Monday, October 25, 2010

Cassava Cake, not kuih


Yes, cassava cake, not cassava kuih. This is cake, soft and fluffy like a cake. Not fluffy like sponge cake, but like a butter cake, at least not as dense like kuih.

Sigh… my cake smelt of durian. The reason? My FIL kept some durians, not air tight, in the freezer where I kept 10 blocks of butter. What can I say…???? Nothing, just kept quiet. I only realized the butter smelt of durian when I took a piece and used. The whole batter smelt of durian….when baked, it still smell and tasted durian, bit not too much, but it’s distracting.

Inspired by Mat Gebu. I adapted from his adaptation from AlongRoz ( who adapted from BTW, is this AlongRoz the same Roz from HomeKreation?
His recipe uses yellow food colouring, but mine didn’t, cos I used yellow cassava. Feel free to use some colouring, if you wish to.

As for the cassava, I measured it after I peeled, grated and squeezed it. Before I squeezed it, it felt wet, but after I squeezed it, it was as moist as freshly grated coconut. Not too dry though. And I packed it tight into a measuring cup, to see how much it’ll be. Cos I found that some tapioca planted elsewhere may have a higher amount of moisture. Therefore it is hard to gauge how much to use in weight before squeezing. So, I measured it after I squeezed, and use volume rather than weight to measure for the sake of those having moist cassavas.

Cassava Cake
Adapted from Mat Gebu who adapted from AlongRoz (

190gm butter
160gm sugar
3 large eggs
½ Tbsp vanilla extract
½ cup evaporated milk (I used so much more, cos I read wrongly, but not a bad decision :p)
140gm self raising flour (or substitute with 140gm cake flour + 1/2 Tbsp baking powder)
1 cup packed tightly, finely grated squeezed dry cassava (about 300gm, how much it weighs depends on how dry it is)

1. Preheat oven at 160/180C.
2. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy
3. Put in eggs, one by one, beating well after each addition.
4. Put in vanilla and beat for a while.
5. Put in half the flour and mix, then half the milk. Repeat the flour and milk sequence.
6. Fold in grated cassava.
7. Pour batter into a lined 9 inch square pan (You can use 8 inch, just that you’ll get a higher cake, I like mine shorter)
8. Level the surface and bake for 40 mins or until surface is golden and toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Something’s missing, just like when we bake with pandan, coconut is a must. Maybe same goes for this. I think I’ll either replace the evaporated milk with coconut milk or put in freshly grated coconut. And I’ll definitely reduce the butter in this. A bit too oily in my opinion. 115gm may have been enough. The sweetness is just nice, no need to adjust.


  1. Looks lovely, the golden yellow colour of the kuih-like cake. Will try this cos my hub loves tapioca.

  2. very beautiful golden colour. I love this traditional kuih and you did well...yummy!

  3. Another golden bake...was it a lot of work to grate the cassava? My mum used to buy readily-grated ones from one particular market for the cassava kuih, so I have never handled one from scratch.

  4. Oh yea, coconut milk will definitely make it perfect.

  5. Busygran,
    It's nothing like a kuih. It's an absolute cake.
    Just that it has a regular kuih ingredient in it.
    Hope ur hubby will like this.

    No, this is not a kuih.
    But anyway, thanks

    Not too difficult, I'd say, if you used the same grater as I did this time. If you checked my previous cassava kuih post, you can see the grater I used that was difficult.

    Little inbox,
    You think so too, right?

  6. Yes, that AlongRoz is me. You can see my posting in here:
    Just some tips, you need to grate the tapioca really fine & leave it in the sieve for 1/2 hour will do. No need to squeeze & you will get lovely soft cake just like butter cake & not coarse.

  7. I agree that coconut milk is the missing item.It would be nice to mix coconut milk to the evaporated milk ( half milk and half coconut milk ) would be great. Thanks Wendy for sharing this, I will try this when I get some cassava.

  8. Love the golden colour of your cake, just looks like bingka cassava. May I ask you, why we need to squeeze dry cassava? I never bake any cassava cake before, but I like to eat. I forgot where I read, sometimes why the cake can be bitter, do you know why? Thanks.

