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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Birthday Present

My birthday was more than a month ago.. a bit lagging in posting, as always.
This year, I finally received the thing I've been hinting for...

A point and shoot camera!!! Sony TX5, perfect for outings with my kids.

Haha, call me crazy, yes I am.
Since I'm a noob in photography, and I only use my hubby's DSLR as a point and shoot, I might just as well get a point and shoot, one that I call as my own. But I don't want to buy it, I want someone to buy it for me. Haha. And he finally did, after this model came out. Fits our criteria perfectly. He bought this 2 weeks before my birthday, on the day I was meeting Swee San and Pei-Lin at The Curve.

But somehow on the day itself, he gave me another surprise.
He got me a digital scale. Haha!! I was totally ecstatic.
This scale only costs him RM54, but the camera cost him more than 1k.
Why the joy????

Maybe I'm a simple person. The joy of recieving gifts has no relation to how much it costs, but how much meaning it brings.

My first digital scale that my hubby bought me over thru this seller was a true bad buy.
When it arrived, We opened it up for testing and it worked fine. I was still lazy to get it on my counter and so I kept it in the box until 3 weeks later. It won't work by then!!! I was shocked, a new scale???

So Mike checked the battery's power using one of his gadgets and found that the battery was dead, so he took another lithium battery and fitted it in. The scale worked! So we guess the battery that was sent together with the scale might be an old and used one.

Less than 3 weeks later.... the scale gave me low batt warning. Another 2 days it went flat.
So, now we know, the power in the scale goes on, no matter whether it is in use or not.
I can't be changing lithium batteries every 3 weeks.... so I put it aside, and took out my spring scale again on my counter. Then I checked with some others that I knew that are using digital scales and found that they rarely change batteries, maybe once in 6 months, and one of of them uses it to weigh his buns dough piece by piece for a few hours daily.

That was 2 days before my brithday.

On the night before my birthday, he told me.. he had ordered another scale for me, and it's arriving tomorrow on my birthday. The joy that filled me was super!!! This is the first birthday present from him, that is bought according to my needs, without me giving him any hints. So far he has only bought me 2 birthday gifts before this scale, one on our first year of courtship, and another on a bithday when he was on business trip to Ghana. The camera is a long called for thing from him, he is just using the birthday as a date to buy for me. so I don't consider that as a real birthday gift. And I never thought that he will get me another scale this soon!! He is not a romantic guy that will shower me with roses or teddy bears, nor take me on a romantic dinner. Well, I don't fancy these too. But when a man, takes heart into a woman's real needs and gives her a surprise, that's when the gift becomes really special. Well, at least to me.

My hubby said, this one comes with adapter, so, if the battery fails, you still have this.
So, when all things fail, I still have my hubby with me ........

Happy Birthday Mike (tomorrow)
And may God bless our marriage until our very last breath.

Psst.. It's our 5th year anniversary today


  1. aww wendy your hubby is real sweet 2 presents at 1 go!

  2. Your hubby is such a darling! The gifts are very thoughtful, and like you said, more meaningful than flowers (which will die after a few days) and cuddly toys (which collect dust). LOL. Now my turn to think how to hint to my hubs to send me for that fondant class just 2 days before my birthday...

  3. Happy Anniversary and a belated birthday. Your man is so sweet.

  4. Wah, so nice - he even engraved your blog address on the camera!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a great husband. :) Are you going to start using that camera for your blog too now? And what a coincidences, I'm looking for a new camera too. Also, my kitchen scale also runs out of battery really easily. At first I thought it broke, then I realized that it drains batteries really quickly. Oh well. I'm glad you got the two things you wanted. :)

  6. Happy Anniversary and happy belated birthday to you! I understand how much it means to you! When we know our loves one care about us, that's the most beautiful gift. It's not necessary just for any occasion, but everyday is a gift. May God bless you both in His special way!

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary to both you and your dh, and a belated birthday to your :)

    Enjoy the day!!

  9. Happy Anniversary Wendy and many more to come :)

  10. Happy Anniversary to both of you!! Actually I find Mike very sweet and 窝心 leh... I can still remember he sent you flowers at the school( I know that those at the office went "wow" over that) just because you were angry with him.

    Have a super nice anniversary!!

  11. It's so touching... Happy Anniversary to both u n ur husband :)

  12. Will go and survey things I had in mind and get hubby to buy for me too, ha ha.

    Happy Belated Birthday and a Very Happy Anniversary to both of you. :)

  13. Wendy, your hubby is so considerate. 2 birthday gifts! I also got a camera for my b'day. Ooops, nearly forgot, happy anniversary to you both!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
    You're blessed with a good and considerate husband. Cherish him.

  15. Happy Anniversary and a belated birthday. You too have a nice and caring man, take good care of him ho...

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!! Mike is very thoughtful as he get you all the gifts that you need. As for the ditital scale maybe you can remove the battery when you are done using it. At least it might last a bit longer.

  17. I can see your man is those real down to earth guy but all sweets for you inside. Happy for you that he got the real present you need! Indeed a digital scale is one of the cook's best friend. Mine has never changed battery before leh and I have been using it for years! But good that yours has an adapter, very thoughtful of your Lou kong.

