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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Azuki and Black Glutinous Rice Porridge - BGR Week # 2 and new winners for Giveaway

Recipe prepared in Dec 2010

During my 2nd trimester pregnant with Reuben, I wanted to drink sweet soups quite often. One early evening, I just wanted to have some, and I wanted black glutinous rice porridge. My hubby drove me to get some pandan leaf from an aunt's house and we went to buy the ingredients. I got home and prepared everything and by supper, it was ready.

I loved it soooooooooo much. Foetus Reuben must have been jumping for joy in my tummy to get what he wanted. Well, I can't feel him yet that time, he was only 4 months big.

Azuki and Black Glutinous Rice Porridge
Recipe source: Wendyywy

250gm red beans
100gm black glutinous rice
Few blades of pandan leaf, shredded and tied into a knot
3.5L water
200gm sugar

1. Soak azuki beans for 2 hours (in hot water) or better, overnight(in tap water).
2. Wash glutinous rice and soak for 2 hours.
3. Put water in a pot, put in pandan knot, beans and rice, and bring to a boil.
4. Lower heat to simmer for minimum 2 hours, or until beans break up and sort of disintergrate.
5. Bring heat to high and put in sugar. Let it boil on high heat for 10 minutes so that the rice will release more starch.
6. Turn off heat. Serve hot or chilled.


Shu Han didn't claim it
An the new winner is  Edith of Precious Moments

Marina didn't claim it and the new winner is WyYv

3. 10. The finale.. and I won it? (90 comments)
Echo didn't respond and so, Peteformation is the new one.

Thank you all and please email me with your addresses.


  1. i like to drink this thong sui but cant take too much

  2. Wendy! I didn't even realise I won a giveaway! Been salivating at the photos but didn't really read the text fully..this time I read because this is my favourite dessert that my mum oftten makes. It's also nice cold, or with coconut milk added like pulut. Hitam. Sorry for missing your generous giveaway, I really wish I saw it earlier :(
    X Shuhan

  3. Mmm....yummy! I made this very often because its my favourite! There was once my friend got those very nice black glutinous rice from Thailand for me...oh, that was the best!!

  4. I love pulut hitam. You just added a new recipe for me. With red bean. yum.

  5. I love them separately but my mom likes to combine them like your recipe here. At work some dried longans are added to the bubur pulut hitam

  6. so when reuben grows a little older, must make some for him..think he's waiting for this!! today i went to jelapang to have rojak and there it serves mak chok and sweet corn together.

  7. I love this soup with a little salt added, so delicious! Sweet and salty all at the same time lol!

  8. small kucing,
    LOL, as age creeps up... have to tahan a bit, I also need to cut down :p

    Shu Han,
    Oh yes, it goes great with coconut milk too.
    But that time... I had none.

    Ooo... any Thai rice is always better!

    Oh you've never tried this combo? It's very nice.

    At work? Oh , you are in the food industry?
    With longan.. hmm.. wonder how that taste like

    I heard of that combo b4, but I've never been to Jelapang. My MIL told me one shop in Greentown sells tongsui with all sort of combinations, but I wonder which shop was she talking about.

    With salt? I guess you must be a Hokkien, the Cantonese in me prefer it to be all sweet.

  9. I love the look of your tongsui, so thick and the red beans all soft. Have you tried with tangerine peel? It will add a nice fragrance to the red bean soup.

  10. i seldom take this thong shui, yours look really great and yummy...

  11. Fong,
    It's so Canto to add in tangerine peel.. I grew up eating that.
    But sadly, I'm not that Canto enough to appreciate that. LOL.
    My hubby the Hokkien do not appreciate tangerine peel tooo, so I do not add it in.

    Oh must take, we believe tong sui will make our skin supple. LOL. but I don't think that's true, altho i wish so.

  12. yum!!! I missed this dessert for sure. And that the thick red bean with my fav black glutinous! perfect.

  13. I love this dessert too... With one round of coconut milk on top.. :D

  14. I am so going to make this tomorrow! Have this pack of black glutinous rice and Azuki beans for awhile now and this is recipe is it! I know I will love this too, thanks!

  15. Hi Wendy, Thanks, I won!.....a little busy lately, so didn't blog or surf the net. Smallkucing told me that I won something at your blog.
    Will email you my address....

    Cheers! and thanks again

  16. I love pulut hitam but with red bean this is the first time I come across this two combination. Sound interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. Hi Wendy, just knew that we won something here! Thanks in advance! :)

  18. I prefer mak chuk to this. Wendy I love the photo of the grains.

  19. quay po,
    If only my hubby loves mak chuk.. too bad he doesn't, so I can't cook that.

  20. Wendy, does your adzuki beans become soft? I cooked mine but it's not soft even after so long. I soaked it overnite even.

  21. delia,
    Yup, mine is soft and mushy.
    Some beans are very bad one, never gets soft. Buy from another source next time.
    Some beans need 4 hours, I've had those type of beans before, bad luck!

  22. will putting a chinese spoon in the pot help softening the beans?

    Oi Kha

  23. Oi Kha,
    The soup spoon will act like an auto stirrer.
    My grandaunt will do that when she boils porridge saying that the stirring action of the spoon in it will help the rice granules to distergrate better. But for beans??? Unless you really stir vigourously, I don't think so. But try and let me know, so that I may learn :)

  24. Hi Wendy,
    I just cooked this porridge for lunch today and it was delicious and easy too. Thank you for sharing this recipe!


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