Monday, December 6, 2010

Stuffed Pork Rolls with Vegetables

Before that, my dear readers, sorry to bother you guys about my pancake giveaway again.
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Actually this is a copycat of Teppanyaki Beef Rolls that I always have at Kizuna, Ipoh. I loved that simple taste of thin beef slices, with enoki and spring onion inside, fragrantly buttery (or was it the beef smell???) and gosh... when you bite, it squishes with juice.

Unfortunately, I tried to mimic the dish using beef, and the beef slices in Jusco, Ipoh are patheticly brittle and smallish. So, I had to use pork loin. And when it is pork, don't even think of medium or lightly pan fried. It's pork, and pork must be well done!!!

So, I sliced my pork loin, to this thickness.... Just do as many pieces you fancy... No restrictions, you can do 100 if you can eat them up, but I only did 8.

Then  pound the slices with the back of my trusted cleaver

Then, I prepared 2 packs of enoki, base chopped off, and equal lengths of spring onions, lots of it.
Sprinkle each slice with some salt and black pepper, put on some enoki and spring onions, and ROLL AWAY!!!!

Then.... You slice some garlic, as much as you want. Fry the garlic in some oil until golden and crispy. Dish up. The put these pork rolls into the hot wok/pan, seam side down. Don't touch it until the bottom half looks opaque. Turn it around. Throw in a tablespoon of butter, half a cup of water and cover with wok lid.
Let it cook for a while until the water evaporates. Dish up and sprinkle with fried garlic chips.

Oh.. what's the other dish???? Just some home made teppanyaki veggie. Use whatever you fancy, the left over enokis, the leftover spring onions, capsicum, bean sprouts, cabbage... bla bla bla.......

With the wok/pan still dirty with the pork rolls grease, on very high heat, throw in all the veggie and toss a few times, sprinkle some salt and cover with lid. Pour few Tbsp of water around the edges of lid so that it'll drip in. Cook for 1 minute and dish up.

Simple and neat.... Oh... not really.. all this teppanyaki thing makes my kitchen floor greasy... I need to mop the floor..... got to scoot.....bye.


  1. yummy! japanese restaurants also have this but in beef now i must figure out how to slice the pork so thinly, normally i just use bacon streaks to roll the enoki into them lol i'm definitely lazy!

  2. Jess Kitchen,
    Half freeze the pork. Then it's very easy to slice thinly. Half freeze is when it's hard, but still seem moist. I always slice my meat in this form.

  3. good idea using pork!! I must try to use pork instead of chicken or beef!! Thanks for the wonderful idea... Yes !! it's like negimaki!!

  4. It's such a great idea to combine both beef and vege together, it looks so yummy! :)

  5. yummy yummy ..i like teppanyaki. I booked mark some of your recipes but seems no time to do it..:oP

  6. I always enjoy the beef version. Don't mind trying pork. Bet it's as tasty as beef!

  7. So tempting! Haven't tried the Kizuna one yet, but I like your version. If got chance, wanna try also.

  8. This makes a great appetizer. I am sure pork will be as tasty as beef.

  9. I love this dish with beef when always in Japanese restaurant but I dun mind to have it in pork, looks as delish.

  10. Yummy! I stumbled upon your blog and this dish looks good!

  11. Wendy, how you manage to slice the meat so thin?

  12. LL,
    use a sharp knife, a semi frozen block of pork helps ;)


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