Monday, October 11, 2010

Curry Fish Head

Brother in law is coming over for dinner tonight(as on the day I made this) and he always brings back some rice for FIL as well. And Mike reminded me to cook something that FIL will eat.

Hah! What my FIL eats is not always something MIL will approve of. She may be in the States, but she's always reading my blog, kekekeke.

But anyway, I cooked his favourite this time, fish head curry, as I have a fish head and a fish tail in the freezer, an aubergine, some leftover beans from the Nasi Goreng Kampung and some big juicy organic tomatoes 

But,I forgot to weigh my fish!!!!
Anyway, I  just made an estimation of size using the palms of your hands.

1 fish head plus some of the belly about the size of my palm, separate the belly from the head into serving sizes
1 fish tail about the length of my palm (and that does not include the tail fin), cut into 1 inch thick pieces
1 aubergine (big if you like more, small if you like it less), cut into 2 inch lengths and quatered
5 pcs of long beans (cut into 3 inch lengths)
1 large red onion (cut into 8)
5 okra, cut into 2 or 3 pieces each
1 large tomato, cut into 8
2 lemon grass (4 inches from the base, smashed)
25gm fish curry powder (I used 1 small pack of Adabi fish curry powder)
200ml thick coconut milk
½ Tbsp salt to taste
3 pieces of turmeric leaves, sliced thinly for sprinkling (I added this for fun as I have them in the fridge)

To be ground into a paste
50gm shallots (3 if large, 5 if small)
2 cloves garlic
6 dried chillies, deseeded, soaked til soft
Thumbsized peeled ginger

1. Heat a wok on high heat. Put in 3 Tbsp oil. Put in aubergines and toss it few times, spread it around on the wok and let it fry for a while, tossing it every 20 seconds. Cook the aubergine for about 1 minute. Next put in the onions(the aubergines are still in there, just mix them together). Toss and spread around the wok again, tossing it every 20 seconds for 1 minute. Finally the long beans. Toss and spread around the wok again, tossing it every 20 seconds for 1 minute. Your aubergines, onions and long beans will be very fragrant this way. Dish up and set aside.
2. Heat wok on medium heat, put in 3 Tbsp oil. Put in the ground paste and fry until fragrant and slightly dry. Then put in curry powder. Fry for a while until fragrant. Turn to low heat.
3. Put in 2 Tbsp of coconut cream (skimmed from the top of the coconut milk). Cook until the whiteness disappears. Then put in the lemon grass and fry for a while. Turn back to high heat.
4. Put in 3 cups of water, dissolve the fragrant paste. Put in fish pieces and tomato.
5. Bring to a boil and then put in the precooked vege. Simmer for 10 minutes. (try not to stir the curry too much, else you will break up the fish)
6. Put in coconut milk and salt to taste. Put in okra. Simmer for another 5 minutes.
7. Dish up, sprinkle with shredded turmeric leaves and serve.

So, do you like it head or tails???

Flip a coin and see which part you 'll get on you plate of rice.

In the end, FIL got the tail, BIL got the most fleshy part, Mike got the fish bellies, and I took the another fleshy part and 2 heads!!!!

The whole dish was difficult to finish up!!!! There was so much to eat!!!!!


  1. Wendy, I forgot that I can only visit your blog after lunch!!!! My husband just salivating over curry fish head last nite when we dine out, and yours looks so much better than what we saw, my stomach is so noisy now :P

  2. You are making hungry .... 1 more hour to go before lunch. With this curry, I sure can ask for extra rice.

  3. Hey Wendy, I'm drooling over your curry! This reminds me that I've a trevally from my hub's catch waiting to be cooked in curry or assam pedas!

  4. What a flavourful seafood curry! Simply mouthwatering!

  5. Hahaha...what a coincidence, I'm cooking fish head curry tonight. ;p

  6. Wendy, you not only a good baker but also a good cook....this curry fish head really had me salivating away. Thanks for this great recipe ! FIL will of course enjoyed it and MIL will be pleased that you are a good DIL :p

  7. Wahhh....I love this! Especially the vegetables actually, lol! The okra and eggplant..yummy! Been soo long since I had this...very tempting. :)

  8. Jess,
    Hahaha, find some curry to eat then.

    Yummy Koh,
    Curry is very dangerous to eat, makes me eat a lot of rice too. Rice overload!!!!

    Wah, nice nice. Trevally is nice in curries.
    Can't wait to see ur version.


    Happy Flour,
    Awww..... will u be posting this?
    But you only post ur bakes and desserts, right???

    Actually I do consider myself a better cook than a baker. Hahaha. My MIL will be actually jumping if she knew I cook this for him. She dn't really approves of curries for my FIL but it's my FIL's fav.

    Some like the fish, some like the accompanying stuff. I like both :)
    Cook some looo, but can use fish steaks if no one eats the head. I was just cleaning my freezer by cooking this.

  9. You are such an experienced cook I don't think you need to weigh the fish head! You can close your eyes, and just grab pinches of spices and it will turn out sedap!

  10. Shirley,
    Thank you for the compliments. Haha, the purpose of weighing is for the benefit of my readers :p.
    Before blogging, I always cook by feel.
    But if documenting for blog, have to be more precise.

  11. My hubby also loves curry fish head very much and this will definitely makes him drool.

  12. Wendy, Thanks for sharing. I really miss eating Curry fish head and will cook this too.

  13. Anncoo,
    Most guys like this hoh?
    My hubby likes fish curry, but he skips the head.

    Hope you will like this.

  14. aiyo...boi tahan liao. i love fish head curry! will try your recipe real soon, after i have finished my grandmother-in-law asam curry paste from Penang. ;)

  15. homeladychef,
    Haha, ok.
    I hope you will like it, but my version is not spicy la, if you like it spicier, add in some ground dried chillies.

  16. 这个是我爱吃的!你提醒了我好久没煮这道菜肴了。

  17. cherry potato,
    Haha, then quickly cook some :)

  18. Wendy, may I know, the 3 cups of water, are you referring to measuring cup?


  19. Ling,
    In my blog, I use measuring utensils all the time, but whenever it's for cooking dishes you can always use more or less liquids according to your preference.

  20. Wendy, May I know how you prepare the Thick coconut milk? It looks so creamy...does it have to be from fresh coconut?

    Thanks, Paul

  21. Paul,
    We can get them at the market freshly squeezed from fresh coconuts. You can use canned ones if fresh coconut milk is not available. Just that over here in Malaysia, we use fresh instead of canned. But then again, the aroma of canned and fresh is not the same.

  22. Hi Wendy may I know if you only used 25g curry powder? Because a small packet of curry powder is only 25g. Anyway thank you so much for sharing recipes and tips selflessly.

    Mrs Jee

  23. Mrs Jee,
    Thanks for pointing that out.
    Yes, one small packet of 25g.
    I shall amend the recipe.

  24. Thank you Wendy for your quick response.
    Is it the same for your easy creamy chicken curry as well?
    Its stated 50g(one small packet). Should it be 25g also?
    Anyway i tried your chicken curry using 2 small packets curry powder. My kids and my hubby love it even though its a bit spicy... hehehe

    Thanks again
    Mrs Jee


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