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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pumpkin Velvety Butter Cake

Another pumpkin bake. Haha, it's fun to do things in a row.

I loved the texture of pumpkin in cakes, like my soft pumpkin cake. It made the cake taste so smooth. So this time, I tried to make a pumpkin butter cake, and the best reason is that I'm going to meet some bloggers. Good opportunity to get help finish the cake, Muahahahahaha!!!! I'm not going to list them here, as you might have seen this pic elsewhere yonks ago, hahaha. It's boring to read it over and over again, so I'm not going to bore you with this

I had no recipe for this, so as usual, I just dumped things in. Dump, nice word. I like it.

Pumpkin Velvety Butter Cake
Recipe source: Wendyywy

200gm sugar
200gm butter
Seeds scraped from 1 vanilla
5 large eggs
300gm cake flour sifted together with 1 tsp baking powder
200gm soft steamed pumpkin flesh (no need to puree )
Handful of pumpkin seeds

1. Preheat oven to 160/180C. Line a 8 inch square pan
2. Beat sugar, butter and vanilla until light and fluffy.
3. Add in eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
4. Add in half of sifted flour, on low speed then beat until well combined.
5. Put in pumpkin and beat until all mushed up.
6. Put in remaining flour and beat until just combined.
7. Pour batter into prepared pan and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.
8. Bake for 50 minutes or until done when tested with a skewer.

The pumpkin gave the cake a velvety feel. Very fine and the texture is fabulous.
Glad my experiment worked out fine. LOL. Yeah, those bloggers were my guinea pigs, but I guess they were happy guinea pigs, right gals???

I met almost all of them the next day in another meeting, with additional few like Tracie and Meldylocks


  1. gebu semacam kek nih macam nak ngap skrin lappy jerk! haha... btw epi CNY wendy! banyak tak buat biskut? meh anto sebalang ke jepong! hihi

  2. hana,
    anto sane abis berderai.
    hanyo buat tat nenas dan agar kering je utk beraya, lain dah abis masuk perut. kekekeke.

  3. looks moist and soft, Wendy, I love the color of this butter cake too.

  4. Wendy, your posts coming in fast and furious! Cannot keep up with the reading! But I love it, er..... I mean the cake Heehee!

  5. This cake really look soft and moist.

  6. Hi Wendy, i wish u a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, i saw you blog from Hana, OMG, so many cake, tips and the picture look gorges...

  7. been collecting lotta pumpkin recipes seen coming here!! this is one sure-to-do..hopefully..nice cake texture! happy sweet chinese new year!!

  8. Looks really delicious and I love the fine texture of the cake...going to bookmark this for future bakes:D Thanks for sharing.

  9. *Speechless* *drop-dead-gorgeous*

    Wendy.. you are driving me on a compulsive eating binge...


  10. The cake really looks v velvety. I will b most willing to be your guinea pig. Haha...

  11. Jess Bakericious,
    It's the colour of the pumpkin :)
    Sunny and cheerful

    Swee San,
    Oh lucky me! Hahaha.

    hahaha, I've been posting daily for almost a year.

    Yummy Koh,
    Yes it is.

    Watie Rose,

    u are a pumpkin lover eh, hahaha.

    sure, hope to see it in the future

    save those binges for CNY, ahaha.

    then you have to be early to queue for it, haha.

  12. The texture is really nice! Very successful baking!

  13. Hmmm, that sounds delicious. It looks so silky and velvety and spongy, and so pretty and golden too. I'm sure it was delicious...

  14. The texture and colour of the cake look really nice, make me feeling like making it straightaway since I have a quarter pumpkin at home.

    May I know did u mash the cooked pumpkin flesh?

  15. Hi Wendy..
    dua tiga hari ni asyik pumpkin jer..
    tapi nampak sedap dan gebu kek tu...warna sangat menarik..

  16. I like your anyhow dump in cake. It look soft and buttery. :)

  17. the texture looks really fine, lovely..pumpkin bread next ??

  18. Another ladies party? :-)) The butter cake looks great!

  19. Wendy, Wow, I wish I can just dump things in and come out with a delicious cake like this. Nice pictures. You all look like you had great time:D

  20. Haven't tried pumpkins in cake before but it sounds real good!

  21. I've been waiting for this recipe since I saw the picture of it from your meet up with the ladies. The cake look so soft. Can't wait to try this out since I still have a bit of frozen pumpkin.