  18. So nice! Actually, I'm using the "bad" scale! I've been using it for about 3 years now and I haven't changed the batt since. Works well all these years!

  19. Happy belated birthday to you & happy anniversary too. Also happy birthday to Mike. Wow, good to hear that you were surprised by him & sure that makes you very happy...!
    I've been using my digital scale for 6 years & I remember changing the battery only twice so far. Luckily you have a better scale now - good eh it has power cable too.

  20. happy birthday long as he is a good husband,other is not important!i bought a new scale in Isetan,don't know good or not.i saw everyone used it.

  21. Ha! I see you finally posted about your new cam!!! Knew you were ecstatic about it ... But didn't know he got you a digital scale too!! So sweet of Mike! Happy Birthday to Mike!! Happy Wedding Anniversary to you two!!! Wishing the love between you two 萬歲!!

    Speaking of which, just as we talked about weighing scale the other day (remember?), MINE HAS JUST DIED ON ME!!! I went paralyzed on the spot ... Now? Pissed and frustrated. So cham ... On Deepavali, have to go out and buy another digital scale for myself ... If only I have a sweet man to treat me like this too. HAHAHA! =P

    No lar ... Still prefer to be tough. The feeling of being independent is so ... NICE!

  22. Happy Anniversary! Yes, I remember when you told us about the camera. Haha like so sudden but such a surprise! Good now, go take more pics :)

  23. A belated Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!! What thoughtful gifts!!! =)

  24. wow, happy belated birthday & anniversary :D

    i was told to use normal battery for digital scale as those high power ones are not meant for simple gadgets.

  25. Wow, it's so sweet. Happy Anniversary and belated birthday.

  26. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...i'm so touched!! ur hubby is so so sweeet!!
    happi anniversary to both of u!

    new cam new cam! sony's!!! plz, explore it more! let me know hw to fully utilize it! i had my sony skinny T for quite some time d, but i still don't know hw to use it well!! maybe u can teach me~


    oh..happi belated bday too!!

  27. Happy belated birthday and Happy anniversary...

    The gifts are definitely practical, no wonder you like them so much... You have a great hubby! :)

  28. Little Inbox,

    Jess Kitchen,
    Rare occasion :p

    Hahaha, hint la. But then some men needs to be direct.


    Oh no he didn't!! Hahaha. That is just a watermark for the pic.

  29. Esther,
    I don't think the camera will be my blog's primary camera, as it can't give me the same effect as my hub's DSLR. I use it mostly for going out with my kids, it's small wherewas the DSLR is super duper bulky.

    Kitchen Corner,
    True true. Thanks and may God bless you too.

    DG, Angie Tee, HKChoo, Elin,
    thanks ;)

    Hahah, I guess I've forgotten abt that bouquet, thanks for reminding me, and it shows that I've forgotten why was I angry with him too.
    What he did this year is indeed a rare occasion, which is why I wanted to share you u girls.


  30. Belly Good Cooking,
    Haha, please do, and thanks ;)

    U got a camera too, surely it is the one used to take pics for ur blog now :)

    Busygran and Sonia,
    thanks and thanks.
    Haha, I wish me and him will have less arguments, definately

    Jes's Deli Corner,

    thanks. The 1st scale hoh, very leceh one leh to take in and out, whereas the 2nd one is 6 AA batts. I use it almost daily so, I don't think I'll be that deligent to do that. Frnakly it's after asking a few ppl that I found mine is a faulty design.

    Wah, yours has been for years. See I knew mine is really faulty. Yeah, my hubby is not the flower type of guy, he prefers bringing me out to dine, he says, at least the money goes into the tummy and not letting it wilt and die.

    Maybe your look the same but inside may nt the the same. Mine is Made in C****. Only RM32 leh.

    Home Kreation,
    Wah, 2 batt changes in 6 years, very good la. My hubby is a very practical guy, no flowers no cards no nonsense sort of guy. He won't even buy me Cameron's cheap roses, going for RM5 for 2 dozen. Hahaha.

    A digital scale is much much better than a spring scale. My spring scale sot sot oredi, which was why i wanted a new digital scale ;)
    Try it out lor, then see later. Hard to tell when it's new. Haha, Ah Chin also very nice guy ler :p

  31. PeiLin,
    Ha, you remembered. I hope this new one won't let me down ler. Your scale might be tired liao la, hahaha.
    I've been independant for too long, but sometimes when I'm tired it's nice to have something to lean on, but not to tie me down ;)

    hehehe, after so long only I blog abt it hoh :)
    Took pics liao.. yesterday took pics of my girls swimming

    Thanks, the first ever thoughtful gift from him was the scale, really!

    Yup, normal batts work the best, but the 1st scale's batt is not the usual AA batt, but it's those tablet type of battery, and it states to use Lithium ones. But my 2nd scale uses AA batts but it needs 6 pcs, we just use Everyready batteries.

    Cherry Potato,

    ice ayrez,
    Hahaha, dun ask me to teach u, ahah!!! I'm really a noob with gadgets. Even if I've been using my phone for quite a while, I don't really know the full potential, what more about a camera, ahahah!!!

    It's his thought that makes me ecstatic. I actually prefer the scale over the camera :)


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