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Friday, October 28, 2011

Onde Onde Pulut Hitam Kosong - BGR Week #3

Recipe created in July 2011

I first saw onde onde kosong on Shirley’s blog. Kosong? Empty? Well, my favourite thing about onde onde is the palm sugar filling that oozes out when I bite into it. But then again, it very tedious to make. If you want the filling to ooze, you have to chop the sugar really fine and the wrapping process is so so difficult. If you chop it coarsely, chances are it won’t finish melting by the end of the cooking process. So I guess incorporating sugar directly in the dough could be a good idea.

I still have lots of black glutinous rice flour, a gift from AlongRoz of HomeKreation. I have wanted to try making this for more than a year but haven’t been putting my hands onto it. Finally I made it when I got some extra coconut from making Chicken Rendang and of course, banana leaves. How to take pics of this without the green leafy container that is so so onde-onde-ey.

But this black glutinous flour is not something easy to work with. It is not as sticky as the usual glutinous flour, instead it actually taste a bit grainy, like buckwheat flour. I did my first batch by mixing it with regular rice flour, thinking that the rice flour might make up for the absent sweet potato and kneading with cooled syrup. The dough balls were super dry in the center, cooked but dry. Maybe call it like a cookie. Then I found that it lacks stickiness, therefore I added in tapioca starch which is suitable for boiling purposes , but still it is dry and very yucky, although not as bad. Then I decided to ditch the rice flour as I guess it really lacked starch which was why it wouldn’t get chewy. So I used 2 parts starch and 1 part black glutinous flour and added more water. When I added more water, it couldn’t hold itself so I zapped it in the microwave for a while to slightly cook the starch. It did hold up better, small dry center, and a chewy texture when warm. I knew I was almost there.

First attempt with a dry cookie feel, it is cooked, but dry

Finally, I used more water and poured in hot syrup to half cook it, and zapped it to cook it further. The batter firmed up to a rollable stage and finally, I got the texture I was looking for. With 4 attempts, I finally got it. Firm, sticky, soft and chewy, even when cooled down to room temperature for 3 hours, and the BGR flour is not gritty when made into kuih, just don't bake cakes with it.

Onde onde Pulut Hitam Kosong
Recipe source: Wendyywy
Inspired by: Shirley of Kokken69

50gm black glutinous rice flour
100gm tapioca starch
150ml water
75gm gula Melaka
Few blades of pandan leaves.
1 cup freshly grated coconut

1. Mix black glutinous rice flour and starch together and make a well in the center.
2. Bring water and gula Melaka to a boil. Lower to a simmer with lid on until sugar dissolves.
3. Pour boiling syrup into well. Mix to form a very soft sticky dough. The dough will not hold it self up. Microwave dough on high for 20 seconds. Stir the dough and microwave for another 20 seconds. Stir the dough well, it will form a dough that is rollable.
4. Roll dough into small balls. Dust hands with tapioca starch if needed.
5. Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to boil, put in shredded pandan leaves to infuse for 5 minutes.
6. Fish pandan leaves out of water and put in dough balls into the boiling pandan water.
7.Put in dough balls when water is boiling hard. Simmer on high heat for 2 minutes then lower to medium heat until the dough balls float.
8. Boil on medium heat until they float.
9. Fish out floating ones and roll onto freshly shredded coconut.

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  1. Tq Wendy tuk resepi menarik ni...memang interesting...selalu onde2 ada inti gula melaka..kali ni berbeza..onde2 yg sedia manis ..pulut hitam lagi...kak cek amik resepi dulu ek...tq..tq...

  2. Hi Wendy, that looks appetizing and delicious. Lovely presentation too.

  3. cik cek,
    kuih ni manis manis buah je.
    kalo nak manis lagi, tambah gula lagi.


  4. are very patient to try so many times...good job finally got good result:)

  5. Look so delicious... Lama tak makan onde2..

  6. interesting to read about your trying on new flavor onde-onde...the onde-onde looks marvelous and yummy...:)

  7. I agree with you, it's very tedious to make ondeh ondeh. Thanks for sharing this recipe..

  8. Jeannie,
    It was one of those mad moments.. I must get it right moments!, LOL

    Kat mane ni? oversea ke? Buat ler skit.. kalo pakai beras pulut biasa senang je.

    Sherleen t,
    LOL.. thanks. I can be really siao at times.

    It's so cheap to buy but yet so much work... Rather buy, right?

  9. i thought those are red bean paste filling. Sounds like this black glutinous rice is quite tricky, do you know what do normally people make out of it? i also see some making ondeh ondeh from this flour, i wonder how did the texture turn out.

