Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leek Omelette and Vote for the Winner!!!

Leeks, pungent eaten raw, but sweet when cooked.

I never knew that leeks can be used to make omelettes until I tasted this at the shop I frequent daily for lunch. Yes, I don't cook my lunch. I do, but once in a blue moon, a really blue one.

As always, I don't like to dump the raw ingredients into the egg, beat and then fry.
I always prefer to saute the ingredients before I add them to the egg. This way, it's a lot lot more fragrant.

You can add chopped dried shrimps to the omelette, and it makes it super dee super delicious. For method, refer to my Chinese Chives Omelette recipe. The recipe I used to survive on just RM50 for a month.

So, how I did this this time,

Leek Omelette
Recipe source : Wendyywy

2 cups sliced leeks, green and white parts (just eye ball it, I used one Cameronian English leek)
3 Eggs
Salt and pepper to taste

1. In a hot wok or pan, heat and put in 1 Tbsp of oil.
2. Put in sliced leeks and saute until soft and some of them seem lightly golden on the edges.
3. Dish up and mix with eggs and some salt and pepper, no need to beat til frothy.
4. Heat a pan or wok on medium heat and put in 2 Tbsp of cooking il. Pour in half the mixture. Spread it around and when the bottom seems firm and golden, flip the omelette to brown the other side.
5. Repeat step 4 to finish up the egg mixture.

Now, let me bother you for the last time about the giveaway.

The vote for the winner.

Before that,
All the entries submitted in, they all look delicious and made with effort and love. But they are a bit within the norm, especially those with ice creams. I also quite liked Jasmine's stacked pancakes sandwiched with homemade "Devon cream", but it's not exciting enough. I was wondering, how come I'm not seeing the pancakes stacked as a cream cake with candles, or topped with pizza toppings and made into a pizza pancake, or even cooked in longish shapes and rolled with some sort of filling, or topped with some not so commonly seen toppings. Or even fry them small and poke them into skewers with fruits and make pancake fruit skewers. Maybe I was giving too much pressure or maybe this giveaway contest came at the wrong time, when everybody is busy with year end exams and holidays. Anyway, I hope very one enjoyed trying out the recipe, and to those who had burnt pancakes and dared not submit, haha, no worries, the cake leveler is up for grabs to the lucky one. Bravo to those who daringly submitted.

Very frankly, I didn't tell u this in advance. Initially, I actually wanted to select my favourite 3 and let my readers select their favourite out of the three.
Not that I love burgers, no..... there are 2 burgers here, ahahah!!! If only those petit fours (haha, the blogger herself should know who I am talking about) came in earlier, it'll be in the top 3 as well, but it came in too late.

And the nominees are...........................................

First Nominee
Lena's Burger Pancake

Second Nominee,
Swee San's Almost Sloppy Joe Pancakes

3rd Nominee
Lena's Pancake Freezing in Snow

Vote vote vote!!!!!
If ever there is a tie, then I'll use a random generator to get an additional vote. But before the winner is decided by the generator, you decide the winner!! Pick your favourite!
Anonymous votes with no names are not counted.

Closing time to vote: Dec 8th 2010, 11pm GMT+8
Winners announcement on Saturday


  1. hi wendy..i dint know the sponge pancake contest still on masa i buat this pancake. apa pun, my family and me like this sponge pancake.. thank you

    i vote for 1st nominee.. enjoyy

  2. Sloppy Joe for me!
    This dish makes me drool! Leek omelette is tasty. I cook this very often. Sometimes I add shrimps or white bait to it. Can sub leek with spinach.

  3. HI Wendy,

    I vote for 'Swee San's Almost Sloppy Joe Pancakes'. It looks delicious *^_^*

  4. I will vote for Swee San's Almost Sloppy Joe Pancakes, this attracted me in 1st sight!

  5. eee...my submission was too late!

    I vote for #1 :)

  6. I vote for #2! Looks savourily good!

  7. hey, never thought that you're going to put this up for voting. so can i vote for myself since there're no rules saying nominees cannot vote? ha!

  8. lena,
    That's the surprise factor ma.
    Vote for urself ah, no rules on that, but hahaha... if u think you want to,just one vote.

  9. My mother always make this type of omelette but she usually used onions or long beans. I vote for for the Sloppy Joe!

  10. wow... the Leek Omelette looks really good.. :)

  11. whoa,omelette is my favor.
    can't live without it....haha

  12. I vote for pancake freezing in the snow.
    Bonus point for 迎节 :)

  13. Aiyo...I'm torn between #2 and #3 lah...
    the #3 looks special, as tho it's not pancake...But let me imagine the taste...
    Hmmm...I'll think I'll choose #2....Curry + chicken? Should taste very yummy...!

  14. Meldy,
    #3 rolled up her pancake :)


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