Saturday, March 6, 2010

Simple Homemade Sushi

I made these simple sushi rolls last few nights for dinner.
Used powdered sushi mix bought from Jusco, didn't use Calrose rice, but just ordinary Thai fragrant rice. Didn't use any shasimi, but just crabstick (steamed and cooled), cucumber strips, fried egg strips and mayonaise for the filling.

I didn't even use a bamboo mat to roll. Just did everything with my usual baking paper.
Haha, Mike said, I was being too stingy without shashimi or unagi.


  1. I guess even without sashimi or unagi, it still taste good as you are a good cook.

  2. nicely done! :)

  3. I actually really like homemade sushi. Especially when I can stuff more of the things I like in it. First time I head of using baking paper to roll it up, not bad of an idea, eh?
    I like it with Avocado and prawns.. yummy! :)

  4. Sonia,
    It taste good because of the powdered sushi mix from Jusco :) kekekekeke.

    With a name like yours telling me mine is nicely done, means it's really nicely done, huh!! Thanks!!

    Baking paper is just the same as a rolling mat. Just that u have to use more force, especially when tucking in the front end. Works similiar to me. My old mat was dunno where. Can't bother to buy a new one.

  5. please tell me that you bought from sushi king.

  6. Although I am not a sushi fan, I even crave for some of these! They are so perfectly rolled and sliced. Restaurant quality!

  7. Voon,
    If I bought them, I'll be very frank to tell u I did, but I didn't. :)


  8. Wendy, we just had sushi for dinner a few days ago and like you, I made it without sashimi and unagi. Just make do with whatever I have in my fridge, a quick and easy dinner. But yours look so much better than mine :P

  9. My kids love sushi & of the stuffing that u did. However, I never get to homemake for them cos I never know where to get those seaweed for wrapping, can advise ?

  10. Anonymous,
    As I do not know where you come from,I do not know how to advise you.
    I just got mine from the Japanese department of the supermarket.
    In Malaysia, Jusco has a prominent Japanese department.
    If Tesco or Giant, you can find the seaweeds at the snack area.

  11. Using Baking Paper, save washing time.
    Good idea.
    My children also like homemake sushi. I don't make it often as it time consuming to prepare the filling.


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