Sunday, December 5, 2010

Need Some of Your Opinion

Sorry Robert

If I take Pei-Lin's literally as you broke the rule, it's 55.55% saying yes to u.
If I take Pei-Lin's answer of letting you in, it's still a 61.11% majority allowing u to continue.

Thank you for participating
And wish you all the best in the lucky draw with your other entries.

To others,
Call me strict, call me a stick, call me a log, a stone, or whatever u may
But don't call me unfair.
Rules or terms and conditions are meant to maintain order. Not to make life hard
Ever seen the Idol competition disqualifying those who can really sing during audition just because they are overage? They never sympathize.
If a country's rule or customs are bent around one's fancy, then, it wouldn't be a nice country to live in.

Well, it's about the pancake giveaway again......

One entry, to me, it has broken rule no.2. But to the participant, he has not, as he only cut it once (time is once), on one occasion. But to me, it's 4 cuts (action, is not once) and it wasn't for photography purposes to show the inside.

This is a picture from his blog post 

I promised him, I'll let my readers decide whether this entry is valid.
Did it or did it not break rule no.2?

I need at least 15 votes (yes or no, if not enough, I'll go with my decision) and with a 66.67% majority of agreeing to let him pass (for any number of valid votes above 15).
Anonymous comments with no names are not counted.

Closing time to comment : 7th Dec 11pm GMT +8


  1. hi, my opinion is that you shouldnt disqualified him..i know what he means..though it looks like 4 cuts but he actually cut out the 4 round edges once in one go and he managed to get the cut out in one piece.

  2. I think his is very creative...You did need a some more creative entries...I wouldn't disqualify him.

  3. Hi,for me it's still 4 cuts

  4. Yeah, I agree with Lena cause in the picture it looks like its been cut once around the edge. So i think it didnt break rule no.4

  5. I see his point. He has dragged the knife across, down, along bottom and up to the top to cut out the square. In his view, ONE cut. Although if the square was made by slicing through with a knife it would be FOUR cuts.
    BUT I read the rules as saying ONE cut FOR showing the filling. So, Disqualified in my book. If he kept sponge pancake WHOLE, filled, rolled and cut to show cross-section, that would be fine - according to rules.

  6. I think we are not taking an exam here and should not be so rigid. In the first place, I would not have set the 'one cut' rule. So I vote to include him.

  7. Looking at the picture, he did it in one swipe, one cut motion. He's in by me! He's a smart one, doing it differently and yet not breaking rules.

  8. For me, he purposely and tried his effort to do it in 1 cut and i think his idea is really great, just let him in...

  9. Shirley,
    If the one cut rule isn't there, then the pancake can be cut into so many shapes and sizes that it's no longer recognisable as a pancake, which is something I want to avoid.
    And you can't blame me for being rigid, I don't want disputes if he ever wins anything and that readers felt I let him pass thru if they feel they broke rule no.2.

    Now if the majority says let him through, then no one should complain later. As you can see, there are some who do not agree and what if they are the ones who complain later??? It's a subjective matter and a contest with no rules is just out of control and even marking exam papers have guidelines on how to give marks and rules.

  10. Hi Wendy,
    I read his blog and in the end he actually made 2 cuts... once to make rectangle and the second to half the roll... so I would say, yup he broke the rule. And I think you are very clear when you said one cut to show the filling... this is not to show the filling!!

    And yes, I agree that you need to be a 'stickler' to the rules or you'll have discontentment among the other participants.


  11. Hwee Mean,
    Counted in or out?
    Sorry as your answer is ambigous, it won't be taken in.

  12. hmm, wendy..IMO, i'll take it as 4 cuts..
    hence, sorry to say, disqualified~

    it's still four cuts no matter how~

  13. I would say that he is an indeed a very creative chap. Perhaps you could let him in because it's the efforts that count after all :)

  14. I think he should be given a chance. Very creative.

  15. Yup. He broke d rule. To b creative, he can do something
    with a theme. Just like 1 of yr reader. Winter wonderland.
    Tats creative. He wants it square, use a square pan next time.
    Sorry, I am not being rude, but rule is rule 2 b fair.

  16. hmm so did he or did he not get in?
    i will like to vote out for him as it does consider as 4 cuts to me?

  17. Ok so after seeing the contest rules again, it did state

    "2. Your pancake is not cut more than once (except for photography purposes to show the inside)"

    But looking at Robert's post again, it looks like it's been cut twice, 1st was to make it square, and the 2nd was to show the innards. If the question was whether the 1st cut (to make it square) once or 4 times, then I'm pretty sure he did it in 1 cut without lifting the knife up. But after reading again, the question was if he broke rule no.2, in this case, I'd say he broke rule no.2.

    So Wendy, I hope I can change my previous vote, to say that he broke rule no.2

    Contest rules are set so the entries are more focused on the product (the pancake) itself. Sorry Robert, maybe next time :)

  18. Wow...interesting here. To me, I understand one cut as not lifting up the knife more than once while cutting. So, it can be any shape. I think it's really the right definition of one cut. On top of that, I am really inspired by all who took part...both for fun and to be more creative. I really feel he should not be disqualified. Hope everyone continues to have fun in cooking and blogging and making friends in the blogosphere. All the best to everyone who took part! :D

  19. Well, he did break rule #2. But then, he made the effort and devoted his heart to this pancake giveaway, which to me, are what that matter. Saya terharu by that! OK? I wouldn't disqualify him.

    Wendy, guru memang guru. Luckily, tak de rotan around. HAHA!

  20. I agree with Swee San. After carefully analysing the blog post, he did broke rule #2. Even though I would very much hope that you give him a chance, but I think a contest is still a contest. There are rules that we have to abide with. The moment one rule is broken, the participant is deemed to be disqualified.
    If go by your contest rules, I would consider him disqualified. :(

  21. Pei-Lin,
    The question was, did it break the rule?
    You said yes, right??? Yes but let him in?
    You make my life confuse la, it's ambiguous la!!!


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