Friday, October 15, 2010

Cheese Scallion Pillow Wallets

I saw these at Precious Moments one night just before I slept, and straight away made this the next morning for brunch.

The recipe called for the eggs to be beaten like making a sponge, and filled with cheese. How can I resist this??? It’s like an omelette, but a fluffy one. A sponge cake on a pan. How about that? Good right?

Then I remembered Anna Olsen doing waffles with green onions or scallions, yeah.. I can add that to replace my husband’s most hated cinnamon. And I used cheddar instead of cream cheese. So, the whole thing sort of turned savoury rather than something to be eaten with jam or syrup. It’s pretty good by itself.

I changed the beating method so that I can make it quickly for breakfast or actually brunch 
And I actually used a higher temperature to cook, I forgot to turn down the heat. That explains the ugly surface. So please be patient and use the lowest heat to do this.

Cheese Scallion Pillow Wallets
Recipe adapted from : Precious Moments who adapted from Cosy Bake

Makes 2 wallets

3 egg whites
30gm sugar (If you’re lazy to use the scale just use 2 or 3 Tbsp sugar)
3 egg yolks
30 gm flour (approximately 2 heaped Tbsp)
1 sprig green onion, thinly sliced
2 heaped tsp salted butter
2 slices of cheddar cheese (Kraft or Chesdale or whatever brand)

1. Beat egg whites and sugar until soft peaks (not too runny though), add in egg yolks and beat for another 30 seconds.
2. Sift in flour and fold to combine.
3. Fold in sliced green onions.
4. Heat a non stick pan on medium heat. Put in 1 heaped tsp butter and immediately turn to low. Let the butter melt.
5. Put in 2 ladles of batter, try to spread it around like a circle.
6. Cover pan with a lid (I used a pot lid), and let it cook until the rims look golden. It may take 5 minutes.
7. Break up a cheddar slice and put in on half of the “omelette”, best is 1 inch from the rim.
8. Flip the side of the ‘omelette’ that is without cheese and cover up the cheesed side like a wallet.
9. Bring the ‘omelette’ to the center and cover with lid and cook for about 1 minute and flip to the other side for another minute.
10. Repeat step (4) to (9) with remaining batter.

If you like to know my pan size, it’s a 9 inch pan.
Mike ate 1 wallet. My kids ate 2/3 of the other wallet and I only had 1/3!!!!! Sigh… it’s ok, I’ll have the chocolate cake for brunch then.

This is a real keeper. It’s very good and I’ll definitely make this again and again.


  1. arha.. that is really suitable for breakfast.. i wish to have this for my breakfast too :) haha.. the omelet looks tasty, thanks for sharing recipe here..

  2. you are making me hungry wendy luckily i'll be out for lunch soon lol

  3. Wendy, luckily I just ate a char siew bao hehehe... another recipe into my to bake list.

  4. I'm definitely love to try this out on weekend. Look so fluffy and cheesy! Thanks...

  5. Mmmm...this does look good!! I read a recipe sorta like this before in a cookbook but it looked completely different in the picture to yours =) This looks so much better!

  6. Oh cool. The texture looks really good. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Btw, did you hand beat it with a whisk? I should master this before I move on to cakes, because I'm not good with cakes.

  7. Ooo, that sounds so delicious!

  8. Bo,
    Me too :)

    Not only for breakfast, good for anytime of the day.

    Jess Kitchen,
    Have a nice lunch!!

    Jess Bakericous,
    No need baking. Put this in ur to fry list :)

    Hope u like this :)

    Oh, may I know which book?
    I don't think mine looks pretty, a bit too dark :p

    Noooooooooo!!! I'm too lazy to do this with a manual hand whisk. I use a electric hand whisk.

    Indie Tea,

  9. Looks delicious. Bookmarked the recipe. Thanks for sharing ^^

  10. Una vera delizia, grazie per questa gustosa ricetta !

  11. Eh, nice hor...I think I like this...
    I'll see when I can make this...

  12. Oh wow...that looks like a cake soft and delicious...mmm

  13. Glad that you like it. Been a while since I last eat these fluffy pillow.

  14. Looks so soft and fluffy! A nice change from normal omelettes, yum!

  15. The diners here will usually serve this type of omelette. You can have the options of putting spinach, cheese, tomatoes, mushroom, in it. Great for breakfast.

  16. I am so going to do this healthy item, something for a change from the usual omelette. Thanks as usual for sharing :)

  17. I would love to have this for breakfast! mmmm, delicious!

  18. Finally see the post of the cheese wallet.... very good idea making it with scallion and cheese. Shall give it a try!

  19. Wow, looks so fluffy & light...wanna try one day. TQ for sharing.

  20. Jet,
    Hope u'll like it.

    thanks for coming to my blog

    This one cannot make at midnight hoh, LOL:)


    Thanks for sharing this :)

    Yeah, a fresh change.

    Oh.. so what is the name used there??
    I'd love to know the actual name for it.

    Hope you'll like this

    go make some!! haha.

    Honey Boy,
    You were the actual source :)
    thanks for sharing

    If you like sponge cakes, you'll love this fluffy omelette. :)

  21. Wor, this sound so delicious, must make this for lunch one day, but not making for morning breakfast, too rush, have to send kids to school..

  22. Sonia,
    Yeah, slowly "baking" in the pan takes a long time. And if you make for everybody, it'll definately take a long long time to do it.

  23. Oh, I think my sister going to love this, a good choice for breakfast, looks very yummy!

  24. Min,
    Hope ur sis will love this :)

  25. The food seems very delicious, it make my mouth watering.


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