Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Banana and Honey Bread

Yes, Banana bread, literally. A true kneaded bread.

There “was” no butter or oil in the recipe, but I used some melted butter to coat the dough balls when I put then into the pan, so that they won’t stick to each other.

This is an Angmoh(caucasian) bread. Do not expect super soft, like pillow type of Asian bread. It was soft when fresh from oven, but turns harder quite fast. My kids finished up the pan of bread by dinner time, and it was still ok, not very very hard. As Jamie says, this is a chewy bread. So exercise your gums a bit.

Banana and Honey Bread
Source: Jamie Oliver

250gm bread flour
1 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
1 and 1/2 tsp instant yeast
180gm bananas, mashed
2 Tbsp honey
25gm chopped nuts (walnuts or almonds, as you fancy)
Few teaspoons of water if needed
Some melted butter
Some honey for brushing
Some almond flakes for sprinkling

1. Mix bread flour, yeast , salt and sugar together.
2. Pour in mashed bananas and honey, and incorporated everything into a dough.
3. Do not be tempted to put in water too soon, not until you have pressed everything into a dough. It will come together, but it will be hard. If too hard, then add water by the teaspoon until a more pliable dough is achieved.
4. Knead dough until it is smooth and elastic. Put in the nuts and knead until well incorporated.
5. Cover dough and let it proof for 1 hour or until double.
6. Punch down dough and give it another 2 minutes of kneading.
7. Pinch a bit of the dough, about the size of a lime (not calamansi, but if you like it really small, you can make them that size) and roll them into balls. Repeat until all the dough is finished.
8. Line one 8 inch pan with baking paper.
9. Dip each ball of dough into melted butter, make sure all surface is rolled in the melted butter.
10. Arrange the buttered dough balls into the lined pan.
11. Let it proof until double again for about another 45-60 minutes.
12. Preheat oven at 190C (that’s according to JO, but I do it at 170)
13. Generously brush some honey over proofed buns and sprinkle some sliced almonds over it.
14. Bake for 20 minutes or until nicely caramelized.


  1. These must have filled the whole house with banana aroma while baking! They look good. No wonder your kids polished off the lot! Bread without butter and egg tends to harden easily.

  2. Look the miniature buns...they are so cute :D

  3. Interesting...never heard of real banana bread. I like Asian bread better than American. If you just look at the bread, yours looks like Asian bread. :)

  4. look so cute and flavourful, but my kids prefer soft buns, slim chance for me to try this out.

  5. I prefer soft bun but these buns does caught my attention, the look is so tempting.

  6. It looks really soft from the opened up bun... but kids always go for the soft ones instead of exercising their gum muscle...hehe

  7. Such cute looking little buns! Hmmm... Looking at the ratio of the liquid to dry ingredients, can imagine the bread is slightly harder/ chewy. But if you all finish in one day, then no problem la!

  8. look so much alike like my mini butter buns but in banana flavor! i think i will love it =D~

  9. Wendy, i like it pop in the mouth size, just as cute! With banana, it must be full of flavour.

  10. This is awesome! it just shot down my try this....looks like cokodok pisang :P

  11. =0 A real banana bread. Looks good. And the small buns are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Busygran,
    Yup, I might try this again, with a major tweaking with the recipe


    Oh no.. they are not. Don't be fooled.

    You can try this out with your favourite bread recipe, just replace the banana with the liquid used

    Just look only, if make, please tweak the recipe

    My kids somehow dunno why love this bread. I have no idea why. hahaha!!!

    The only water here comes from the banana.
    They could finish it, is because I only made so little, it fitted a shallow 8 inch pan only.

    Jess Ktichen,
    They are not as soft as yours, 100% sure!

    Hearty Bakes,
    Flavourful yes, tasty.. uhhh.. so so la

    Cekodok pisang is far far nicer than this, hahah!!


  13. butter but yet looks soft and fluffy. You can knead well looking at the texture :) Well done. I might try this out when the Piggy gal is back :)

  14. Elin,
    It's not soft and fluffy, trust me.
    It's rather dense.
    Change the recipe should u want to try

  15. I have tried this sometime. It was good when eaten warm.

  16. Very cute little bread, but my family prefers a softer version of bread, thanks for sharing anyway :)

  17. You are right. The angmoh bread will get hard once it cools down but zapping 20 seconds in the microwave will soften it up again. I like the additional of bananas in this bread. Another great idea to use up the over-riped bananas.