  9. Wow the smell of durian is powerful ya! I do understand your fuss, that always happen in my house too :P.

    Wendy, this is an interesting cake, I am keen to give it a try cos probably my inlaws will like it :).

  10. lovely to see this in cake form other than the usual kuih variety. i just uprooted one of my cassave plants last weekend & had steamed them.

  11. i love the color of the cake! makes my day brighter. looks good wendy =D

  12. Home Kreation,
    Because this recipe uses evaporated milk, which has a higher water content than condensed milk that you used, I squeezed it dry, so that it won't be too wet.
    Thanks for the tips, and I'll try it with a finer grater the next time.

    I think use coconut milk with condensed milk will be great, so that can put more coconut milk in :) I love coconut milk, kekeke.

    Cassava can be bitter due to the cyanide compound found naturally in it. But not all varieties are bitter. The more bitter it is, the more cyanide it has. Squeezing bitter varieties will eliminate most of the cyanide and the bitterness. But for the cake, I just want less moisture from the cassava, due to the increment of evaporated milk that I used.

    Jess Bakericious,
    eh, u try with coconut milk instead of evaporated milk la. I think it'll be much better.

    Petite nyonya,
    Oh, steamed cassava is nice.. I saw a caramel sauce recipe not too long ago to go with the steamed ones.

    Jess Kitchen,
    Thanks. It's very bright today, sun is shining happily :) Too happily, LOL.

  13. love this new way of cassava cake, ya, i feel the same if coconut milk is added then it will be more nicer. Ya, about the red bean after bake blind, actually I don't know what to do also, I just put into a plastic bag and kept in the fridge for future use...

  14. I actually bookmarked this recipe a long time ago but it is from Lily's blog but have yet to try it. I will take note on the coconut milk if I bake mine. Have to get some frozen cassava the next time I shop at the Vietname store.

  15. hi wendy, i think i would love to try out this cake one day and with the contagious durian smell, i'm sure your guests would have thought you have added durian in it.ha!!

  16. Sonia,
    Thanks, I really look forward to know what did you do with the beans.

    I think coconut milk and condensed milk will make a really wicked cake :)

    Actually I was the only one disturbed by the smell. My sense of smell is usually very sensitive. Not easy to endure the rest of the bakes, all infused with durian :) But I was the only one.

  17. I love cassava, will definitely tried out this.

  18. Cassava cake with a hint of durian? Interesting =P and 10 blocks of butter???!!

  19. Reminds me of our cassava cake in the Philippines...but our version is a lot more richer. We use coconut milk and condensed milk. It also has a sweet and creamy topping made from condensed milk, coconut milk and cheese... seeing your post made me miss it :)

  20. pigpigscorner,
    Hahaha, yup, 10 blocks of interesting butter.
    By now, they have all finished.

    Oh please make that. I would love to learn the Filipino version.

  21. Maybe you should have named this cassava durian cake instead? :P

    I like cassava but they are not easily available in the supermarket near me, only wet markets but I don't visit them at all.

  22. Blessed Homemaker,
    Err... the durian wasn't added on purpose ler, so cannot rename it.
    Maybe ask ur mom to buy you some, if she ever sees some ;p

  23. Hi Wendy,
    Today, whole day dedicated to reading your blog. The more I read the more I am amaze and admire your capability. You are a mother with children to take care, yet you are so well with not only cakes and bake but food, dishes and then there is your blog! I am sure you surf the net for ideas and inspiration as well. How do you juggle? How do you manage your time? Amazing, absolutely amazing. And I am also a big big fan of Australia Masterchef, as I am living in Bribane.
    You are indeed a wonder woman and you made us proud.


  24. Shou,
    Thank you so much.
    God has blessed me well that I could manage everything til so far :)

  25. This looks amazing...i am making this too...oh my yum!

  26. i have been repeating doing this both with evap milk or mixture of milk and santan ..both are great.And i did use finer grater to grate and measured approx 1 cup squeezed cassava..since my hb like it sweeter, i added about a tabsp more..thx


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