Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raspberry Lime Cheesecake Bars

I had some digestive biscuits that I bought almost a year ago because they were on offer and Lydia at that time was loving them, but after I bought them she stopped eating them. So, well, I kept them until now.

I had some cream cheese left from my Mango Cotton Cheesecake experiment

I had a bottle of Raspberry jam, newly bought from Jusco the other day.

I had some whipping cream, frozen, left over since the White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry compote.
When they have been frozen, they can’t be whipped again, therefore can only be used for cooking or cheesecakes.

I have butter, eggs and sugar, definitely at home.

Then I saw this at Peabody’s. Ah-ha, I could just adapt my stuff and make this.

But alas.. it didn’t came up as it was as Peabody’s . Because I used more egg and less cream cheese, the batter was more liquidy and didn’t support the raspberry jam. Oh.. nevermind. Just eat it as cheesecake. Just as nice.

The lime thing was really good. Sour, tangy, and the crust was limey..

Raspberry Lime Cheesecake Bars

150gm cream cheese
30gm sugar
1 egg
4 Tbsp lime juice (from 4-5 limes)
40gm whipping cream
¼ cup raspberry jam, warmed to liquefy a bit

120gm digestive biscuits, crushed into fine crumbs
30gm butter, melted
1 Tbsp sugar
½ Tbsp lime zest(from 2 limes)

1. Preheat oven at 160/180C
2. Line a 7 inch square pan with overlapping baking paper.
3. Combine crushed digestive biscuits, butter, sugar and lime zest and mix well. Press into lined pan.
4. Bake crust for 10 minutes.
5. Meanwhile prepare cream cheese filling. Whisk cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Put in egg and mix until smooth. Put in whipping cream and mix again. Then lime juice and mix.
6. When crust is baked, leave it to cool slightly. Pour cream cheese filling onto crust and dot with 1/3 tsp of warmed raspberry jam, all over.
7. Bake for another 30 minutes until filling is all firm and the top has taken on some colour.

** The raspberry jam don't seem to be in dollops are being baked, but rather spread out on the bottom fo the cheese filling ontop of the crust.


  1. I didn't know that whipped cream frozen still can be used. I used to throw away those leftover. Next time I will freeze it up. Thanks for the tip.

  2. The bars look delicious! Wish I can have a few slices for dessert =P
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow those cheesecake bars look so tempting... Wish I could grab one...

  4. perfect treat for tea break or after dinner dessert thumbs up!

  5. Wendy...lovely cheesecake bars you have there...great after food dessert for me :) thanks for sharing another great recipe with us.

  6. Edith,
    Frozen whipped cream can be used... just that it can't be whipped.

    Make some, then you can have as many slices that you want. :)

    Vasavi Suresh,
    Oh please help urself :)

    Jess Kitchen,
    I ate them as midnight snacks :)

  7. lol wendy pls do not tempt me with midnight snacks i'm trying to shed some kilos here

  8. Don't we always have this or that leftovers? At least you've come up with something tasty for tea!
    I'm beginning to like cheesy stuff. Do I smell a mouse? :P

  9. Elin,
    thanks and you'r welcomed

    Jess Kitchen,

    Yeah, a lot of times, I'm trying to clear something, and buying other things to help clear up that initial thing. Back to square one. Cheesy stuff is an acquired taste, once u like it, there's no turning back, and the liking gets stronger as time goes by.

  10. Wendy, if only i'm as creative as you. I have lotsa left over ingredients too. I must learn to "mix & match" them and fully utilise them :)
    Love those pretty bars you made!

  11. Good stuff! you make me tempted to make it. :)

  12. Wendy, the whipping cream is dairy right? I didnt know can be frozen leh, thanks for the info. The cheesecake bar still looks great, the combination looks good.

  13. This is nice...I'll like to have a slice please...haha! Looks very delicious. Okay, bookmarked!!! Thanks for sharing..:)

  14. Sonia,

    Hearty Bakes,
    Yeah, if not it'll be wasteful.

    LOL. I'm being a temptress here.

    JEss Bakericious,
    I rarely use non dairy. Yes it is dairy. Can freeze, you can cook or bake with the frozen dairy cream, but can't whip it only.

    Let me know when u've made it. I'd love to know the feedback.

  15. ohhh so lovely! would love a try on this yum!

  16. I bet the slight tang from the raspberry jam with the creamy cheese is a nice combo. I love cheese cakes but not my family, so I seldom bake it... Only can drool over yours, lol!

  17. aiwei,
    Hope u'll love this

    The tang from the rasp is nothing compared to the tang from the lime. It absolutely overpowered the rasp. This cheesecake bar is not very big, just 1 cm tall, for a 7 inch pan.
    I think you can consume this yourself :)

  18. Wooooohoooo..must very heavenly to bite on those bars! can you give me some? =P

    Coraine @ life is like a long journey

  19. I have not even try to bake cheese cake, and here comes the cheese cake bar, hehe...
    It looks definitely good. Anymore left?

  20. Jennifurla,

    I'm sorry that can't be done, it's been long long time I made this.

    Little Inbox,
    If you ask me few months back, still got geh :)

  21. HAHA! Lydia tukar hao mei so fast one kah? HAHA!

    Eh, I made cheesecake bars before ... It's like the lazy man's method to make cheesecake ... basic flavor one. Good enough for me. But yours sure have more kick from the raspberry preserve and lime!

  22. Pei-Lin,
    that time when she loved those biscuits, she loved spicy food, but now don't eat anything with a hint of spiciness oredi.
    Kids ma, one day they smother u with kisses, the next they give u hell. Hahaha!!!

  23. Great, then I can buy 1L whipping cream, more economical than small packet :P Thanks ya.


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