  10. I thought its Kosong inside. Not kosong ya. Must be very sedap

  11. Wow Wendy... u r so great!
    Can think of a recipe from scratch.
    no wonder u r the masterchef. :)

  12. iceamericanos,
    LOL.. this is not my first time creating something out of nothing. If you click on the label, "personal creations" you will see tons of it
    thanks for the compliments. It's not that hard to create something, I know you can do it too.

  13. Oh kosong ones....interesting! alright, I'll try this recipe one day...:)

  14. lena,
    Kuih koci, and a lot of other things also can be made, the thing is, it cannot be used on its own.

    small kucing,
    Haha, no filling mai kosong lor. Just like roti kosong, no fillling only ma, but not that it has a hole inside, LOL. that will be so geng to create a cave within the onde onde.

  15. haha, your answer to small kucing cracked me up!! Wendy, you not only can cook and bake well, you are eloquent and witty too. I am very curious about the taste of this new type of onde onde but I am not skillful enough to make wor Hint...Hint LOL!

  16. Wendy, you are exactly right about filling the dough with Gula Melaka. I first tried to wrap pre-rolled balls of Gula with the dough but like what you've said, it did not melt through so I did not get the burst in the mouth effect. It took me quite a while to get the hang of filling the dough with the sugar but quite tedious, overall. This pulut hitam flour is truly fascinating. I will try to look for it here.

  17. quay po,
    LOL... next time. If got chance and I hope the coconut can last that long to be served. :)

    It's not easy and I'm glad for you that it finally worked! Loved the oozy sugar from your onde ondes.

  18. I wander can I use this method to make tapioca pearls (ie the pearls in bubble tea). I tried to roll them without cooking them, they tend to collapse when I put them on a surface. Since ur onde2 also uses starch, I thought it might be workable...

  19. tangmi,
    U can try :)
    I'd love to know the outcome

  20. Lovely creation..initial glance the 4th photo had me thinking that it was chocolate truffles.

  21. I tried ur method to make tapioca pearls, ingredient from
    Microwaving does do the trick from preventing it from collapsing.

    The end result is was presentable (mine was less dark as I used gula melaka and brown sugar).

    Conclusion, not worth my time of doing it. I can get a bag of tapioca pearls for like 3-4 bucks to last me like 10 drinks. Nevertheless, those commercially available pearls only take like an hr to cook, compare to this recipe. It takes forever for them to float.

  22. HKChoo,
    Truffles..I wish. LOL. I haven't tried making any yet, neither do I know how it taste. One day.. one day I'll try truffles.

    Yeah, sometimes somethings are better off bought than made. But I'm glad you made it, cos it's my first time seeing square tapioca pearls, very cute!

  23. but commercially available pearls are.... like... eating

    Anywayz, the square tapioca pearls texture are pretty good, but because they are square, they tend to stick to the straw...prob too much surface contact with the straw lol

  24. tangmi,
    I even heard they put in plastic :(
    I think the corners cause friction, that's why they get stuck.

  25. Hi Wendy!

    Wonderful blog you have here! Mmmm! Yes, the palm sugar filling is indeed the essence of onde-onde! This "kosong" one actually reminds me of a popular Filipino dessert highly similar! It's called pichi-pichi. Here's a link to what a typical recipe looks like When my Filipino friends introduced me to this dessert I was delightfully surprised and immediately thought of my dearly missed onde-onde!

  26. sweetsamsations,
    Oh,.. that sounds pretty similar to the local steamed tapioca kuih.

  27. WTF lol plastic...
    I thought plastic gives crispiness, thus they add it into goreng pisang....
    OMG that gonna freak me out since i have been like eating pearls for so long....

    I think they got stuck because of the adhesive property of water lol. we get less friction in liquid u know...

  28. tangmi,
    LOL, so better eat less. I read that from internet quite long ago. Not all plastics are crispy, depends on which grade, so many types, polypropelene, polyurethane, so many polys...
    Well, round shapes are always more flexible than square ones when going thru tubes, comparing both in the same condition, in liquids.

  29. Damn man, I just bought another pack after my driving lesson since it's just next to the place.

    Round shape is more flexible due to it has smaller surface contact with whatever it is contacting. Thus less forces acting on it.
    Friction could be one of the forces (not really a force by physic law) that resist the movement. But the pearls have a smooth surface, so it should experience less (significiant) friction than other objects. Thus I thought it might be other forces (eg intermolecular forces like H-bond, Van der Waals etc).

    Blah who cares....

  30. tangmi,
    Everything also can eat la, just be moderate and don't get addicted, if not u need to sign up for "Pearl balls Anonymous", if that ever exists. LOL.
    I've returned my Physics back to my teacher yonks ago.. one of my worst subjects. Always can't go pass after the Dynamic chapters. LOL

  31. well, Im a fresh uni graduate (and unemployed) so they are still fresh in my mind. Nevertheless, Im another crazy science student :)


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