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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart

I bought this bottle of Grand Marnier after seeing so many recipes using this. And this is my first bake using Grand Marnier.

I’ve been trying to clear things in my fridge, and when I saw this recipe , I just knew this will be made very soon, to clear the half eaten chocs in the fridge. So soon that it was the afternoon itself.

Actually I didn’t plan to make this so soon after I saw the recipe, but when I went to the baking supplies shop looking for white choc chips of which they ran out of, I then asked for hazelnut, and hahaha, I made this instead. That baking supplies shop in KK is just walking distance from my house. Altho it’s small, but the ingredients there are quite complete, I mean, don’t go there looking for rye flour or mascaporne cheese or vanilla beans, but cake flour, bread flour, pau flour and other common flours are all there, flavourings (whatever essences and colouring they have), nuts like pecans, pistachios not to mention common stuff like almonds and walnuts of course. That small shop even carries couverture chocolate!!!!! Imported from Indonesia. Now, I no longer need to shop like crazy(baking goods) when I go to KL. Well not that Ipoh doesn’t have baking stuff, but one shop in Ipoh is superhard to find parking, and another shop is selling flours at RM4.80/kg, of which is 30% more than other shops, and everything in the 2nd shop is more expensive. I only go to the 2nd shop only if I’m in a rush of ingredients, if not I won’t go there.

So, this recipe makes 16-18 tarts, I think, cos I used 15 cases and they were all so so full!!!!!
But that was all that I have in my freezer.

Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart
16-18 cold tart cases filled with your favourite short crust pastry (I used my egg tart crust, or you use the almond galette pastry recipe)
90gm butter
150gm soft brown sugar
2 large eggs
210gm very finely chopped hazelnut
1 Tbsp orange zest (ran out of orange and was lazy to buy, so I used the tangerine that has been sitting in my fridge for the longest of time)
100gm chopped dark chocolate (had a few bars of half eaten dark chocs in the fridge, and one of them is a hazelnut dark choc, what a nice addition)
2 Tbsp Grand Marnier or any other orange liquer

1. Preheat oven at 170/180C
2. Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
3. Add in eggs, one after another, beating well after each addition. After both eggs are in, beat for 2 minutes on high.
4. Add the chopped hazelnuts, chopped chocolate, orange zest and liqueur to the bowl and combine all the ingredients
5. Spoon filling into cold tart cases and level the surface.
6. Bake in the preheated oven for 25 minutes(lower shelf) or until surface of filling is set and golden.


  1. Yum! the tarts looks so nice. You're so lucky to have a baking supplies shop so near you! :) Thanks for showing that cross section, it looks delicious!

  2. delicious! how much did you bought the grand marnier for?

  3. I love orange and chocolate together...These look great!

  4. The tart look very delicious. Thanks for sharing :D

  5. The tarts look so delicious and I especially love it that the fillings are so full...more to eat:D

  6. Wah! Chocolate + hazelnut + orange liqueur, super great combo! Nice tart you got there!

  7. my favor....
    just want to eat yours ....haha

  8. When I saw your photos, I was visualizing you taking a bite after every shot...savoring each mouth of the goodness, hahaha! Love the nutty-chocolaty flavor...with the Grand Marnier, should be pretty fragrant. I remember I used to have a bottle of kulua which took me years to finish....making tiramisu of course, lol!

  9. ahh! i can imagine how well chocolate, nuts and orange blend together, creative blend of flavors :)

  10. Have fun! Got celebrate with Pei-Lin or not? :)

  11. I wish I am the one who left the bites on the tart :P

  12. The tarts look yummy and hazel nuts and orange is a great combo!

  13. Esther,
    I stay in a small town, where everything is quite near, if you want just regular stuff.
    Sometimes I have to travel 250km to buy more special ingredients :)

    Jess Kitchen,
    My bro bought for me in duty free, i forgot how much, but 100 plus. The price is the same as regular shops, just that the size is bigger, at 1L, shops are selling 750ml.

    True, both compliments each other very well.


    I actually threw away some.
    And was very anxious whether it'll overflow when baked.

    Kitchen Corner,

    LOL :)

    Now I'm thinking of fruit cake to use it up :)

    HAHA, I didn't come up with the combo, some one else did :) but thanks anyway

    Little inbox,
    Celebrate? What happen? No woh.

    Haha, If urs, I think less bite marks, hahaha!!!

    Yeah :)


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