Saturday, March 27, 2010

Marbled Pork

Just want to show you all how does the marbled pork that I mentioned in my Stir Fried Pork with Ginger Onion looks like.

It's not a prized cut from the Japanese Kurobuta Pig. This is just a cut from the everyday pig from the everyday market. But I'm sorry to say that not all butchers know of this cut. This was introduced to my mom by her butcher, and she can't find this at other butchers.

Why is this cut so nice... it almost melts in the mouth, needs not much chewing. The marbling makes it really tender. Very good when sliced and steamed with your favourite marinade and splendid when used in quick stir fries. When my mom used this to make a quick soup with chinese long cabbage, it turned pink, I mean, pink, pastelly pretty pink.


  1. Hi Wendy

    Is this the so called 假腰肉? Maybe not..haven't seen such a cut in wet market yet...

  2. Oh I don't know the name of the cut. Even the butcher never told my mom the name of the cut.
    All that he told my mom was these cuts were trimmed from fatty layers.

    I tried to search for the term u mentioned, but nothing can be found on the internet.

  3. this part of meat called 夹心.
    it is part or the pork shoulder which in between 上排骨和肩膀骨之间的肉.
    because it looks flowery, some people like to call it梅花肉.

  4. SKfong,
    Oh, why didn't I think of u in the beginning to ask about pork cuts!!!!!!!
    I forgot I knew MdD's wife!!!
    Thanks alot, now I know what to tell the butcher.


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