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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

Thanks Kristy of My Little Space.

According to her, I need to share 10 honest truths about me.

1. Miscarried twice before Lydia. First time unknown, 2nd time a known pregnancy.
2. Love the smell of my daughters' hands. Even with saliva :)
3. Never had hair above my shoulders for more than 13 years. Been long haired 66% of my life so far.
4. I'm an owner of 10 restaurants in Restaurant City. Don't report me, ok!!
5. I'm a hefty 76kg!!!!! Woah!!!! Should I start dieting?? Hahahah!! Noope.
6. I wear size 7 on my feet. Anyone wants to gift me shoes?
7. I have bad eye hand coordination. No ball games for me.
8. Suffered temporary memory loss at age 15 due to a fall from my bicycle, almost went for brain scan!!
9. Only had chicken pox at the age of 30. Lucky there's medication, if not I'll look horrible.
10. I was a soprano back in Church choir during my teens and can reach Second B. Second A is peanuts. Never broke a glass tho:)

I'm sharing this with....

1. CHVoon. I love his oh-so funny blog. Not a food blog, but something about his life's experiences.
2. Blessed Homemaker. A loving mother to her 3 kids, Bakes and cooks with love.
3. Bitter Sweet Flavours. A 19 year old baking and cooking, attempting not so usual recipes.
4. Cherry on a Cake. I love her goodies. Traditional Malay goodies and lots of good cakes.
5. A Full-timed Housefly. I admire her effort to make scrumptious daily meals.
6. Angie's Recipes. Superb site with superb recipes that will make u drool buckets.
7. Excuse me, Are u a nurse. Another blogger that grew up in the same place as I did.
8. Home Kreation, Yummy Malaysian recipes and lots of other goodies.
9. My Little Teochew, Have u seen her castella?? If not make sure u do!!
10. Happy Homebaker. Great inspiration, great photos and great recipes.


  1. Oh Wendy, you've been through alot! You're such a tough lady and I'm truely proud of you. Wow, 10 restaurants' owner!! Gee, you're a wealthy rich lady. But make sure you'll sing for us huh! hehe...
    p/s so any special discounts for me? haha...
    Have a great weekend!
    Cheers, Kristy

  2. yeah yeah! i got 2nd award from you wakakaka.

    Thank you. Terima Kasih. Arigato gozamasu!

  3. er... i have the same weight like you. mmm

    i haven't experience chicken pox yet...

    miscarried ... mmm feel sorry to heard that.. but it is a common in modern day....

  4. Kristy,
    hahaha!!! Restaurant city is a game in Facebook. To have 10 restaurants there, u have to have 10 facebook accounts, and that's something I'm not supposed to do. Hahahahah!!!!

  5. Voon,
    Nowadays misccariage is more common because we know we are pregnant much earlier with our hometest kits and conception knowledge. Last time if period late 2 weeks or 3 weeks, people just treat as late period, but actually most probably that's an early miscarriage that went unnoticed. Most misscariages happen before 8 weeks and most will not even notice that unless one lump of thing fell out.

  6. LOL Iwas amazed that you had 10 restaurants! haha

    Thank you so much for the award. I feel sooo hooured that u thought of me....tq tq tq


  7. Wendy, thank you! That's really kind of you to share the AWARD with me.


  8. Hi Wendy, thanks for naming me but gotta to think which parts I can share, 10 is alot...hehe. Hope you've gotten over the miscarriage experience. I almost had it in 2 of my pregnancies but survived. Would love to see your photo.

  9. Wendy, thank you for your generosity. :) I am honoured. I am also very inspired after reading snippets of your life, esp points 1 and 8. You're a woman of strength. :)

  10. HomeKreation,
    The miscarriages were almost 4 years back. They were long time past gone!!!
    Actually I never felt for them at all.
    The first one was unknown until I had my 2nd miscarriage, only did I remembered the lump of thing that suddenly fell out few months before that. The 2nd one wasn't a good embryo, cos my body was trying to expel it just days after I missed my period, cos I was cramping and cramping. It's good for bad things to go off early than to have a deformed baby later. I'm pretty easy with nature. If things are meant to stay, they will stay. The body is made to expel things that are no good to the body. I accept that with ease.

  11. Ju,
    Ha, Point 1 answered as above. I'm very much ok about it.
    Point 2, actually looking back, I was laughing. I was laughing about it the day my brain came back normal. Altho I couldn't recall whatever happened a fortnight before the fall. Altho my mom was so scared, but it was just for 1 day I went bonkers. Mom laughed at it too now.

  12. first I thought you really own 10 restaurants. I was thinking "10 restaurants? "WHOAHHHH......
    I had a fall too,from a swing at a very high height but fortunately did not hit the back of the head so no concussion.
    Hey, thanks for the award but Im very suaku,ta tau how to receive leh.....

  13. Vien,
    If I own 10 real restos, I won't be sitting here and blog lor... Life will be so busy.

    To recieve the award, just copy and paste the picture into ur blog and pass it on, if u want to. Just do what I did, or refer to the person who passed it to me. It's still early in her homepage.

  14. Thanks so much Wendy. So sorry been so so busy lately hunting for new house , will update my blog when I have the time. Thanks again Wendy , you are so frank like me and I like that !


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