Friday, December 3, 2010

Tomago Boro Experiment Turned Catty

I tried to recreate the yummy sweeeeeeeet biscuit balls from Japan. How did I do it, by guessing what was in it and the proportions.

Ingredient labels always start with the ingredient used to most to the least, I guessed from there. I can’t read Jap, but because I had been scouring E-pan for bread recipes and some words I could easly recognize after using the translator numerous times. Words like chicken egg, is easily recognizable and some words actually resemble Chinese language, so, it’s not that hard.

This experiment with 1 egg yielded quite sum, about 2 cups of biscuits

80gm potato starch
60gm sugar
1 large egg
30gm cake flour
1 drop vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking powder

1. Preheat oven at 150C/170C.
2. Combine starch, flour and baking powder. Sift together, set aside.
3. Beat egg and sugar on high speed for 5 minutes until it takes on the colour of mayonnaise.
4. Put in vanilla extract. Fold.
5. Fold in the sifted flours.
6. Pipe small balls(slightly bigger than chocolate chips), onto baking tray.
7. Bake for 15 mins until golden. (the larger the balls, the longer it’ll take)
8. Keep in air tight containers.

Did they taste like tomago boro?
Nah, they tasted like egg biscuits, or cat’s tongues, but ultra crunchy. The amount was enough for 2 large trays of small buttons and 1 tray of mini cats tongues, and these mini cats tongues were baked for 18 mins, slightly longer as they were bigger.

Hahaha, I didn’t find the recipe for tomago boro, but an ultra crunchy cat’s tongues.
Tomago boro taste much sweeter, almost like eating meringue, but a meringue ball with more flour. Maybe I should precook the flour.. maybe. I’ll try again, like I always do, the cat never dies in me. I just got to try again, and my kids adore these, so they’ll be snapped up in no time.


  1. Wendy, I was searching for this recipe high and low too. I adore these biscuits so much!
    Maybe it would just be made up of egg whites instead?

  2. wow these are cute! never would i imagine doing this but you always turn the tables around! great one wendy!

  3. Great job, you're so adventurous! They look so cute. Thanks for sharing this, it bought back childhood memories. I just tried searching up the recipe for this and I think I found one. you need to go on google translate and translate it (malay to english) Tapioca flour, milk powder and corn starch were used. I think mini kimi balls also look like tomago boro so i found a picture with the ingredients. Maybe I'll try it out one day.

  4. Tracie,
    After I made these, I went searching on the net again. I found that the recipes made the dough quite firm, and it needs to be rolled. Rolling so many mini sized balls can be crazy for me.

    Jess Kitchen,
    Haha, it turned goot when I could get a good cat's tongue recipe instead.LOL

    Woah, you found a recipe in Malay? Yeah, I think that looks like it, but then I'd cringe at the thought of rolling each biscuit. Roll for 2 hours, eat for 10 minutes. LOL

  5. Hi Wendy, I'm surprised that I was able to find it...but somehow I did. :) and haha, what you said about the rolling is very true.

  6. Oh.. They looks mini & cute :)

  7. What a coincidence, I was looking for the recipe last week - when I noticed they are pretty expensive.
    There's a lot of recipes out there (in Japanese, though D=). But they are basically the same. Recipe from yani (link by Esther) definitely works.
    Your biscuits looks really good though. Anymore left? =P

  8. I love this! Must share if you find a good and easy recipe ;-)

    You never fail to impress me with your skills.

  9. I loooooove this and I tried searching for the recipe too! I can't wait to hear about your "success" soon! Good luck!

  10. Wendy,
    These cute little things look yummy! Must really have lots of patience to do it. Good job!

  11. You r really good on this..salute u..will bookmark this :oP

  12. WyYv,

    Oh you tried that recipe before? But then hoh, I dun like the idea or rolling so so many mini biscuits

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Haha, I not only share good recipes, I share bad ones too, so that others won't try the same recipe, ahaha.

    If only I feel like rolling so many mini pieces of dough, cringing at the thought!!

    Quay Po Cooks,
    Actually piping them on is pretty easy. Not too bad work :)

    Jes's Deli,
    They dun taste like the Jap biscuit lor, more like Gai Dan Beang :)

  13. Hi Wendy, you are great. I am new in this line. More to learn. I have try to make white bread in loaf style. The texture is a bit soft when it was hot but will became dry the next day. Why?
    The ingredients that I used are milk, butter, dry yeast, sugar, salt, bread flour and warm water.

  14. Bake with 3R,
    First of all, are you Asian in origin?
    If you are Asian and you followed a Western recipe, chances are, you won't get the bread you expect, becos the ingredients u used are the usual ingredients in breads. It's the technique.
    To make Asian breads you have to knead the dough for a long long time, right until you can stretch the dough until it can form a thin membrane. If your kneading reached that stage, your bread is softer and stays softer longer.
    Or you can use TangZhong or water roux method to bake bread. I heard breads made with these methods are very very soft, right up to for days.
    Very frankly, I've not made a lot of breads myself as I am too lazy to knead until the membrane stage. Maybe you can try out other blogs for more appropriate advice :p


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