Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Caramelized Onions

When I saw these on Zurin's blog, I was totally attracted to the goldeness of the onion strands.

I love onions, be it raw or cooked, in soups or in salads. I love them all. Even when I was a kid, whenever grandaunt cooked sweet and sour fish, she likes to put in lots of sliced onions, and I'll pick those up and eat. Better than the fish itself.

Somehow I regretted using only 1kg of onions,... later you'll know why.

Caramelized Onions
Recipe adapted from Cherry on a Cake

1kg yellow onions
4 tbsp of cooking oil
2 Tbsp worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 Tbsp butter
Salt for seasoning

1.Wash, peel and slice the onions.
2.Put in a 4 Tbsp of oil into a heavy based pot and cook onions on medium low heat. Stirring from time to time until they turn pale golden.
3.Then put in sugar, worcestershire sauce and butter. Season with salt. Then on, stir it all the while.
4. Cook until onion is translucent and nicely golden.
5. Push onions to one side, tilt the pot and let the extra oil flow away from the onions. Let it rest for 15 minutes.
6. Dish up, leaving the extra fat in the pot.

This is the outcome, from the large bowl of sliced onions, I'm left with just one cup of caramelized onions. One hour of effort!!!!! I should've doubled the amount and made more.

Then I filled them into my sausage sandwich.
Tasted absolutely lovely

Filled some for my in laws too


  1. Ah.. this is cool.. i like onions so much :D

  2. Did you make the sandwich bread too? :) and whoa, the onions sure did shrink! The sandwiches look so fresh and yummy! I wish I could try it out.

  3. WyYv,
    Me too :)

    LOL, no. I bought the bread.
    Yeah, super shrunk, right?

  4. I grew up hating onions/spring onions/garlic/ginger etc... and I'll always pick them out whenever my mom cooks them. But when I grow up, I begin to appreciate them. I saw this at Zurin's and shortlisted immediately but yet to try out as I'm the only onion lover in this family. But since it's caramelized, I suppose the kids MIGHT eat it. Your girls like it?

  5. Blessed Homemaker,
    My kids....... The elder one loves onions. When she eats onion rings, she picks out the soft onion inside and leave the crust behind, hahah!!
    Super duper loves onions.
    My younger one.... she prefers soft veggies, and she don't mind if onions are undetectable. It's the crunchy texture of vege she shuns, not the taste. And this caramelized onion is soft and melts in the mouth. I don't think ur kids will notice it.

  6. My daughter and I love onion too, must try this soon.

  7. Caramelized onion always so tasty! Added into sandwich, burger or hotdog sandwich, make everything so yummy! I like to use red onion together with white onion, learn from Jamie Oliver :)

  8. Onion is my favorite vege. But now it's getting more expensive. Using that much of onions to make that ''much'' of caramelized onion is quite wasting...for me......because I can't afford it...hahaha

  9. Drooling..... So good looking! Have to make it this weekend! Gotta go get some onions.... Ok noted 2kg!

  10. so.. what do u do with the remaining fat in the pot?? Fry sausages with it ?? Ok lar I shall make this one of my lunches soon.. how long can they keep (the onions)?? Looking at it, I think it can last me 6 lunches.. HAHAHAHA

  11. What happened to the onions?? LOL. It sure shrank a helluva lot. Thanks for the tip. Will cook 5 kg at a go next time. haha! The whole house will smell of onions!

  12. I love onions too. Must cook it for my lunch tomorrow. :D

  13. This was forgotten after I read Zurin's blog. Now you've jotted my memory. I will make this soon! You've made it so tempting in those sandwiches! Yum! And definitely I will make three times more!

  14. Sonia,
    Try Try!!!

    Kitchen Corner,
    Red and Yellow? Ok, I'll try that next time

    We're lucky as onions are still quite cheap here, all the time.

    I was skimping when I filled the sandwiches. If u want to be generous, do at least 3!!

    Swee San,
    I discarded them. I just boiled the sausages.
    Eh, 6 days, can or not? I was being very kiamsap when I filled the sandwiches. SO difficult to skimp.

    sure 5kg! If your pot can accomodate!

    Belly Good,
    Hope u like it

    Sure! 3 times more seems good!!! very good!

  15. Wah, the onion relish looks really good! Perfect for a juicy burger! I ate this a few times in Sydney.

  16. I used to hate eating onions last time, but now I'm alright with them. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  17. Wow...I like this. I can imagine the taste, must be damn good.

    U mean it took one hour to get it done?? I don't think I have the patience :P

  18. Thanks for the shout out Wendy :) yes you should have made more. Idont remmeber how much I made but it lasted me some time because my kids dont like onion. So they were all for me! :P

  19. Wendy, do you think if I skip the worcestershire sauce, it'll still be good? I got 1kg of yellow $ 1kg of red onions in the morning, gonna make some sandwiches this weekend. No larr, 3kg too much for my hubby & I, not sure my 2 kids will like it or not. :))

  20. Bee,
    Actually the worcestershire sauce is not noticable. It just enhances the whole caramelly thing. Zurin's recipe uses balsamic vinegar and that time, I didn't have it. If u like balsamic vinegar then, by all means use that.

  21. wow! best neh! nak cubelah! ai suker bawang wpon pakcik ai tuh tak suker... gasak dier lah! hahaha

  22. Tried but not blogged yet, thanks for sharing easy recipes as always!

  23. Wendy, how do we store this? I'm thinking of making this a day ahead and use it for breakfast the following day. Too rushed to make it on the same day.


  24. Eleen,
    If it's made the night before then just keep it covered at room temperature.
    But I know some keep them in jars (chilled) and scoop them out as needed, but that is eaten over time.

  25. I love caramelised onions on my sandwiches. It just enhances the whole sandwich experience. :P

    I usually put balsamic vinegar and follow up with water so i can quickly get it to soften (impatient!). I don't use butter though. Just the oil in the beginning.



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