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Monday, October 31, 2011

Curry Chicken Chop - Chicken Trio # 1

Dish prepared in May 2011

Sick of the usual curry? Sick of the usual Chicken chop with mushroom sauce or brown sauce or even the traditional ketchup? Try this for a change.

Before I got married, Mike and I went to Pangkor Laut Resort for a short getaway. At the beachfront café, we ordered some curry meatballs and the meatballs were smothered in a creamy curry sauce. Something very much unlike the regular curry that we are so used to. Why was it so special? It’s due to the use of cream, dairy cream, not coconut cream. I absolutely fell in love with the gravy, and ordered a second portion of it very soon later.

Today, I did not use meatballs, but deboned chicken whole legs, chicken chop cuts. My hubby who wasn’t in love with those meatballs, was just so so about these, but ate lots of rice. Whereas my MIL said it was absolutely delicious. It’s simply due to my hubby, whenever he eats curry, he likes it spicy and heavily cooked in coconut milk, south Indian style. So, if you like it hot and spicy like how our Indian friends does it, you will find this disappointing. But if you like it fragrantly curry (need not be hot) and creamy, and especially if you like white sauce of any sort, you will love this.

Curry Chicken Chop
Recipe source: Wendyywy, with gravy inspired from Pangkor Laut Resort

4 deboned whole legs
Salt and pepper

2 onions
1 heaped Tbsp curry powder (for chicken or meat)
1 cup whipping cream
Milk for thinning down
Salt to taste

1. Sprinkle some salt and pepper over underside of legs. Rub thoroughly and let it marinate for at least half an hour. (I did one hour)
2. Heat a wok/pan and put in some oil. Put chicken legs, skin side down onto the oil. Pan fry both sides until golden. Dish up and set it aside.
3. With the same wok/pan, pour away the excess oil, leaving behind about 2 Tbsp of the oil.
4. On high heat, cook onions until fragrant and lightly browned.
5. Turn heat to low and put in curry powder. Stir fry until fragrant.
6. Put in cream and turn heat to medium and cook until it thickens.
7. If the gravy is too thick or you prefer more gravy then add in some milk. Season with salt.
8. Turn heat off. The creamy pale colour of the gravy will darken to a nice orangy colour when allowed to sit for a while, that will turn pale again when stirred.
9. Chop chicken into smaller pieces (if serving with rice) or leave chicken whole (if serving it as main dish) and pour gravy over.


  1. So i tried your UFO bun recipe tapi tak ada piring kat bawah.Tak pa next time will try again.Sedap...

  2. wao...tis is nice...

  3. Looks beautiful! At first, I thought it was cheese sauce. Curry powder will be very aromatic.

  4. Wow that looks really good! The chicken's got a really nice brown colour to it.

  5. this sounds sort like 'orang putih' curry. I'm like your hubby, like the hot spicy type of curry but i wouldnt dare to say i dont like this cos never try, never know!

  6. I bet this Curry Chicken Chop sure very very the delicious! Because once in awhile for a change of sauce, curry sauce would be more agreeable for us Malaysian!

  7. Something unique. I like creamy sauce, and am sure will fall in love with this.

  8. Interesting change that I would be game to try. Thanks Wendy!!

  9. Oh, I love the thick curry gravy on the chicken chop. Make me feel hungry already lah!;p

  10. zanafahmi,

    Pn Ros,
    Oh apa jadinye yang kakinya takde...


    Try this if you have too much whipping cream :)
    Kid friendly as it is not spicy

    LOL, go makan


    yeah, my hubby said, dissapointing curry that isn't curry. LOL

    Yeah.. a nice local touch to it

    it's kid friendly.... so try it :)

    I remember you aren't too fancy of spicy food after you tried the creamy curry chicken.. this isn't spicy, at least for me.

    Happy flour,
    LOL.. it's almost dinner time now. Go and eat an early meal

  11. A new twist on chicken chop. Cream and curry. What is not to like :)

  12. Yummy lah! I think I will love this because I love creamy type of curry :)

  13. Ohh.. I think I might just give this go, my kids has recently take interest in mild spicy food. And it looks so yummy too....not too spicy right? With cream and all...

  14. Woah!!...Nice a...but fat a...LOL!! How?! Should I make or not?

  15. I cooked this last night with pork chop. My girl keep licking the sauce!

  16. Gert,
    LOL, ask my hubby lor, he said no good but keep on eating. hahaha.

    Yeah, I remember you telling me you like creamy things

    In my personal opinion, it's not spicy at all. LOL. But the cream will overpower it, defintely.

    Try! You're not drinking a whole cup of cream. Just half cup will be enough for u and ur daughter. Aiya, eat ice cream also same la

    Wow, you are really quick!
    I'm glad your girl loved the sauce, it's pretty addictive actually. I licked the plate clean too.

  17. A spicy twist... I like this idea... always so creative in putting a Wendy touch on your recipes!! ;)

  18. Really different way of using curry powder. Must try it.

  19. Delish !!! I am going to try this out. Bet I will have WB licking the plate clean :p

  20. I love white sauce! :D I don't think I've had a curry like this one before, because the only curries I've had are either the Indian ones or the Thai ones, but this sounds amazing! When i first saw the picture, I thought you put scrambled egg on top of the pork chops or something! (though I'll admit, the sauce is a little orange to look like egg! woops!) The recipe looks surprisingly easy too!

  21. Elin,
    LOL... hope to hear of the licking outcome:)

  22. Food Dreams,
    LOL, sound like wendy is becoming an adjective.

    hope u like this

    Jobless girl,
    that's why it's delicious!

    It's truly very easy :)

  23. Asian style of chicken chops, sound yummy!

  24. I would love this dish but my boys wouldn't cos they are like your hubby, they want very hot stuff!

  25. you can do it with yogurt too, just make sure it;s the creamy full fat kind, preferably greek yogurt!

    When i first started living on my own, I survived on sandwiches. i got bored so one day I just mixed curry powder and yogurt to make a curry sauce, then I'll mix it with tuna or leftover chicken as sandwich filling (: very easy and takes no time at all!

    This looks so yummy!

  26. Sonia,
    Yeah ;)

    But if they like creamy stuff, they might.

    Shu Han,
    Greek yogurt is super expensive here.
    I think you should toast the curry powder before mixing it into your sandwiches. It's not advisable to consume raw curry powder, can cause tummy ache I was told. Must be properly cooked.

  27. Your chicken is nicely fried and browned even though is not coated with flour...any tips? hehe must try this :)


  28. Jaynelle,
    nothing special about the method, it's just place it skin down and fry in some oil :p
    I think using a wok helps, the base is curved, u see :)

  29. Hi Wendy,

    Tried making curry chicken chop today, it was awesome!

    Love your blog, neat and nice, and the most important thing is the recipe is quite simple to make, great for beginner cook like me =) Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! All the best with the new arrival! =)

  30. Charmaine,
    Great to hear that.
    New arrival???

  31. vinod,

    I tried this chicken on two occasions already. My guests absolutely loved it! I did it a bit different though, where the pan fried chicken was put back into the wok together with the gravy to better coat it and let the taste seem into the flesh. However, its just plain awesome! thx wendy


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