  22. What a gorgeous bake, love the top especially.

  23. Little Inbox,

    It was delicious, for us :p

    Cook.Bake. Love,
    As stated in the recipe, no. It'll get mashed up during the mixing process

    huhuhu,takde lah. Mana sampai 3 hari, 2 je.

    Happy FLour,
    I've a lot of dump in recipes in the blog, the apple crumble was an dump in whatever cake too.

    Haha, no woh. I made another pumpkin cake for a blogger I met few days after that and no more looo.

    Haha, as always, hard to find male recipe bloggers here.

    Quay Po,
    Thanks. We all sure had a good time.

    The texture is greatly altered by the pumpkin. It feels velvety in the mouth.

    Hahaha, why you never told me so? It could take 6 months sometimes for a recipe to be posted. I could just email u ler.


  24. Jenn@ChasingFoodDreamsJanuary 27, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    this looks really soft and fluffy, I ll make this for my mom for CNY... thanks so much!

  25. Hi,
    Your cake look so delicious.
    If i dun have cake flour what should is just? just normal plain flour will do? or Self Raising one? Any pumpkin will do too?

  26. Dorcas,
    Frankly, I've never worked with many varieties of pumpkins and there's only one type here.
    But I hear some varieties are sweeter than the others. So, I can't advise u on that.
    Go for self raising then, since baking powder is also required in this recipe.
    Is extra-fine plain flour or any low gluten flour available there?
    It's the equivalent of cake flour.

  27. Wow! you should be a crowned the Pumpkin queen. And I should ship you my three home grown pumpkins. Do you use CABOCHA - Japanese Pumpkin or like the American 'halloween' type pumpkin?

  28. thanks wendy,
    sorry, one last question, if i use SR flour, do i still need to use baking powder?
    I'll try to find a low gluten flour.I know we have gluten free one, is that OK?

  29. Bee with Style,
    None of those.
    Jap ones are green skinned with yellowish flesh right?
    And American ones are shiny orange skin ones right?
    Here we only have matte beige orangy skinned pumpkins, Aww, next time I'll post a pic of how the pumpkins look like.
    We only have that variety here.

    No, skip the baking powder.
    Don't use the gluten free one. U still need some gluten. Actually the pumpkin makes the cake so tender that you can even use regular plain flour, only that the crumb might be coarser.

  30. Yeap, I was a happy gal =) my neck is damn long now from waiting for this Thanks! must make this for my hubs to try.

  31. Oh, this looks so lovely! I have to try this. I need to get some pumpkin!

  32. pigpigscorner,
    Haha. I hope the boar likes it.

    Sure get some :)

  33. hi wendy,
    today i tried baking this cake from your post. the result is good but i reduce the butter to 170g, sugar 100g and add 1 handful of chocolate chips..the result is truly DELICIOUS!! usually if i eat butter cake i'll feel butterfly in my stomach but this cake is not so oily and you can taste the texture of egg in it very well..
    i love it!!

  34. Janetan,
    Glad you loved this with your own modifications.
    But do bear in mind that sugar plays a role in retaining moisture in cakes.

  35. hi wendy,
    oo..sugar is important for retaining the moisture of the cake.. i reduce it because of my MIL is watching over her sugar level.. how many percentage can i reduce so that the cake won't be too dry and the sweetness won't be too sweet...

    thanks for your reminder of this. i learnt something about this ingredient that might affect the cake texture..

  36. Janetan,
    Well since u added in choc chips of which contained sugar as well, it will sweeten the cake too. So, if u insist on the chips, then for ur MIL's sake, 100gm should be sufficient. Actually this cake on itself is not very sweet.
    If usual Angmoh recipes, for this flour amount, they will call for 400gm of sugar. So, my recipe is sort of tuned down oredi in terms of ratio flour:sugar.

  37. hi wendy,
    so next time if using your recipe then i won't need to reduce any sugar amount.. yea, angmoh always use lots of sugar... thanks again...

  38. Janetan,
    It's still up to your disgression to reduce or not, as our tastebuds may not be the same, but just don't over do it, just incase the cake gets too dry.

  39. May I substitute the vanilla with essence? How much essence should I use?

  40. hi Wendy,
    Is 200gm pumpkin before steam or after? Thanks

  41. Anonymous,
    1 tsp should be sufficient.
    200gm pumpkin is steamed, as the description says, soft steamed pumpkin flesh.

  42. He llegado a tu blog, por este postre tan rico, que haré dentro de poco, ya te contaré como me quedó. Te sigo que me encantan todas tus recetas.
    Besos desde España.

