Monday, March 8, 2010

New Profile Picture

This will be my be my new profile pic shown in my comments and the comments I leave in ur blogs.

Drawn by my wonderful cousin sister, Charissa Ho.
Thanks alot!!!

My hair sure does look a lot shorter here, hahaha!!!


  1. I like it!! should've drawn u with bigger eyes tho, instead of two "dots"...but then, that's very individual la...

  2. Mel,
    Haha! My cousin reads this blog. She'll see your comment.

    I purposely requested for something colourful, with black outline, and a cute family portrait of us at the table. I won't mind even if she did a skeleton portrait for me, as long as it's cute.

  3. I wouldnt mind her reading this since i've postd it... :)
    Is she an artist or art teacher or something?

  4. She's still in form 6, very good in art, mostly cute stuff.
    You should see her hand drawn T-shirts :)

  5. i really like the draw look cute and real.

    first, i thought you draw one. how can you good in cook and drawing and photo as well.

    ic... she very good in draw... - cantik!

  6. Voon,

    I can draw one too leh... but not very good la.
    U can draw too, I sure believe u can draw apple, fish, circle, house bla bla bla.. everyone can draw :)

  7. All of you look so sweet in the profile picture...... God bless


  8. Wa, I almost missed this one. So cute! Great picture. It matches with the flowers in your page. I think you should get her to draw more for your blog! I think you can even incorporate this into your blog page design, then we will get to see it more prominently :)

  9. Shirley,
    I don't know where to put it in my blog, except in my profile pic. There's no space left on the left and right sidebars.

    I'm pretty contented with the current design. Put in quite a lot of effort searching for the background pic and fonts and stuff, and editing everything bit by bit thru trial and error at the HTML part. Me no IT fella, just try try. SO it takes time.


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