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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garlic Rice

Garlic Rice It's fun to write big and red!!
Serves 2-4

Ever eaten at Manhattan’s Fish Market?? No, not the one in New York. It’s here, in Malaysia.
I know it’s even in Singapore now, but I don’t know why it’s not as good there, and portions are very stingy over there too. Here in Malaysia, the portions are big and generous, so much rice and fries that it’s hard to gobble them all up. Haha, rice and fries are cheap. But I don’t care if they’re cheap or what, it’s tasty and I don’t mind them giving me more, especially the rice.

Whenever Mike orders a personal platter, he will always ask to replace the portion of the fries with rice. He loves the rice, so do I. I order kids meal, usually, and I always go for Live Bait, which is calamari with fries and I always change that to rice :) . I love their fried calamari, my favourite from MFM.

So, to serve that Double Fennel Roasted Chicken, I made this garlic rice, actually a second attempt to copycat that nice rice from MFM and I finally did it. Just that they didn’t use basmathi, they used ordinary local rice. Basmathi is so expensive, this one that I bought was RM9.30/kg. Basmathi Moghul…. Wow.. the name already demands a high price. Well, not all basmathis are this expensive (some only cost half of this), just that when I decided to cook this, all neighbouring shops are closed for Friday prayers except for this shop and the only 1kg pack they have is “Moghul”. Please do not use Thai fragrant rice, or short grain to do this rice. Anything sticky is a no no here. You have to use light and fluffy rice. Local rice will be fine and even siam rice, but not fragrant rice, ok.

1 cup basmathi rice
2 cups water
2 large cloves of garlic, grated (Use more if you like)
1 heaped Tbsp grated carrots
½ tsp salt
1 tsp butter
Small pinch of turmeric powder for colour

1. Wash the rice. Drain well.
2. Put everything together and cook. (I steam mine for 30 minutes)
3. Fluff rice with chopsticks before serving.


  1. i love garlic rice too!! hmmm does Manhattan fish market has this in their dishes? i don't think i eaten it before haha but i definately know i love your version!

  2. Hey Wendy,

    I must say that my mum loves the garlic rice from manhattan fish mkt and agree the portion is small...

    I must try your recipe!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Jess Kitchen,
    Usually MFM will serve the seafood with either rice or fries. If the menu states fries, you can change it to rice if you want.

  4. I can smell the fragrance of your garlic rice from here. Looks yummy, I should try this at home, thanks for sharing. :)

  5. hanushi,
    That's what I heard about MFM in Singapore, the fries and rice portions are small.
    Hope your mom likes this.

    Sure, let me know if you like this.

  6. wow.....the color is great! My husband loves garlic rice, I will try to cook for him one day, thanks for the recipe!

  7. Butter and Garlic are ideal partners for rice, bread toast, pasta etc.
    My daughter would go nuts if she were to look at your pics. She would pester me to cook it.

  8. hahah actually after seeing the fennel chicken, i wanted to ask if u serve basmati rice with it.. but. oh well, forgot :P
    Nando's rice used to be nice too!

  9. Casey,
    I hope your hubby likes it :)

    Haha, even if she doesn't see this, u can cook this as a surprise for her.

    Swee San,
    Yeah, I liked Nando's rice too. But my hubby never likes Nando's, so we don't go there now.

  10. This will have to be my favourite as I love garlic. Looks easy to cook. Thanks very much for sharing. Looks like more and more food are being created everyday in Malaysia. Truly Malaysia Boleh! :D I can't wait to go home and try out more!

  11. I used to cook garlic rice too! But it's just throwing in a few cloves of garlic to cook with rice hahaha! But due to some blood disorder, I have to omit garlic from my diet so I never cook it again. Wish I can try your version one day, looks so yummy!

  12. MaryMoh,
    It's just like cooking rice, but with some additions.
    No sauteing, saves work.
    When will u be coming back?

    Blessed Homemaker,
    One day. I know you can eat garlic again.
    The disorder won't be with you forever.

  13. I like how you can switch fries for rice back home. A friend of mine buys KFC and cooks his own rice to eat with the chicken!

  14. Wendy, is 2 cloves of garlic or 2 whole garlic? if 2 cloves it look very little garlic for me..Usually when I cook Japanese fried garlic rice, i use at least 1 whole big garlic..Anyway, I must try your version of garlic rice when i cook turmeric chicken next time, I bet my kids will love this rice.

  15. pigpigscorner,
    Oh use the KFC as a dish.
    In Indonesia, white rice is offered in KFC.

    It's 2 cloves, not two bulbs.
    This is just the amount for 1 cup of raw rice.
    I believe if you cook for your family, you will cook more than 1 cup right?
    When the garlic is not sauteed before added to the rice, the taste is rather pungent compared to fried garlic. Feel free to use more according to your liking.

  16. I like this! Too bad Klang takde MFM la...I used to go to the one at Sunway. Now usually we eat it at Nando's. Hmm, maybe I'll try this!

  17. I love garlic rice! I dun really like garlic but funny enough, I simple adore garlic, the best garlic rice I ate was in Philippines, yummy! I am going to try cooking your recipe, looks tempting too.

  18. Oh thanks for your inspiration! I'll make this later for my lunch. I think add a few pandan leaves would be nice too! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Meldylocks,
    Can go out of Klang ma.
    Hope ur family likes this.


    I don't like to eat garlic on its own too, but I like food cooked with garlic :)

    Kitchen Corner,
    Yeah, could add that too.
    But I'm worried it'll overpower the garlic.

  20. Thanks for sharing another easy recipe, and I love the golden hue of this, looks so inviting!

  21. HKChoo,
    Simple recipes used to be the main concept of this blog. Somehow deviated a bit with time :)

  22. Wendy,
    can I ask for the butter, do you need to melt it before you add to the rice?

  23. Hanushi,
    there's no need to melt it, as the cooking will melt it later

  24. Oh, the garlic rice!
    One of my favourite in MFM.
    I MUST try this out! =)
    Thanks for sharing this.

  25. i serve garlic rice with asparagus fried
    and fish curry.. yummy...

  26. Hi Wendy
    Thanks for sharing this, cos I love garlic rice! Any chance that you have a recipe for the seafood platter served at MFM? It's be wonderful to cook the whole dish up at home... Thanks!

  27. Hi Wendy, won't the rice be tasteless since there's only 1 tsp of salt added to it?


  28. kiki,
    Tasteless or not, depends on how you look at it.
    This is eaten with a savoury meat dish so you won't want too much salty stuff. So, it's pretty much ok for us.

  29. i lovethe garlic rice from manhanttan! For the garlic can i minced it until very finely? As I have a garlic press and it will crush garlic until very finely.

  30. Hi there! So glad you've tried out this garlic rice !! I love the one at manhattan and i believe i would adore yours too!
    Back to the question, as i've not really cooked any other rice except the normal white rice and fried rice. I'm wondering do i put everything together - which means all non-cooked into the rice steamer and steam everything??

    Thanks!! :)

  31. Lynnn,
    Yup, just cook it the way you cook your rice, all in, raw

  32. Just wonder why we can't use jasmine rice?

  33. Anon (please leave a name)
    Simply because it has more 'stick'.
    but if you prefer it to be that way, you may.
    This rice is supposed to be loose.

  34. dear Wendy, made this garlic rice with slightly more butter and it taste just great! Thank you very much for sharing :)


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