  43. How big is a large egg? I'm in overseas. And we have large & extra large eggs too. Do you think 4 extra large eggs will be enough?

  44. Anonymous,
    The information is in my ABOUT.
    65gm with shells on
    Sorry, but I have no idea how large is the Extra Large.

  45. Hello Wendy. How are you? I knew your blog through a friend of mine, Ann Lee. She is a very good baker. I have just tryout this pumpkin cake and it turned out the cake is dense and rubbery. I have tried abit and it smell like egg. As I am new in baking I dont really know what is wrong in my method. Will appreciate your advice as I love pumpkin alot. Thanking you in advance. Nicole Wong

  46. Nicole,
    I wonder how long it take you from step 4-6.
    Let me know and I'll answer u further

  47. Eeeer. . . I dun really know how long wor but I think I am abit slow lar. How long should it be then? Hey u in KK. My in laws in Sg Siput. Very near to your place. My hubby likes to go to KK to eat laksa. I came back here twice a month.

  48. always great to see malays commenting in a chinese's blog and see people replying in malay bahasa pasar - shows how well interactive you are with other races. patutnya kerajaan masukkan syllabus mandarin dan tamil juga selain BM dan BI dalam kurikulum sekolah. baru 1 malaysia gitu!

  49. Anonymous (pls leave a name),
    Frankly, I won't categorise my Malay as bahasa pasar, but more like bahasa basahan,
    Bahasa pasar will mix in some Chinese, with improper grammar arrangement, like, "Lu kasi ini macam, gua kepala pusing", you do like this, it's giving me headaches.
    The way I speak Malay is like the way they speak, the homestyle everyday spoken Malay, with some Malay slangs thrown in sometimes. Even though Malay has been taught in Chinese school for ages, but it's hard to find one from the Chinese school that doesn't speak in Bahasa Pasar. I was never educated in a Chinese school, FYI, maybe that's why I don't speak Bahasa Pasar.

  50. New to this space..What a lovely cake..Will try this soon. Check my blog too.

  51. Hi Wendy, I am gg to bake this cake. What does seeds scrapped from 1 vanilla means?

  52. For the pumpkin seeds,do you mean we use the seeds from the pumpkin flesh to sprinkle on top? I always throw the seeds away, thought is not edible.

  53. Jasmine,
    That's how we use the vanilla bean, scrape the seeds out and use the seeds.
    You can replace with 1 tsp vanilla extract if you don't have vanilla bean.
    I used store bought pumpkin seeds that comes without shells

  54. I really have a lot to learn, really have no idea about vanilla bean. Can I use vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract?

  55. Jasmine,
    Sure u can. The only difference between the two is real and artificial. Functions the same way.

  56. Hi Wendy, I have baked the cake today.I baked for 50min, skewer came out clean but I find that the crust is not brownish enough, look very yellowish, so I baked about 7min longer.The cake is really delicious, but I failed to get the look of your cake. My top and bottom are thick crust,and the inside looked more like kuay than cake. I followed your steps exactly, but I use vanilla essence and plain flour. My pumpkin is steamed till really soft, a bit on the dark side already. Hmm...why it doesn't look like your cake?

  57. Jasmine,
    There is no prob with using plain flour and vanilla essence.
    Did you open the oven door halfway when baking?
    which temperature did you use?

  58. I baked at 180. After 50min, I opened oven to insert skewer, that's all. I always take the highest temperature whenever I see the recipe, is it wrong?

  59. Jasmine,
    how is the baking time with other cakes?
    what type of oven it is?

  60. Hmm.. So far, I never baked 50min before.I used Samsung, is a convection oven.

  61. Jasmine,
    When I baked this cake (all bakes prior to 2011), I was using a microwave convection oven too. I keep my cake pan elevated on a rack. My cakes have always turn out like cakes, never kuih, as they all have baking powder in them. When you mentioned your cakes have a thick upper and lower crust, I wonder if you would've used the microwave function instead, but it can't be since you could select the temperature.
    What other cakes have you baked so far ?

  62. Hi Wendy, I am very sure I select the oven mode. I have baked your oiless pandan chiffon cake and light honey butter cake, they are both successful, cake type not kuey.hmm... Next time I try this cake and let you know again.

  63. Dear Wendy....this pumpkin butter cake is awesome!

  64. Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing this recipe. I already made it for marble cake (with a little modification). It's crumbly and soft, my family like it. I rewrite your recipe with modification on my cookpad account thanks for inspiring me ☺


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