Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Salted Egg White Tofu

Why waste the salted egg whites? Salted eggs are no longer as salty as yonder years. I remember when I was a kid, I’d squince when I eat the salted egg whites and would only take yolks.
But the salted eggs nowadays seem to have lost their salt. Not that salty, but still salty.

Many months back, some time around Chinese New Year, I was trying to use up 30 egg whites after making a Prune Layered Cake. A blogger friend, SK Fong suggested I make tofu with egg whites. Yeah, rather than making yellowish tofu, egg whites are perfect to retain the whiteness of the soy milk.

So, what I did with the 3 salted egg whites from the salted egg yolk chicken, is to make this into a steamed tofu dish. But then again, please taste the egg whites before you embark on this. Add additional regular eggs if your egg whites are salty and add more soy milk. Just keep the ratio of egg to soy milk, 1:2 and you’ll be fine.

Salted Egg White Tofu
Recipe source: Wendyywy, inspired by SKFong

3 salted egg whites, about ½ cup
1 cup unsweetened soy milk (actually can use 300ml, 250ml is quite firm)
1 sprig spring onion, thinly sliced
1 tsp cooking oil
2 drops of sesame oil

1. Prepare steamer and bring water to a boil.
2. Meanwhile, combine egg whites with soy milk, whisk to combine.
3. Put cooking oil and sesame oil in steaming dish. Rub with fingers or brush so that the dish will be well oiled.
4. Pour the egg white mixture into prepared dish and sprinkle sliced spring onions onto the egg.
5. Steam on medium low heat(lid on) for 10 minutes or until set. Touch the center of the tofu, if it has turned solid and nothing sticks to your fingers, it’s done.

Verdict: Somehow this steamed tofu is much firmer than my other homemade egg tofu. But it's slightly crunchy, like egg whites usually are. It could be due to the eggs being just egg whites and not whole eggs. Egg whites have better coagulating effect than yolks. The spring onions added a wonderful aroma to the tofu. Delicious!


  1. Wendy, I always wondering how can use the salted eggwhites after using the yolks, I am going to pass this recipe to my MIL, thanks for sharing.

  2. omg this looks totally heavenly! I love the texture and bet it tastes as great as it looks!

  3. I was just thinking the same about the salted eggs... that they aren't as salty anymore.

  4. Cool! Gonna try making this next time instead of tossing the salted whites, looks yummy! Thanks for another great recipe. :)

  5. Jess Bakericious,
    I hope your MIL will like this :)

    Oh, that's a nice way to eat :)

    It really taste good. At least to me

    We're on the same wave length :p

    Yeah, a bit wasteful to toss them away right?

  6. wendy, although this dish may look very 'chinese', it's still new to me. glad you share this with us..at this momnet i still cant figure out how's the taste like? is it like salty tofu?

  7. Lena,
    It's like steamed egg. With a slight bounce.
    Not very salty, just nice. How salty it is, depends on your salted egg white.

  8. I just made a fresh batch of salted eggs. Like you I prefer to eat the yolk rather than the white when I was young. I like the idea of using the white for this dish. My mom usually use the white to make soup.

  9. He he he, salted eggs, my favourite...mmm! simple and nice!

  10. Gert,
    Oh, if only one or 2 whites, for soups are not that hard, but sometimes we can be left with a few. That's when headache comes. Throw or consume? Will u be showing us ur salted eggs on ur blog? Can't wait to see them.


  11. I like your receipe......

  12. I also have 3 salted egg whites. The steamed egg turned out like silky smooth tau fu fa. TQ for the recipe

  13. Rowena,
    I'm glad you tried this recipe :)

  14. Can I substitute the soy milk with just water?

  15. neon.cupcak3s,
    yes u can, but it will no longer be a tofu, just steamed salted egg whites.

  16. Thanks for sharing. I will give it a try!

  17. Thanks for sharing this recipe, will give it a try :)


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