,
    I bet out moms will lash out at us if we ever did that right?

    Food so delicious,
    It's the men.. not women, funny right? I only responded here in this blog, no point arguing with those m****ns.

    Did that happen in the 1st semis?
    LOL, you are more brutal than I am. I won't shoot them, save my butt from jail. LOL.

  20. not much kids during the first semis but there were a power failure when we were cooking though :/

    Shoot them with bb guns, no real bullets...figure of speech la lol

  21. There are some really strange people around. I really can't be bothered with them... Wow, so you participated in Masterchef M'sia! Which stage are you at now? Hope you make it all the way!

  22. You wrote it well, Wendy. Organisers should be more strict to adhering to their own terms and conditions.

    Yummy skewers, will try the pineapple and lime combi.

  23. James, it

    No, not the real masterchef, just Bloggers version.

  24. Choo,
    The lime adds some nuttiness to the pineapple, weird, but nice,

  25. Salute for the post Wendy!

    Now I m sure it makes you even more determined to win this and shut off some ppl who dont even have the decency to leave what they said after they have been discovered.

    Best of Luck!!

  26. My mom always said how we behave reflects them as a parents. Like you she even told our teachers to rotan us if we misbehave in school. Siapa makan chili dia rasa pedas. That person who wrote on FB must be the parents of the budak budak. They should not be in the competition area anyway. I actually blame it on the organizer. How come there is no divider or something to block out the competition area? Good Luck on Saturday. Show them what you can do and take the title :)

  27. Wendy,

    Only now I have time to sit down and drop a comment in your blog. Life has been pretty hectic for me for the past few days.

    Anyway, firstly I wanna say CONGRATS and I was super excited when I read that u r going to join this competition. Wow. Really amazing. But even b4 u blogged about the semi-finals, i know u surely will make it through. Haha. Im not trying to bodek u. Just that I know u r one of those blogger who really knows how to cook/bake, someone who really knows her stuff. Not like me! So that's y u wont ever catch me entering the competition. I will surely flunk it! ;)

    Anyway, congrats again and i sure hope u win! :)
    Good luck!


  28. did the organisers ask for feedback after the competition last week? they should. I dont see there's anything wrong voicing out your dissatisfaction on your blog, it's your blog anyway..isnt this a ""bloggers"" event too?, okay, maybe some may find you sound so critical, i guess everyone has their own thinking and looking at things..just let them be. Have a good rest! btw, how did you zest the lime without any grater?

  29. Hi wendy... Sigh.. Why blogger got no "like" button wan?
    I wanna like your post..

    I was browsing thru some decorating class and i found a centre stating "strictly no kids allowed", in bold. Its really really dangerous for kids roaming in the kitchen. Thats why i never allow kids to be in my kitchen when i am in action.

    Reminded me that i heard a mum scolding her kid "kurang ajar" in a super packed lift in a busy shoping mall. Really...
    Do update us after the finals. :)

  30. I cannot stand ill-mannered/kurang ajar children ... what more biadab/stupid parents/adults, who shouldn't have children they can't be bothered to raise in good manners, when they themselves are lacking not only in manners but character.

    It doesn't matter what religion/race/belief/faith all of us are, it's just good manners and common courtesy all of us have (or should have) been brought up with.

    I believe that too, teach from young. I too am very strict, if you consider teaching my children good manners. It is just good akhlaq, building good character.

    Congrats on getting through and hope you win the Blogger Masterchef title! You go girl!

  31. Food Dreams,
    No.. they removed it maybe,,.. after they found out the real truth that kids aren't supposed to be brought I guess. Those that complained aren't the participants themselves who recieved the emails. Some people just like to create a big hoo-haa without knowing the truth in advance

    Yeah, very true, the organizers aren't very strict, nor did they clearly state, do not allow children to go in the cooking area.

    Shu Yin,
    thanks...appreciate that

    Ya, those people are just silly, cannot voice out dissatisfaction and call me "melebih lebih".
    They gave me a zester, after I requested and that took time.

    LOL, that'll be a rare occasion for you to see that. Cos they are there, people know they are those kids parents, LOL. sure will scold ma.

    Thanks for words of encouragement.
    Makes my day :)

  32. Sugarcane is a good replacement, but since you mentioned lemongrass doesn't smell strongly... maybe I'll stick to lemongrass :)

  33. Good on you. Yes, I always think that the adults are the ones to be blamed. Kurang ajar adults will create kurang ajar kids.
    I have been inspired by most of your recipes. Thanks.

  34. No consoling words from me because I know you don't need that.

    I too cannot tolerate rude children. It is discipline now or never. But then again, that explains why there are so many different class of people.

    If kids are allowed, the parents should be responsible for their actions.

  35. hope you are all geared up for the finals!!! hope you win it this weekend. can't wait to get update from your blog...really love reading it. felt like i was there too...all the best!

  36. Cool cool..lemongrass tea for u. Don bother that kind of ppl. Sot one

  37. Wanyee no point getting flustered by all these ppl they hate coz they are jealous for watever reasons. I loved your creation. It was so different and looked so pretty. I wish you all the best this coming saturday

  38. Now only I'm reading all your posts for this week...sigh!
    I was searching for that hate thread before I finished your whole post...aiyah. deleted ar? Wanted to give them a piece of my mind'll go something like: It's parents like you who make it so difficult for us teachers to discipline your children coz you teach them the terbalik at home...bla..bla...
    Ah, no matter what, I love you and your blog!!

  39. Anon,
    LOL, how true :)

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Oh yes, how you understood me.
    Kids nowadays are so badly behaved, I've seen so much in school.

    :) Sure I'll keep posting

    I am cool :)

    Siew ping,
    No la, I'm posting this to give them back a piece of my mind. thanks, and I hope you recover soon.

    so so true. the kids nowadays don't even feel bad if they hit the teachers, no joke, HIT.

  40. it's so sad that such event is marred by "ugly" parents who blame everyone and everything else except for themselves. there are many such parents around these days and I can see them in my son's school... seriously I really do not know what's be coming of them. a lot of them hv lackadaisical attitude but when things happen to their children, then they'll blame the earth and sky sighhh...

    anyway ignore them and focus on your journey to win the title, just to show them some professionalism. ganbatte Wendy!

  41. Aiya Wendy! People are like that! I like your frank attitude!
    Like your dish leh! Must try it out!

  42. Hi wendy... Really liked your recipe. can i used the same way for my bbq party? Or need to make any changes. Thanks in advance...

  43. anu,
    Not really, except brushing them with oil as you BBQ them. I suggest you still BBQ them over banana leaf first, until the prawn sets and no longer feels fragile, then only let them turn golden brown over direct fire.

  44. Thanks wendy for d suggestion. So i still need to coat them with egg n cornflour?

  45. anu,
    Oh yeah.. sorry, you won't need to coat them with egg and cornstarch

  46. Thanks Wendy for the tips. I did for my bbq party and it was a hit : )

  47. anu,
    thanks for the feedback. Glad your guests liked them.


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