  18. Edith,
    Ya, I saw it on ur blog too.
    But it doesn't stay warm for long, haha!!

    U're welcomed

    Yup, but I made a very small amount of this, so, it didn't stay that long for it to be microwaved. This bread is chewy, just like Jamie said it is.

  19. the size of the breads area very small and cute:) i guess its very convenient to bring them to work/skol as lunch or tea break~ haha

  20. I've never tried to make a yeasted banana bread- it sounds quite intriguing. I love the size of these, too- just right!

  21. I've not baking for quite a while. My hands are itchy now...

  22. These miniature buns look cute and yummy.

  23. WyYv,
    Small and cute, perfect for kids :)

    Pop sized pieces :)

    Little Inbox,
    Then don't wait, but please alter the recipe :)

    Yummy Koh,

  24. Ok, this sounds and looks soooo good! Bookmarked!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  25. Mary,
    Hope u like this
    Thanks for dropping by

  26. I really like the idea of these banana rolls or bread, sounds good and looks great.

  27. Wow, your banana bread looks tasty and unique! If you're looking for other great banana bread recipes, here's a collection I found:
    Banana Bread Recipes

  28. hey wendy,

    mine turned out really hard on the outer layer. any reason for it? I didnt dip the dough into butter but I followed the rest of the steps. and did you use really ripe bananas (skin is more brown than yellow)? Thanks!


  29. yz,
    I used local bananas called "Pisang emas" which were ripe and soft, but not like brown.
    Did you leave the bread exposed during proofing?

  30. Yes during the 2nd proofing. I realized that was the reason why it turned out hard. but it came soft after microwaving it. i might not have kneaded the dough long enough too. the dough wasnt sticking together so i decided to add more water to make it stick. could that be a reason too?


  31. yz,
    Oh, never expose ur bread during proofing. The surface will dry up and you will get a very hard crust. Extra water won't cause the bread to be hard. This bread is not soft like Asian breads, but chewy. But the crust should not be hard.

  32. hi wendy, im a total beginner and my bread turns out to be little rocks..i wonder if it didnt rise well because of not enough kneading time (i tried half recipe, 1st knead for 30mins, didnt add water and the dough was pretty stretchy) but i didnt wait until it doubled before i knead it for the second time.(by this time it felt rather dried. i let it proof inside my oven becoz it has glass window) i dip into margarine and brush honey over it but it turned to be extremely hard exterior. wonder what should i do to make it better? thq very much!

  33. Peggyanagi,
    Proofing is important to a bread's texture.
    Did you left ur bread uncovered during the 1st proofing?
    If the bread is properly risen, it won't be like rocks. Insufficient kneading may cause the texture to be not as soft but definitely won't be rocks as long as the bread has risen. It's the yeast that causes bread to rise, not the amount of kneading done. Even if you don't knead it, the bread will still rise because of the yeast's activities.
    BTW, this bread is not the soft soft type, but chewy type.

  34. i made this today! and it worked out well for me because instead of using bread flour (hi in gluten which makes the bread tougher) i subbed it for plain all purpose flour! I guess thats the reason why my turned out slightly fluffier!

    Also, when kneading the dough, it could be tough initially and you'll not achieve the smooth and elastic texture (mine was heavy and tearing) But after the first proof, it turned out well!

    Didn't trust the recipe when many reviews said it was hard But this recipe is a keep for those looking for low cholesterol and diabetic choice!! I'll make it for my parents again :)

    PS: Over riped bananas are easier to smash!

    Thanks for re-shuffling the recipe together.

  35. Sophy,
    Thanks for the heads up about plain flour.
    Oh, I never made this again.
    But if I were to, I'll add in some baking soda so that the acids from the banana will be neautralized a bit. I tried neutralizing the banana with a steamed banana bun and it came out really nice.
    It's could be one of Jamie's worst recipes, LOL.


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